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Levi Estrada

Nate was really excited about this journey. He thought it would be the best journey of his life...

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The best trip ever

...- I miss my previous life, it was so quiet and good. I remember going out of my house to see the wind chasing the end of the horizon, flying near to the clouds, so close that I could feel the soft clouds with my hands.

-Maybe you should've thought those happy memories when you were breaking my water bottle two days ago just because you were upset with me…- Answered young Nate to his traveling mate, a weird woman by the name of Ochneth. It is not a common name, besides, considering the odd stories Och (that's how she liked to be called) kept telling him, Nate had the idea that she wasn't a real human. He wasn't sure of this idea but he started to think this way when he saw this "woman" walking on a tree branch with the width of a pencil and then jumping down to a ravine, which seemed very profound, without any harm.

Nate was traveling. He thought that going to a forest with almost no human interaction would be the most thrilling trip, as it would be such an interesting story that no one would dare to divert their attention when he would talk about it. It was the perfect trip, or so he thought. But all these ideas became blurry when he found himself thirsty and with no good water around, -maybe not even good, just healthy enough so I can survive- he thought.

The main path had become impossible to track at this point, they were deep inside the forest. Every idea in Nate's head was as stupid as it could be; He had this flashing memory about the time when someone told him about time traveling... -Oh shit, we're so dead- shouted Nate when he thought that was his final day on this planet. After a few seconds, he wasn't sure of what to do; reading his mental list of possibilities made him realize that he had been hearing the sound of drops of water falling…

All the time that Nate had spent thinking stupidly about his dead, Och had had enough time to find the origin of the water drops' sound, water of course. Och wasn't worried at all, she wasn't as stupid as Nate was; she knew she could keep herself alive and, being honest with herself, she could keep Nate alive as well; maybe she would suffer extreme stress by doing that, but still, she hated corpses…

Time kept running and Nate was still wandering in a short path that he managed to open with his machete two hours before. His amazing ideas now were about the beauty of military weapons and zombie-themed movies but his desperation was growing so much that he felt a headache. The dark, wet and sorrowful environment was driving him insane, he had never felt this way before, a feeling of mental frustration so bad that the idea of suicide was becoming stronger second by second. And then, at the worst moment of his life...he woke up; it was just a nightmare. One of the most horrible nightmares no doubt, but just a nightmare at the end.

He stood up from his bed, felt a great release, went downstairs to the kitchen, and then, after taking a glass of water he went to school... While he was traveling to school the bus where he was, had an accident; he passed away... I heard this story from his lips while we were traveling on the bus... "It was just a nightmare" were his last words... I will never forget the expression of his face, his last expression….


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