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A journey of initiation into the world of Alchemy is about to begin. Tadeo, a young disciple, is about to enter a winding and winding road full of danger from which it is not safe to return. The young aspiring Alchemist will know the secrets kept by the wise men of the hidden world.

Fantasía Medieval Todo público.

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Chapter 1

 I do not have ears. I do not have eyes.

Only a terrible song will be heard from me.

A litany that is lost in the dark sidereal space.

We awaken powers beyond our comprehension. We believe we are above what is destined only for the gods. The litany of a song without a name is heard in the distance despite the fact that we were born without the ability to hear more than our own thoughts. A door opens and thousands more close without us being able to do something about it. We are spectators and protagonists of our own destiny ... or perdition.

The monk lights the incense. The exotic aroma will help in your meditation and contact with the mystical. The disciple observes how his teacher goes into a trance and prepares to enter the astral plane, the world where the dreams and nightmares of profane men are born and lived. You're used to it, there's nothing to be surprised about, much less worry about. The teacher, his teacher, knows how to take care of himself. Sailing between a sea of ​​dreams and chimeras coming from nowhere is a task destined only for those who know their own inner demons.

The flowers wither to make way for the offspring who will replace them. Death takes them away, not because of an act of evil but of kindness.If the mother flowers and their offspring coexisted at the same time, a war would come, a competition between them for the necessary resources to maintain life, your life one more day, there must always be a balance, do not forget it, young apprentice, it is the duty of us, the alchemists of light, to confront what has no name, that power coming from the darkness that threatens the integrity and future of humanity Just as my teacher entrusted me with this task, someday I will delegate it to you, you will have doubts, I know, fear and fear that will make you consider flight as the best alternative, but I believe in You will become my successor and teacher of new disciples, they will learn from you what I have taught you and much more, for wisdom lies not in the accumulation of knowledge but in its proper application.

The young disciple whose name is Tadeo remembers the words of his mentor. Well you know they may be the last. His teacher returns more and more weakened. The day will come when your body, tired of so much superhuman effort, will not be able to do more and leave this existential plane, this mundane and earthly life, to continue your journey in other planes. Then Thaddeus will become a teacher and have his own disciples.

It begins to dawn, the light of the sun rises and the darkness takes refuge in its hiding place. The teacher comes out of his trance. Tadeo prepares to bring roots of mandrake, with them will prepare concoctions and ointments for his teacher. Before finishing his task, the teacher says:

—I saw it in front, I looked into his eyes.

Tadeo does not know what his teacher is talking about, he thinks it is the result of fatigue. He gives her the mandrake brew to drink. Although the effect is rapid and the master begins to heal, he must sleep to regain the lost forces. The young disciple takes advantage to go out to the town and buy the usual necessities. He entertains for a moment watching some guys playing soccer. They look at him with a combined look of awe and aversion. Tadeo knows that it is a sign to continue the path. Something similar happened in the market, some merchants did not exist and refused to sell, had to go through the last positions to finish their purchases. In another time the young Thaddeus would have reacted differently, confronting the vendors and demanding that he be attended to, although that young man without direction no longer exists. Tadeo is another, and in large part he owes it to his teacher.

I would be lying if I said that he no longer remembers his life in that village forgotten by God. That life in that humble house where he suffered hunger and abandonment. Her mother was still very young when she was widowed and even more immature when she got back together with another man. A man who more than being a second father became his punisher. A punisher who mistreated and beat them at the slightest provocation.

On the other hand, Tadeo's father died without leaving any memory in his mind and heart. The poor man found his luck, that is, his bad luck when he went out on partying with some guys who said they were his friends. And it is that saying and acting are very different things. The intentions of people are always hidden from view. It takes more than eyes to see that and not everyone has that gift. The father of Tadeo was naive and, surely, that killed him. That and the stabbings that he received treacherously from behind. What was the reason for those supposed friends to kill him? The neighbors asked. The reason was simply that they did not like him very much. Understanding men on this earth is a lost issue. Human behavior is an enigma among the enigmas of the mundane world.

Tadeo grew up without a father figure that would give him security, without a guide to direct his steps towards something positive. The child that once was became sullen and somewhat aggressive. This was the only thing he learned from his stepfather. If they hit you hard, you should hit even harder.

The afternoon sun gave away its brightest rays. The heat was beginning to be a bit annoying. Tadeo must return. The teacher would still be resting. The way home was in sight. Tadeo walked slowly when he heard a roar. He turned to see where it came from. The young disciple could not see anything. Suddenly he heard it again, and again, when he turned around, he could not see anything. This caused him strangeness and he quickened his pace.

"I saw him face to face, I looked him in the eyes", he recalled his mentor's words. It could have been a warning and not just the words of an exhausted man.

He did not mind having left almost half of his purchases on the floor. Arriving home, his only home, was an obligation to fulfill with great urgency.

The roar was louder.

The warning became a reality. An imminent danger was approaching. The teacher is not in a position to fight a battle. If Tadeo wishes to see his master alive, he must arrive before that thing, whatever it is, does.

The young man stumbled and fell to the ground hitting his head with a rock. He wanted to sit up, but the impact was more severe than he would have imagined. A crimson fluid fell on Tadeo's forehead, obscuring his vision. The blood did not stop sprouting. A sudden dizziness finally ended with his intention to move on.

I was fainting. However, before his eyesight became dark and he lost consciousness, he could see her. His eyes watched the beast without a name. The creature was flying over his home. The teacher shouted words that his ears could not grasp. Maybe he shouted "Get away, do not come, flee, Thaddaeus, run for your life!".However, the syncope did not let him know if it was like that.

The master's home, and hers too, burst into flames. The creature screamed a last roar disappearing into an almost reddish sky.

Tadeo's vision went black.

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