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The way you plan or thought to live life is way different with the reality. we run for money, fame, love, career , success but while on the way of chasing these you forget to take pause and feel alive. you are in a traffic waiting for the green light to start to reach the destination. everyone wants to be winner but does that winning is worth your happiness and mental peace . life is getting short while waiting to cross traffic,vanishing compromising your peace does it really some thing that's worth for living. if you are really looking for a peace then find it in yourself, it's inside you. you are the biggest source of your happiness. while chasing dream we forget our relationships family friends behind,all emotions got wash away by your pride to be a successor.you will lose for sure what's was yours and if onces lost it's hard to get. And when you will realize it will be gone forever. love you relationship, love your people while you have time. express whats there in your heart dont wait ,it's now or never, the feeling of guilt is worst it will drown you deep.because when time escape there will be no more chances to rethink, guilt will become your pain for lifetime.so catch yourself before you fall.share your feeling with your dear ones that are left untold.live today or regret later choice is yours to play. choices have the biggest part to play what you choose today will affect you.choice wise and be sure what you wish for because universe is round not everyone gets everything in life, so learn from your mistakes and rethink while you make choices.learn to be happy with what you have today stop chasing for more. because word more comes with a price to pay.live life breath free yourself from more.you are in this delima you and you know you do.the happiness you are looking outside it's inside you,—

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