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(Disclaimer- this is spoken poetry so it's not meant to rhyme, and sorry if it's not that good. Have a great day!)

—On and off. On and off. If only I could turn everything on and off. Like when I'm trying to sleep my brain full of thoughts and worries instead of hopes and dreams, I wish I could just turn my brain off. Or when I'm overthinking over the smallest details, racking my brain for endless possibilities that will likely never happen, I wish I could turn my brain off. If only life was like a lightswitch, on and off, right and wrong, good and bad. No in-between, the good apparent and the bad seen. Easy, a black and white world no gray to be found. No second guessing, easy to tell when it's on or off. Life isn't like a lightswitch. People don't get to choose when to turn certain things on or off. People aren't just black and white, good and bad, right or wrong. We are in-between. Lightswitches only have two choices, people need more. So while I wish to be a lightswitch today to get rid of my worries, overthinking, and depression. Tomorrow, I might want more choices. Because if I were a lightswitch, in the end I would never turn myself back on.

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