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The Shawkin's Lab Canon Historia Principal
This is the story of how friends from Shawkin's High school saved their town "Shawkin". A solution from Shawkin lab w... $0,99
The Shawkin's Lab 2 Canon Secuela de la Historia Principal
This story is a sequel to The Shawkin's Lab. A group of white men entering Shawkin, let's see they will cause anythin...
TIMERZ - Finding the Immortal Stone Canon Precuela de la Historia Principal
This is a story of fantasy creatures. They have silently done with their works. Two works which they are doing is des...
Careless Canon Side Story
Carelessness is a disease and all human beings are affected by it. Here, one girl is being careless and so how is she...
No thing is Perfect Canon Side Story
This verse is about telling that No thing & Nothing is Perfect in the world not only humans, everybody.
Finding My Love Canon Side Story
This is a poem dedicated to singles who have faced love failure.
Those Fearful Nights Canon Side Story
This book is a modified form of a dream but some attached fiction. It says about a girl older than her teens studying... $0,99
Isn't Plenty Canon Side Story
A moral poem.
School Days Canon Side Story
A small verse about school and its features which reminds your school days before COVID-19
Partner Chor Canon
"Without your Master plan! It can't and my real name is Mike Charlie." "Oh!! Whatever! WE ARE PC!!" What will be the...

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