Luna Belle

Time stops when their eyes meet. Damien has never seen anyone as beautiful... Scarlett has never laid eyes on a man half as handsome... Will it be love at first sight?

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At First Sight

Damien sighs, surveying the room. His friend, John, had gone to get them some drinks half an hour ago and never returned, disappearing amongst the flurry of people dancing around the room. He walks around the edge, careful not to be swept into the expanse of moving bodies as he looks for him. He had never been fond of dancing, much to his mother's chagrin. It isn't his fault he has two left feet. His attention is caught by two girls, who bump into him, offering a slurred apology. That's when he sees her...

Scarlett sips her wine, watching her friends make fools of themselves. Camila and Portia spin together on the dance floor, giggling drunkenly as they stumble into another couple who dance nearby. She rolls her eyes, smiling fondly. It wasn't often they got the chance to be this carefree. She puts her now empty glass down on a nearby table, deciding to go join them. That's when she sees him...

He sees her silky black hair, that falls down her back in soft waves. Her thick lashes framing her piercing green eyes. Her sharp brows and high cheekbones, full lips painted a deep shade of red. Her dress, a black lace that hugs her waist. The neckline, cut low, exposing more of her smooth dark skin. A gold necklace adorning her neck, a large emerald sitting in the centre. She's the most beautiful woman he's ever seen.

The first thing she notices are his intense brown eyes, that stare into hers. His angular jaw and soft pink lips, that tug upward into a smile. His hair, a chocolatey brown, the same colour as his serious brows. His tie loose and the first few buttons of his shirt undone, exposing his throat. His sleeves rolled up, showing off his tanned, muscular forearms. He's the most handsome man she's ever laid eyes on.

"Got us those drinks mate!" John tells him, handing him a beer. Damien takes it, dazed by the sudden appearance of his lost friend.

"Where did you run off to?" he quizzes, but John only shrugs, sipping his beer. He looks back to where the woman had stood, but she has already disappeared amongst the many others moving about the room, likely never to be seen again. He tries not to feel too disappointed.

"Come dance with us!" Portia demands, grabbing Scarlett by the hand and pulling her into the crowd of overly zealous dancers. Camila joins them, and they sway to the music, laughing when Portia trips over her heels and falls to the floor. She looks back, but the man is already gone. She tries not to be disappointed.

"Spot anyone interesting?" John finally asks, looking over at his distracted companion, who stares out into the crowd, eyes still searching for his mystery girl.

"What?" He blinks at him and John rolls his eyes, letting out an exasperated sigh.

"Well you seemed pretty out of it when I found you, so who is she?"

"Just some girl..." Damien goes back to searching the crowd and John decides he needs a stronger drink.

"It's times like these I almost regret being in a committed marriage..." Camila ponders, staring at an attractive group of men talking nearby. Portia rolls her eyes.

"They aren't that good looking." A loud scoff.

"Whatever," She dismisses, turning to Scarlett "have you seen anyone that's caught your eye?"

"A few here and there, no one I'd want to take home with me..." she lies, deciding not to mention the mystery man. She probably won't see him again anyway, so it doesn't matter.

Damien stands alone, John having abandoned him again in favour of alcohol. His glass is almost empty, and he decides to go find his friend, who he is slowly growing more suspicious is an alcoholic. He's finally giving up on the search for the woman in the lacy black dress. That's when he spots her.

Scarlett follows her tired friends off the dance floor, resolving to never wear heels again. She often made this claim, but this time she swore to stick to it. She would rather be short than in pain. She goes to find a chair, hoping to relieve her aching feet. Then she sees him.

Her beautiful green eyes meet his, red lips curving into a soft smile. He can't help but stare, enraptured by her ethereal beauty.

His deep brown eyes stare into hers, wide smile revealing a row of straight pearly teeth. She can't seem to look away, trapped by his intense gaze.

"Hey mate-" Damien silences him.

"Not now John..." He stands, watching as she begins to walk toward him, eyes never leaving his as she gracefully weaves amongst the crowd. Dodging everything that comes in her way.

"Oh..." John smirks, wiggling his brows suggestively "I guess I'll see you later mate. Make sure to have a fun night..."

"Camila, Portia, I'll call you later. I think I have somewhere to be..." Her heels click against the marble floor as she walks toward him, eyes never leaving his, for fear she would lose sight of him once more. She hears Camila giggle behind her and Portia sigh. He stands, watching, waiting.

She stops in front of him, running a hand through her silky long hair. He decides to introduce herself.

"I'm Damien, Damien Portendorfer..." he tells her, offering her a hand. She stares at him with wide eyes, opening her mouth to speak before it snaps shut. The two stand in an awkward silence. He frowns in confusion, letting his outstretched hand drop to his side and wondering where he went wrong.

Her eyes grow wide with recognition, mouth falling open in shock as she stares up at a face that slowly grows more familiar. She turns on her heels, walking back towards her friends as fast as her shaky legs can take her. Scarlett has performed many outrageous acts in her life, but snogging her cousin isn't going to be one of them.

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