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u16361929311636192931 Gracevera Esther Sam-Jolly About The Blog; The Graceful Lyricist Showcases; Poems Quotes Experiences Shorts Stories Day-To-Day Encounters That Struck Articles That Are All Geared Towards Inspiring, Encouraging and Motivating the Reader To 1. Be Who They've Been Created to Be. 2. Be Better at What They Do. 3. Support Their Personal Journeys, Cheering Them Further. 4. Serve as A Helping Hand in Down Times When Nothing Is Right and Everything's Going Wrong. It May Occasion Include Rants and Expressed Opinions Which Are Opened to The Responses and Thoughts of the Reader.
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Ever wanted to come out of a pit,

Yet want to enjoy what the pit has to offer?

You’ve got this taste on your tongue,

That you acquired over the years you’ve spent with this one struggle

That nothing seems to hit quite like it used to?

However, you were exposed to your own pit,

Be it unintentional, an innocent scroll through the web

An overheard conversation that plagued your mind thereafter

Or the "my files" section of a supposed Christian sister's phone

An introduction that awoken a liking, a thirst

For perversion you never knew existed And never once yearned after.

And now, it is the only perversion your flesh desires

So much so, that it beats against the restraints

That guard your mind, the nature of your thoughts,

Resurrecting old fantasies and explicit images at the least expected moments.

Least appropriate time.

You want it, yet you don’t.

You know how low it dragged you,

You’re still crawling up to stand back on your toes

But it’s there, and won’t go away

Beckoning you, until you drop.

Back down you dropped, because you compromised.

No one has to tell you the consequences,

Cause you know them all too well

And now the cycle to restoration, has to start all over again

Because, you, relapsed.

You know, you don’t need to be told.

You’re now guilty, and questioning whether you are truly remorseful

Because, both you and your conscience know it was preconceived.

You are aware that mercy would prevail,

And against all judgement you heeded.

Desirous of doing away with the torment,

But rather than looking toward The Cross, you wrongly

quenched your thirst and relapsed.

By TheGLyricist


If you relate with this, know that restoration is possible because God's grace is sufficient [2 Corinthians 12:9] and because The Father is willing to help you win this battle. He is prepared to accept you as you are and reach out His helping hand to pull you out.

See what His word says;

Hebrews 4:16 Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need.

There are no restrictions to approaching and receiving help from God. The only condition is that you approach Him unashamed and boldly.

Approach Him knowing you've been given full access and the right to enter in, ask and receive help.

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Writing Course: How Beneficial Is It To Me?

What’s A Writing Course?

Is understood as teaching sessions that are focused on educating another on all aspects of writing and it's main processes.

The Main Processes Are;

1. Writing: Getting your idea, knowing how to put it down well on paper, how often it should be down and common mistakes you are to avoid.

2. Editing: Simply, making necessary corrections to what you’ve written down, assessing your grammar/spelling/punctuations, context, tone of your writing and much more.

3. Publishing: Getting your working out where the world can see it, whether you want to publish through publishing companies, Self-publish or on the very platforms now available, how to get it done right.

4. Marketing: Giving your book more exposure, through social media, your website, email and digitally.

5. Selling: Being paid for your work.

What Does It All Entails?

A writing course has varying focuses, depending on the interest of whose conducting it and the need of those seeking it out. These focuses include:

1. Fiction [Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Romance, Historical, Mystery, Horror, Thriller, Literary, Western, Crime, fairy-tale, Adventure, Magical, Fable, Suspense, Alternate History, Paranormal, Dystopia, Flash, Space Opera etc...]

2. Non-fiction [ History, Biographies, autobiographies, and memoirs, travel guides and travelogues, Academics, Philosophy, Journaling, Religion/spirituality, Essays, Science, Business/Economics, Health/wellness, Crafts/Hobbies, Children, Language, Parenting/family, Self-help and How-to guides/manuals, humor and commentary]

3. Poetry [Sonnet, Haiku, Limerick, Free verse, Ballad, Ode, Elegy, epic, Villanelle, Lyric, Sestina, Acrostic, Couplet, Cinquain, Tanka, Epigram, Narrative, Quatrain, Petrarchan sonnet, Ghazal, Pastoral, Concrete]

Is A Writing Course Worth It?

They can be. This is all dependent on;

1. How much time you have and are willing to sacrifice to go through one.

2. The experience of the writing instructor and their ability to pass on course materials in a comprehensive and digestible manner.

3. The quality of the course, and where cover the full extent of the topics.

4. The cost of the courses and what you're willing to pay to reach the knowledge.

5. What the course has to offer - is it focused on what it is, that you are looking for or need?

6. Are you willing to follow through with and implement the advices you'll receive from the session?

7. Is the course instructor supplying networking opportunities or exposures, alongside the courses?

8. How supportive is the instructor to your work, writing and growth process?

What Are the Advantages of Taking a Writing Course?

1. Exposure to like-minded individuals, who carny your same interest.

2. Creates an environment for healthy competition – As the progress and success of others spurs you to write/practice more and get better.

3. An opportunity to receive real-time constructive criticism and feedback on your work.

4. Builds Discipline, as you'll have to meet class sessions daily, for a length of time.

What Are the Disadvantages of Taking a Writing Course?

1. It demands that you read extensively. As varying course materials, books and assignments would be offered, and you'll have to dedicate yourself to read them.

2. Can you sacrifice the amount of time, it’ll require from you, to complete it?

3. Financial commitments must be made, are you willing to pay their price?

4. Accurately assess the writing course, you wouldn’t want to meet one that takes rather than adds to you.

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