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cruella-devil Cruella Devil This is a story of a teen girl. About she becomes weak from strong mindset. How she has faced her life. About what happens in her life. Let's unfold this story. Let me know in the comments how is this story. This is my first story. So I don't know how many will like this story. If I get enough readers then I'll upload the next part real soon. If you like this story please hit like button. 0 critiques
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A story about a girl named Julie.
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The Response

"I LOVE YOU" That one sentence made him astonish. He wasn't expecting this. He laughed. He took a step back. He didn't know what to say. He just went away without saying anything.

The next day she was waiting for his response with eagerness filled in her eyes. Rick came to class. She can't tell what he is going to say. Rick sent his friend Alan to her. To say that he doesn't love her and also that he is disgusted by that. She was okay with it. Because the before night she prepared herself for acceptance and also rejection. But he had other plans for her.

He gathered all his friends including girls and made a gang. They all started to hate her. They threw and broke her things. Nobody was ready to talk to her. She just can't believe this. She pondered many times why her friends are doing this. But she couldn't find the answer.

They started mocking her, calling her names. Whenever something happens they just find a way to bully her. By this she was devastated. Even the things she hadn't done she becomes guilty. She cried all night. She locked up herself in the bathroom and cried. She stopped talking to everyone. Nobody was there to listen to her. Whenever Rick finds a chance he just mocks her. She just can't tolerate it. She even lost her friends because of him.

She had gone into depression. She forgot how to smile. She can't tell her parents this. Whenever they ask what's going in school she used to say everything is fine. She wasn't willing to come to school. But she had to come. They used to pour water on her desk and break her pencil case everytime she leaves her desk. They used say mean things to her.

Because of this all happening, she lost confidence in herself. She can't properly talk to anyone. She was very afraid. From that point she was afraid of every person. She just can't speak up to herself. She can't look people in the eye and talk to them like before. She caught stage fright. She build walls around her that nobody can breakthrough them. She then realised whatever they say let it be I'm just gonna focus on myself.

But they just can't stand that how she was unaffected by this. They provoke her and wait to see if she does anything. The moment she does anything, they'll complain about her. That's why she bared everything and everyone.

One day, Julie was lying on her desk with her head down. Then she heard a smooth voice saying "ARE YOU OKAY??"

-To be continued.....

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The beginning

There lived a girl named Julie. She was white. Her eyes were dazzling black. Her hair was silky and long. She was liked by every teacher in the school. It all started when she was 11 years old. She was a brilliant student. She was such a sweet girl. She speaks to everyone nicely. She used to have a crush on a handsome boy named Rick. All her friends(all the girls in her class) knew about this. She was a good friend to him. They used chat occassionally. He was kinda bully to his class. He was strong. But he never go after girls. He used to control boys in the class. She had a strong feeling of expressing her feeling to him. Poor girl she didn't knew that it was not love. Her friends encouraged her greatly. Rick had a cousin in the same class. Her name was Marcy. These two girls were good friends. Even Marcy encouraged Julie to tell him. So one day she asked him to meet after school in the parking lot of the school. As soon as the school ended Rick went down the parking lot.All the girls of her class gathered there but just a few feet away. But Julie wasn't sure about this. She gathered her courage and decided to tell him. She met him in the parking lot. She was nervous but it didn't show outside. She took a deep breath. She looked him in the eye. His black eyes were shining like stars in the dark. She finally said "I LOVE YOU!!".

What was his reaction to this then?? Can you guess?? Can she be with him?? Let's unfold this story. Stay tuned !

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