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How to change the world is a guide for the youth to use mystic powers to change the world for the better.
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A guide for the youth


This short book explains the Islamic mystic practice that outlines how to receive heavenly lights in order to make changes for the good of society. This book demonstrates a divine way of making societal reforms with heavenly powers which are able to change darkness into light and remove evil and evil people from the areas it is practiced. With this practice comes a great spiritual power, the practice is simplified in two steps, the Light of Acceptance and the Light of Struggle. Although these are very high and broad concepts, in this book their description is limited to deem it easy to practice. If more time is devoted into further study the importance of the practice will be more apparent.

When the mystic practice is implemented the individual will start receiving divinely guidance immediately, Angels descend from the heavens to protect the individual and his family, due to the heavenly lights the soul is strengthened, the soul of the practitioner becomes blessed, evil is pushed away in the areas wherever the individual moves. Whatever he prays for it will be given to him.

As the divine guidance begins the doors of knowledge will open and the individual will be guided towards various sources of divine knowledge which will keep enhancing his mind and understanding in immence depths.

note: Allah is the word for God in Arabic.


In the name of Allah the most Merciful the most Beneficent.


In the world of light actions are designated according to the intention of the individual. Hence the consequences of actions happen only according with the intention and not according to mere actions. For example if one seemed to help an old lady cross the road outwardly but his real intention was to receive a reward of money from the old lady, then in the heavenly realm he will be registered as doing business, but if his intention was to help the lady out of kindness then in the heavenly realm he would receive a fair reward.


The last of the Messengers, Prophet Muhammed, peace be upon him, states:

It is narrated on the authority of Amir al-Mu'minin (Leader of the Believers), Abu Hafs 'Umar bin al-Khattab (ra), who said: I heard the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him), said:

"Actions are according to intentions, and everyone will get what was intended. Whoever migrates with an intention for Allah and His messenger, the migration will be for the sake of Allah and his Messenger. And whoever migrates for worldly gain or to marry a woman, then his migration will be for the sake of whatever he migrated for." (Related by Bukhari & Muslim)


In order to use heavenly powers one must first accept the truth that has come with Islam. This does not only constitute utterance of acceptance but the inner conviction of these realities. Although there are scientific evidence and logical evidence of the Islamic reality, this book does not concentrate on this, readers can do further research at

Hence the first step in opening the heart for these heavenly powers is to accept Allah as a Universal singular God and that Muhammed is his final Messenger to the people.

Upon acceptance the person shall start feeling soothing sensations and a feeling of familiarity as the act of singling out Allah is very pleasing to Allah Most High.

And the person will be dressed with the Light of Acceptance.

First this action has to be done with the heart, to choose to believe that Allah Most High is the only God that exists and that Muhammed is His Messenger.

The Holy Words to seal this acceptance are as below:

"Esh-hedu en La ilahe illa-llah, wa esh-hedu enne Muhammaden Abduhu wa Rasuluhu"

English: "I bear witness that there is no God but Allah and Muhammed is his bondsman and Apostle"

This completes the first step where the individual receives the Light of Acceptance. And he enters the ocean of faith of Islam. After this step has been completed the individual can proceed to the practice.


Now that we have explained the importance of Intention we can proceed to the practice, as the practice starts with the correct intention.

Whilst trying to offer the Light of Acceptance to other people one will be only then dressed with the Light of Struggle. The struggle to enlighten others is a universal endeavour. One who has attained the light must share the light. To become a Giving person is praise worthy rather than a selfish person.

The best way to introduce the Light of Acceptance to others is to remind them that everything they have was given to them by Allah, this is done in order to induce gratitude in them. Allah has given us our sight, Allah has given us our hearing, Allah has given us the ability to walk and talk, Allah has given us our wealth and our belongings. These are all blessings.

Singling out the Creator of the universe is the most pleasing to our Creator.

Isn't it offensive to give credit to other beings when Allah is the only One who has created everything?

1.So the first thing is to intend to travel in order to share the Light with others only for the sake of Allah (to please Allah) before you go out of your house. And to visit other people only with this intention.

2.And then travel with this intention. The travel can be also for one day even inside your city. And when we are with them we remind them that all blessings come from Allah and call them to accept the Light.

3.When we are back at our hotel/house then we have to pray for them by asking Allah to guide them and bestow the Light also on them.

By doing these 3 easy steps we gain the Light of Struggle, and then we will start getting all the benefits, and the areas we have visited will be improved with goodness by the power of Allah. Evil actions and evil people will be removed from these areas.

Note: The Light can not be shared online (with messaging), because you are physically dressed with the Light, it requires your physical presence in order to transmit it to another person.

