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cath-pealo Solitude She It's about a 19th years old girl who loves to be herself. Try to love and discover more about yourself! ❤️ 0 critiques
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Ms. Weirdo

She loves walking and running everywhere she loves to. She loves dancing alone and 100% loves being alone, but when she made it to her friends, she laughed like there's no tomorrow. Everything is worth to cherish even the obstacles we face everyday, as she said. People who've known her knew that she's very weird when talking or doing the things she likes without listening to somebody's opinion about her. She loves to he herself and even boast about how she shows herself in the public. She loves solitude only with her thoughts, pen or pencil and a notebook. She loves collecting paintings online and print them through a neat bondpapers and glued them in a cardboard and stick them in a wall. She loves cuddling and playing with cats and loves to ve with dogs wherever. She loves singing though Soprano 2 seems too high for her to reach, but still trying her best to something she doesn't suit to. Leaving herself often empty and tired but still in surfing in her mixed news feed of nonsense and few information and facts. Everyday she loves discovering things that surrounds her, in the kitchen, in the garden, in a D.I.Y Shops and bringing herself to a Cafe and meet some strangers and have a little chat. She grew always locking herself in her room but very friendly when you meet her. She loves bathing in rain and playing snail generation games and often loves surfing in internet and gets some advices. She loves working but often ends up with laziness. She loves to encourage anyone by using her social mentor skills. She made tons of friends in any social media platforms and in face-to-face situations. She often finds out herself naked in her inner part and empty her heart. She might be rude often but true She is still there crying inside. She loves to be always a loner but she'd never been a loser, because lots of people known her as a genius English Speaker And A Very High Confident but often over confident and very naughty. When she's in love, she always use up to faithful world, whole the other side always a trickster to her, but she never use vengeance to someone who did something wrong to her. She's a writer, singer, kind and gorgeous. She loves taking photographs and swimming the whole day using a mermaid style swimming.

She is known because of her kindness and being smart, she walks like a pro and ends up wants to be a model. But still studying as a student. Every girl, woman is incredible ❤️.


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