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craziness Nycole Goodwin We all have struggles in our lives. But what to expect with someone who is Management and full time job, and going to college. Also, this someone has been out of school since they been 18 years old. 0 critiques
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My struggles

I know we all have our own struggles we have to go through. I have encountered new struggles for the last 8 weeks. If you have gotten someone in the house wanting to go back to school or even if its yourself you will beable to concur it. When you are ready to take that step like I did.

I have graduated high school at the age of 18. I did tried an Online College (I will not be naming this one for those who enjoys going to this school) upon the coming semester, but I dropped out. I have dropped out for a few reasons.

  • Reason #1
I have found out with the last exam I had to find someone with a 2 year degree. They could not be family, and it was OPEN BOOK. It didn't make since.

  • Reason #2
I enjoyed my job and didn't need a degree for that. I even moved up to be management about the age of 23 or 24. (Still no College degree.) Just had to be patient and work forward to a good position.

On my profil it says I am in college. What it doesn't say is my age, the school name or where I work. I have made the decision to go back to college and I am 31 of age. It is a struggle because of what I am going to college for. I have full time job and I did started out as a part timer and worked my way up. I didnt got full time until Covid hit.

I work in retail, and when I first started I was a night Cashier. I worked my way up to management but as part time (not full). I am now full tine and my first semester of Associate degree.

It is a struggle because there is days i don't want to do the work. I have make myself because I asked for it. What I am going to College for is for the mission field. I figure why not I have nothing better to do.

I have to do 10 hours of volunteer work at a local church per semester. Plus, I am working 40 hours a week.

For what I am going to college for they said they will go around the schedule for my job.

What can I say I love a challenge. Also, I love the idea of not having to ask for days off unless its personal or I am sick or Vacation time! That is my struggle wait now. I am excited because I can not wait and see where God takes this degree to.

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