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It all happened so fast. It was about a week ago when we decided to run away. How am I going to tell my dad that I was in a secret relationship with Nathaniel Lawson? Our families' rivalry existed before we were even born. We should've never crossed paths but life had another plan in mind.

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Chapter 1

"Whether we deserve this or not, whether these turn out to be the darkest days of our lives or the brightest happiness, we've been guided by love. How can we go wrong when we're guided by love."
- Morgan Parker.

It was 11:15 when it happened. The memory is so vivid in my mind. Every little detail keeps playing over and over again.

"You're staying with me tonight," he ordered.
"I have a business dinner with dad today," I answered.
"So, I can't."

"what do you mean you can't, when was the last time we spent the night together?"

"that's the price of dating in secrecy Nate," I put on my shoes.

"I want your nights to be mine, I want to be able to kiss you whenever. I want to show you off and tell the world you're mine" he groans standing behind me taking my scent in, giving my neck a kiss.

"Unfortunately, you chose the wrong girl for that angel," I turned around to give him a quick kiss and take my bag from the bed.

I check the time, I'm already fifteen minutes late, my dad hates waiting. Before going out the door I check the halls to make sure it's empty, yep, clear. I sneak out of his suite and put on my glasses and baseball cap.

I literally ran to my car as if my life depended on it, its always like that with my dad. When you're the daughter of one of the most important men in town you can't afford to make mistakes. Everybody's watching the moves you make. You can't trust anyone. I got in the car and drove away at full speed. 15 minutes later I walked to an impatient old man waiting at the table ready to chop my head off for my tardiness.

"look who has finally decided to join us," he says to his fiancé with a big, bright, false smile.

I say goodnight to my soon to be stepmother, Elise and sit down.

"sorry for my tardiness, I had to take care of some things at the office," I lied.

"and your secretary couldn't handle it?" he asked with his usual cold tone.

"honey, I'm sure if it wasn't necessary, she would've left it to the secretary," Elise cuts in.

"what is it with you, Lana? you've been so off lately." He asked further.

"everything is totally fine, just some personal stuff," I answered in a small panicky voice.

Just the idea of my dad finding out about my romance with Nate automatically send me into a panicking mode.

Nate and I were never supposed to happen. He's a Lawson and I'm a Xavier. Our families have been rivals before we were even born. My dad hates the Lawsons with a passion and I know the feeling is mutual on Nate's family's side.

Nate and I met at my closest friend's birthday. We clicked instantly as if we were a match made from the heavens unaware of our last name. when we found out the night after it was already too late. We were already too drawn to each other. So, we decided to date in secrecy, which turns out to be harder than we thought, but it didn't stop us. Who'd say that at 23 I'd be dating in secrecy like 15-year-old teenager, but I know better than to tell dad. He would send me out of the country without a second thought. I know what my dad is capable of, I've seen it personally happen in front of me, I know better than to defy his authority.

"frequent tardiness, missing important board meetings, peculiar behavior. Make sure those personal problems of yours don't put my company in jeopardy'', he warned me with a stern voice and waved the waiter over.

We ordered our meal and proceed to eat in dreadful silence until Elise thought it was a good idea to start showing interest in my love life.

"so when will we meet this boyfriend of yours," she asked out of nowhere.

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