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who decides what words are created or not made into words? like can one person just say "this is now a word and we are all to say it" and everyone is just like "okay" or does one person go no that is my job to say what is a word and what is'nt.

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#the government lies

the government created Covid 19 to control the people better and used scare tactics with the public to try to keep us from spreading our ideas. and they aren't exactly scared themselves as much as the public are. think on that.

20 Janvier 2022 15:12 1 Rapport Incorporer 0

#it ain’t just the birds

the birds work for the bourgeoisie and you can't tell me otherwise. but it is not just the birds because they can only view the out side so.....I think the bugs work for them too. think bugs can go everywhere and some of them just look fake or are like inanimate objects (like a leaf). they also are small and some of them can climb inside of walls or drains so they can listen to you everywhere. it should be the birds and bugs work for the bourgeoisie. does this make scence to anyone else?

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