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The ‘folklore’ Universe (Pt. 1: Should Str8s Be Added?)

Dated: Three days after Easter Sunday, April 17th, 2022.

Ha! I'm really sorry I couldn't wish y'all a happy Easter; sorry for not updating in quite a while. I'm forgiven, oh yeah?

Okay, so... I don't know, but I'm considering adding “straight” stories to the Gaia universe. Do you give it a go-ahead or maybe I should not?

Comment below, your opinions, thanks. The poll ends on the World Labor Day, May 1st, 2022; 12am UTC (GMT+0) prompt. Thank y'all, peeps!

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Pm: Popular (03.03.22)

Happy new month!

So, uhmm... Here's a full edition of my microfiction titled ‘Popular’.

Status: Edited.

First Written: April 25th, 2021.



I don't really want to be popular;

I just really want a million fans.

Yikes, I hate living in those fantasies

That make you want to dream of seas;

Of mountains you can't climb.

It means nothing to me; none of it does:

Popularity, drama, none matter.

I wish to be hermit or recluse, anyhow;

Even if it takes a thousand snarls,

Or maybe, be it a million eyes.

Damn it! I wish to be popular!

I want to have a million fans and more;

A billion well-wishers would not be satiate

To satisfy the insatiable pleasures I seek

Over and over again, until the Gates be open.

For this cause it's the wish of an haughty soul:

To be popular, even if it doesn't matter.



Vote❤️, comment💌, review⭐, follow➕.

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Pm: Retreat (Draft) (25.02.22)

The following poetry is a rough draft. I'm yet to edit it, but I put it here to hear your suggestions and apply your corrections. Ciao!


Retreat, you atrocious villains;

Go back to your tents,

Get your act together,

Love one another.

Nothing is as more disastrous as war,

And nothing so unquenchable:

The calamity of corpses littering the streets

And houses being left for pets to inherit;

Wars are disasters of a lifetime.

Economies crumble, nations fall,

Kings give up their people to the slaughter,

And everyone is left to fend for themselves;

Who does not suffer in a war?

However, you do not take these lessons seriously,

You send your Forces like an army of locusts,

All in the name of suspicions and distrusts;

Your aim is to demilitarize them, you say:

But was use is it if civilians are piled up in heaps?

Stop! Do not be a monster in human form;

Can you not just led this slide?

Why so determined to see the war glide?

Or are you just too thirsty for human blood?

Retreat, you atrocious villains:

You and your leader; go back home.

Do not give the world a heart attack,

Neither take the world aback;

Be as human as you once were.

Moreover, a villain is always a villain,

And villains are meant for destruction;

But it may not be all too late to re-learn

And evade the incoming explosion.


...dedicated to the Russo-Ukrainian Wars that started Feb. 24th, 2022.

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Hello y'all. Well, ever since I published the preface, I've added three more novels. I don't know if I should be dropping teasers or something for parts of the novels that provoke mystery. Yes, there're gonna be suspense in some parts of some novels.

After all, life's not all that glitter and gold or as crystal clear as a filled-up jacuzzi, is it?

That being said, I also think you should go to my profile and like the microfictions. Hehehehe, you could try following me or the novels (whichever way you choose is okay). Remember, we're all entitled to freedom of choice? Yeah😗


And as an author, I understand what's going on in Ukraine right now. It's so sad, and that's why I'm writing a poem in the next chapter.

For the long-awaited full version of my microfiction titled ‘Popular’, which I had already written and kept (but has no time to upload bcos of my novel rush), you can find it... coming two chapters after this one.

Have fun!

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