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as the title says. So my life with wattpad as gotten a lot worse. My friend got wattpad which is scary because he was reading sex stories on the bus at like 7:46 in the morning. and he forced me to make a group chat with him and his other friend so now we are a very concerning trio.

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So. im still concered for my wellbeing. i dont ghink it has gotten better. i kinda regreat getting wattpad and all the other "book" apps but then again they were funny as fuck.

Ahh yes. so beautiful.

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I’m scared for my mental health

so. we are here again. i dont want to be on wattpad ever again but since i have it I'll share something that happened on it and it had me dying.

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I’m scared

so i was reading a wattpad storie and i ended uo sobbing. long story short dont read wattpad unless you are preparde for what will happen!

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