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cath-pealo Solitude She It's all about a guy whom I fell in love with but crash without a landing field. Sometimes we expect someone to love and appreciate us the way we feel for them, but I guess it's rare... 0 critiques
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Everytime he sprinkled tiny waters with smooth and fine scent in his clothes, it runs through my nose to my brain and found out I'm thinking about him. He wasn't that handsome nor hot like models do, nor his attitude melts me but because of his everything, which is his perfume and his glances and skills that hold me tightly to fall all over again to him in dreams. Every glances he made me wash off my thoughts and empty it with the angles of his faces to my imaginative thoughts. His solitude attitude in the house impressed me and his voice that was so good that I could've rate it as 9/10, let's say it's 9.9, just kidding 🥴.

But honestly he's really good at being too shut in their house and connect to everyone by singing loudly in his room or his brother's. He loves reading comics online and scrolling his mixed Facebook news feed, playing guns online and some stuff that men do. I always assume that he had a crush on me, but that's too impossible because I'm too messed up and his a mini-chief in their house and solitude makes him look like 50 years of old, but when he laugh, he looks like a cartoon movie sound actor. That sounds weird, I used to still like him though sometimes I doubted that he already had a girlfriend and that's not impossible to reach. And I don't wanna hope he'd feel the same as I did feel for him.

Everytime I looked at him, I feel sadness, don't know why. But he's kind of cute to me.

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