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craziness Nycole Goodwin This is how we can easily lose the Blessings God has for our lives for a bowl of Beans. I will be using Beans for other hints of losing that Blessing God has for our lives. It all begin with Genesis 25:24-34. 0 critiques
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Beans for Blessings
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Trading Beans for blessings

Trading Beans for Blessings came from Genesis 25:24-34 (KJV). Allow me to give the summary of this section of Esau and Jacob. Along with Jacob receiving the birthright he has no right to.

  • Jacob was making up some Sod Pottage as Esau came from being in the field after trying to hunt for some food, inVerse 29.
  • He was hungry so he made known to Jacob, in verse 30 "Feed Me, I pray thee, with that same red Pottage; For I am faint."
  • Jacob only agreed to it if Esau sold him his birthright, in verse 31.
  • Esau said, verse 32, "I an at the point to die: and what profit shall this birthright do to me?"
  • Verse 33, Esau gave swear to Jacob that he can have his birthright.
  • Jacob then gave Esau Bread and lentiles, in verse 34.

So, Esau also sold his birthright for both Bread and Beans. For those who does not know. Lentiles is another kind of beans, and that is what we have here.

If you made it to this part Thank you and God bless you. Now, allow me to get to the juicy stuff.

Do we know what lead up to Esau being so willing to give up his birthright? Have anyone ever wondered about what would have happened if he did not? Are we able to know what beans we have in our lives?

Do we have any beans in our lives? Are we able to fall for something as small as beans? Will we be strong enough to say no to the temptation of beans?

Esau had the birthright since he was the oldest, according to verses 24-28, but he gave it up. He gave it up because he didn't kill anything out in that field. So, he was hungry he was dispirit. Since, he was starving.

Take a child being stuck in traffic jam. Thy are going to say, "Mommy, Daddy I have to go to the bathroom. I am getting hungry, or I am getting thirsty," We in away have the same sense here with Esau being hungry.

If Esau did not give up his birthright he would be in a lineage of Jesus not Jacob. God would not have made it where Rebekah came up with the scheme for Jacob to get their Dads Blessings. Esau would have had gotten there dad's blessing instead of Jacob.

The question that we should answer first about ourselves is "Do we have any beans that can cause us not to receive our blessings from God?" In this sense, I am not talking about actual beans. I am talking about spiritual beans.

There is a difference between the beans. Esau's Beans was actually beans. Our beans could be

  • Drugs
  • Cigarettes
  • Sex
  • Cursing
  • Causing drama
  • Lying
  • Money (If you believe that you do not make enough to cover bills and you keep going to make loans to take your last bit of money.)
  • Ext.

Any thing that is taking your time from family, friends, or even God. We all have the situation of struggling of falling in to temptation. It is how we handle it which will make us better.

I had to learn how to handle it better. At first, I didn't handle it that well. Since, I have started my collage I have learned that all I have to do is pray and stay calm. Also, it doesn't matter on the situation or how big it is. God will always help me to stay calm. I am still learning though on my face expressions and my body language.

I hope and pray that you guess are able to pin point the bad beans in your life. Remember, in order to get through those beans you would have to notice them in your life. Just like I did.

I want to wish you all the luck in order to go forward in life.

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