There is guaranteed success for the one he receives the Light of Struggle, because Allah says in the Holy Qur'an:

يا أَيُّهَا الَّذينَ آمَنوا إِن تَنصُرُوا اللَّهَ يَنصُركُم وَيُثَبِّت أَقدامَكُم

"O you who have believed, if you support Allah , He will support you and plant firmly your feet." (47:7)

The one who struggles has a guarantee that he will be guided by Allah.

This was the struggle of all Messengers and also of the last Messenger Muhammed (pbuh).

For in depth study of the struggle of the last Messenger the recommended reading is the book "Hayatus Sahaba" available for free in English pdf format online.

You will also learn about the importance of establishing the 5 daily prayers.


The Messenger Noah is an ancient Messenger of God who also presented the Light to his people in his time. Unfortunately around 80 to 90 people only accepted and the rest vanished in the flood. He tried for many years but most people were taking it as a joke and drifting further away from the Light.

However, we are all now from the children of the people who had boarded Messenger Noah's Ship. Because the rest had drowned. Our ancient grandparents were the ones who had accepted the call of Noah and had boarded the Ship.

The struggle of the Messengers in many ways was more difficult than the struggle we can undertake. That is the reason Allah chose them to receive direct divine revelation.

Messenger Noah pursued the practice as the Messengers before him did the same. Everytime the practice was abandoned due to a demise of a Messenger people always were deprived of their blessings and started deviating from the Light of Acceptance and their lives became more and more miserable.

The modern man today is again looking for this light but most are unaware of the procedure of obtaining it. That is the reason why it is utterly important to execute the Practice.

Hazrat Sultan Ayyub Al-Ansari is a very famous personality, his body lies today in the city of Istanbul in Turkey and it's the most popular site to visit. He travelled from Madinah in Saudi Arabia to Turkey by a horse in order to share the Light with the people also there. He died while executing the Practice.

In his last journey to Turkey his children asked him not to go because he was old, 80 to 90 years old and told him that he might fall down the horse, he replied by saying "Mount me and tie me on the horse, because on the day of judgement when Allah asks me, 'What did you do for me?' I will say when I was alive I was (struggling) in your path, and when I died my body was (struggling) in your path." And he requested to be burried in Istanbul if he died on the way. And it happened liked that.

*ra stands for 'radi Allahu anhu' (May Allah be please with him)


Abu Abs (ra) narrates that the Messenger of Allah (Muhammed pbuh) said: Whosoever's feet become dusty in the path of Allah Azze wa Jal, Allah Azze wa Jal will prohibit those feet in the Hell-fire. (Musnad Ahmad)

Uthman ibn Affan (ra) narrates I heard the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) saying: A day spent in the path of Allah is better than a thousand other days. (Nasai)

Anas (ra) narrates that the Messenger of Allah said: A morning or an evening spent in the path of Allah is better than the world and all that it contains. (Bukhari)

Suhail (ra) narrates I heard the Messenger of Allah saying: Your striving in the path of Allah for a short while is far better than your good deeds of whole life staying with your family. (Mustadrak Hakim)

Abdullah ibn Umar (ra) narrates that the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) said: He who suffers a headache in the path of Allah, and hopes for a reward, then all his past sins are forgiven. (Tabarani, Majma-uz-Zawad)

Abu Huraira (ra) narrated that the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) ordered a contingent to go in the path of Allah. They asked: O Messenger of Allah should we leave tonight or stay till the morning? He said: Would you not like to spend this night in one of the gardens of Paradise? (Sunan Kubra)

Muadh (ra) narrates that the Messenger of Allah said: Verily, the reward of the remembrance of Allah, in the path of Allah is enhanced seven hundred times over the spending thereof. In another narration the reward is increased seven hundred thousand times. (Musnad Ahmad)

In order to refresh the Light in the heart daily reading of ahadith is required recommended read: book Fazail-i Amaal by Mw Zakariyya Khandelvi.

+ The Light is extinguished by looking at naked skin, those who do the practice must protect their eyesight.


The practice must be applied practically in order to benefit yourself and others, it will be of no benefit if it is not practiced, mere knowledge of the practice is not sufficient.

And with further study you will learn that whenever a Messenger of Allah passed away and the people didn't implement the practice they always deviated in the most ugly way.

The only way to receive the heavenly lights is by implementing the practice, goodness, beauty, peace, calmness, kindness, they all appear with the Light of Struggle, and if the practice is abandoned all evil things appear in a society.

But no matter how much evil has come in a society the Light of the practice is so much stronger that it breaks the darkness of evils.

Those who do the practice are praised by Allah:

"You are the best nation that ever existed among humanity. You command people to good and prohibit them from evil, and you believe in Allah". (Qur'an: 3:110)

May Allah establish us as these people.


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