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Melissa Harlow
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What Happened?

As I recall the issues of my weight started again in 2015. I went home after boot camp and I ate so much food for hearing disturbing news, tramatized in dispair. I spoke to no one of what I did by taking one trip to the grocery store. As I sat and ate, I lost sight of my weight and I developed an eating disorder(without being diagnosed proffessonally). I was asked by my recruter if I had gained weight I immediately said no.

Not only did I lie about my weight gain, as I started military combat training I had to be weighed. It turns out that I developed a belly during my over eating. I didn't weigh myself before, and now that I look back I feel like as if I blackout and forgot that I was a marine. I lost my concentration on my new job and the weight requirement. Looking at it from my perspective now as though it definately played a part in me having to work harder. I had to lose the weight again, but this time I started from 160Ibs.

I continued my training, as I entered into my first duty station maybe a few months in I was being promoted and I had to weigh in. By this time of weighing in I had lost the 10Ibs, it wasn't as joyous as the first time I shed the one day weight. I once again acheived my ideal weight or should I say one day weight. My thought process was way ahead of itself I wanted to become a drill instructor and then work my way up into a sgt major. My experience was entry level, I was discouraged but I had faith, I was hopeful.

From May moving foward to December is where things completely got out of control. Whats happening is my command is on its way to train for a deployment, hence I wasn't even going on the deployment. the leadership in my shop didn't even have a plan for me or what I was supposed to do. I was told I was going to be gate guard but then it turns out my Temporary duty station was going to base operations where the communication with the pilots. It was so bad, I remember working out and doing things that seemed impossible but I was doing well.

I was told don't be late, I was getting scolded. I always felt weiged down working with this command, it was people who went out of their way to hurt me. One morning as I'm getting on the attachment to the truck I quickly thought oh I forgot to tell them I'm getting off at the gate. I figured they have to stop at the gate, then I'll get off at base operations which is right across the street. That idea failed, I ended up falling on my back and I had backpack on I can say it saved my back a lot of pain.

It never stopped, it just kept going. I never seen the faces of the two people who were driving the truck. I was told I thought you died, or why did you jump. Instead of lets get her to the main hospital in camp pendleton where she can be admitted until she sees an orthopedic. Instead it was crutching around on the sand.

I went to the hospital there but they didn't even give me a diagnosis just an X-ray of my previous hardware from my first surgery. They just seen the scars and the brusing they had no idea what was really going on internally. There was no mental health evaluation or MRI. It happened so fast, as though it was really a traumatic storm I was in and it almost killed me. A one day weight having to overcome.

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Before I joined the Marine Corps I had to be 150 at 5'5 as my ideal weight. I started at 187 I was determined to lose weight and get into shape and in the process I managed to get a job in a gym called blink fitness. I lost the weight within 3 months, being 27 at the time and I was so excited to tranform my entire life to be employed (financially secure), shelter, food. I was most definately looking forward to the adventure and what I would be able to achieve. My service would be inturpted, every positive idea and hope I had died . I traveled from NY to South Carolina then headed to North Carolina next was Missippi and then to california.

I didn't classify 27 as old or even midlife, I just knew that I was challenged in a Mental and physical way. I just made the age requirement of 27, I knew I was destined to do this. I want to comapare it to Christ words "even the righteous will scarcely make it in." (to heaven that is). The enemies were the people to the left and right of me, while in bootcamp I out ran everyone in both platoons in the 880 (twice around the track, a race that is required for our physical fitness test. One of my mental and physical challenges injuring my left knee when I was 16 long jumping on the track team it tore my ACL and Meniscus.

A recontructive surgery need to be performed. Unpon joining the military I needed to get a waver, my orthopedic allowed me to join the service saying I'm strong enough to handle it. Definately having authritis brought to my attention, but being able to run high speeds with the history of my knee, I was proud of me. I was over my fears of never being able to compete the way I did, even though I had issues with it but it didn't hinder me from not excelling. I was still in military training most of my time in service, they sent me to a military base in 29 palms California.

This is where the dying begins as the year is ending. The year 2014-2015 was training I didn't get to my first ative duty station until the end of May around my birthday and memorial day. By December 2015 I was in the desert stationed at base operations, I was an aviation operations speacialist, I didn't even make it past training. I was assigned to go to base operations and I remember a pilot calling checking in. One of them noticed my NY accent. Made my day 😊.

One morning towards the end of the first month of the new year I was ran over and hit but an attachment to a truck where everyone was getting on to start work for the day. I needed to get off at the gate so I could get to my workspace. It didn't go as planned, I ened up falling on my back and before I knew it my left foot is getting ran over and as I pull my foot from under the wheel it scratches my ankle and hits me in the left knee it was a trifecta tearing 3 ligaments in my left knee, and both manicus were torn. This devastated me, I didn't want to move it hurt so bad.

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