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nebraskanking- NebraskanKing A blog where I'll discuss things about Dog of Bones like concepts, explain in universe machinations and keep anyone who's interested in reading, updated on what's going on 0 critiques
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I'm Not Dead

...So I realize this is like the Eighth time I've had to post a "This story isn't dead and neither am I" chapter. I know, for the very few of you who actually read Don, my inconsistency is probably very frustrating and I most likely seem like a very undedicated writer. I promise that is not true, I just started my new job and while that doesn't excuse the near month without update... It certainly doesn't help either. Look, I'm not here to excuse myself or say that the story will be done when it's done but I want you all to know that DoB WILL be finished eventually(Me saying that gets old, I know.)

I love you all❤️💜💖 Have a blessed day✝️

15 Septembre 2023 22:05 0 Rapport Incorporer 0

Better late then Never

Let me just begin by saying I am so sorry for the radio silence, I do not want you all to think this story is dead. I've just been busy and also dealing with writers block. It's not a good excuse, in fact I shouldn't even be using excuses. I promise to improve and work harder to finish this story, I'll make all Ten of you who read it proud😂🙌

I love you all❤️ Stay Blessed✝️

15 Août 2023 14:39 0 Rapport Incorporer 0

Hey there!

Hi there! I hope you're all doing okay, actually I hope you are all doing great! So, to start off. I am close to starting my training at my new job, it should be around next week that I begin training. I had to get my fingerprints and physical done first but we're all set to go now! life comes at you fast, feels like yesterday I was in Ninth grade worrying about finals and now I'm close to my first day of work! Anyways, I love you all so very much❤️ Have a blessed day and life🫂

21 Juillet 2023 08:26 0 Rapport Incorporer 0

Hey lol

Hey lol. I hope you all are doing wonderful today, I just wanted to say that a chapter or two will come out by this Friday. Sorry for the infrequency of it all but I promise you, chapter 30 will be reached, this story will see its end. I love you all❤️ (even you Morgan)

12 Juillet 2023 07:51 0 Rapport Incorporer 0
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