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it my own story that I write go check it if u guys havn been in my other website I have more book that wasn in here yet but it ongoing this 10 book that I write it complete read it if some1 new havn read it yet go check it out if u interested my story like n comment if u luv it other book that wasn on Here my other website[email protected][email protected] There extra book in those other website that I put in United States.
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Melody Love

Historia No Verificada This about a girl the writer she used to live with a male roommate she don't see him offten then she found out he was a pop star
2.1mil visitas Nuevo capítulo Cada 10 días

My College Life Just imagination

This about a girl got into college she was new she got lost she was looking for some1 that see would help her it was her first day then she met a handsome guy got another ne gal friend she become best friend after word
3.6mil visitas 1 Nuevo capítulo Cada 30 días

The Royal Prince

Historia No Verificada This about a prince met an ordinary girl that live in a small village they become good friends and end up together I the future
1.5mil visitas 1 Nuevo capítulo Cada 30 días

Healing Part Of Love

Historia No Verificada this is about two people went through some rough life the guy was going through drama and the girl that is important to him have move on and he lost her she doesn want to go back to her past because she having alot of battle again the devil now sh...
3.0mil visitas Historia completada

Dream & Vision

Historia No Verificada This about me having a dream and a vision
3.3mil visitas 6 1 Historia completada

New Mission On 2021

Historia No Verificada This about another new challenges that is jealous and envy me they want to destroy me but I keep winnin
2.5mil visitas Historia completada

Warriors VS Black Magic

Historia No Verificada This all abou the light vs dark
1.8mil visitas 1 Historia completada

Warrior wolf Met A Mate

Historia No Verificada Imagination not true this is about fire wolf name Anna she is looking for her right mate to be with n to work with her to battle some monster n vampire on her side become powerful she met an Earth wolf they become connected that is her destiny hi...
1.7mil visitas Historia completada

The Mystical White Fox

Historia No Verificada This is about a girl that r a white fox turn into human and met a guy outside of the Moonlight forest he was a human and he become a fighter to help the girl that he didn't know she was the white fox that live in other dimension call that Mystical...
1.8mil visitas Historia completada

Me & My New Love Story

Historia No Verificada This about a girl want to meet her new love that is her true soulmate and there was alot of obstacle that get in the way her true soulmate have overcome the challenges
2.3mil visitas 4 Historia completada

New Love To New Future

Historia No Verificada this is about girl who want to make action to her new love or renew love relationship that have strong feeling for each other the main character is the Taurus man n the Aries woman they both r so in sink with each other but Aries woman have troub...
2.4mil visitas Historia completada

Warriors On Mission

Historia No Verificada this is about three girls on a mission to dream land bump into this three boys that are in a diffrent city and country this is my imaginations
1.9mil visitas Historia completada

The True Warriors

Historia No Verificada Kinda true but not completely some r just my imaginations this about a new team warrior call Star Dragon they r taking the Sun Sakura replacement temperary they now on doing all the mission n the Sun Sakura is on training to get more stronger so m...
1.7mil visitas 1 Historia completada

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