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Adrien fights with his father and unloads on Marinette. This creates a misunderstanding between the two. Adrien visits her as ChatNoir and a colorful friendship begins. With the arrival of Felix things become more complicated, because this one affirms that Marinette belongs to him. The dispute for Marinette begins: who will win?

Romance Suspenso romántico No para niños menores de 13.

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"Please, Dad, I want to go with my friends, please." I was already begging him. I would do everything in my power to go, but it was very tiring.

"No, I already told you no, Adrien. Such things are very dangerous. Remember what happened to your mother? You do not want the same thing to happen to you, do you?"

"There's nothing to it! Contrary to what you say, the mother was because of you, she was not taken by anyone, it was you who let her go and ..."

- Stop it, Adrien! If I ever had a single question about letting you go, that's gone. Go to your room now and you are not having dinner tonight. " -My father raised his voice in a way I had never seen before and I realized I should not go on with it. It was an absolute waste of time.

"I should have known. You also never let me do anything, " -I said, with tears falling from my eyes. I do not know if they were sad or angry, but I think it was a cocktail of both.

When I got to my room, I locked the door and Plagg stepped out of my coat:

- I want camembert, I want my camembert!

"Stop it, Plagg!" Do not you see that now is a bad time?

"I apologize myself, Mr. Adrien Agreste," he said wryly, "but you already knew he was going to say no. What for the sadness and surprise?"

"I know Plagg, but I thought it was going to be different this time. Besides, it's always hard to hear the same thing, and it does not help much to ask for cheese! "I shouted, and losing my temper I threw the camembert that was left over to the floor.

"I see I can not talk to yourself today. Oh my dear Camembert, did you hurt? "He said, flying to the cheese.

"Stop being silly, Plagg. Eat the cheese and shut up!

"Camembert is not some cheese!" It requires a lot of calm, love and affection." -Plagg said, shoving half the cheese into his mouth.

"Good for you! Plagg Claws Out!"

"Noooooo!" - He was sucked by the ring.

I had to get out of there. Chat Noir was my only form of freedom in the world.

I finally arrived to the park. It started to rain a lot. I sat very angry and detransformed without anyone seeing. My anger was so great that I began to punch the bank. I knew it would not help me, but I felt better at venting my anger at something.

Pov. Marinette

It was a very ugly day, I had a feeling it was going to rain in a few minutes, but what could I do if I had to buy fabrics for my creations ...

As I had thought, it began to rain on pots after I bought the fabrics. Not to get them wet, I put them under my coat and started running until I saw something that shocked me ...

Adrien was pounding a bench with no mercy as he cried. In an attempt to help him I went to him. Certainly, something very bad was happening.

"A-a-adrien, why are you crying?" -I asked, unable to put my shame aside.

He turned to me with a look of hatred and shouted at me:

"Why do you always stutter Marinette? You always seem like an idiot."

These words hurt me a lot and my heart broke to a thousand pieces, but even then I held back my tears. He could only be really bad, and what friend would I be if I did not help him?

"You're always whispering things to Alya. You're an embarrassment, even worse than Chloe. Now I agree with Chloe when she says you're a worthless baker's daughter. This will never change!"

And it was at that moment that the tears began to fall. How had I not noticed that monstrous side of him? Had not he ever shown it, or had I been too deluded by his perfections to see him?

I abstained from such thoughts and I also shouted to him:

"If you really want to know why I stammered like that then here it goes: I loved you, but I was ashamed to declare myself. I admired you and I just discovered the monster you are! To try to help you I ended up ruining all the fabrics I bought just now! You're such a jerk and I never want to talk to you or look at you again!"

I began to run without stopping, my eyes had tarnished so many tears that were pouring. Finally I got home and went up to my room to run so my parents did not see my pitiful condition.

In my room, I locked the door and went to the terrace.

"What do you think you're doing, Mari?" - I had forgotten about Tikki!

"I'm going to the terrace to think about it."

"No way! Can not you see that it's raining pots outside? You go inside to take a very hot bath and eat the chicken soup that your mother made for lunch!"

" Sorry Tikki, but I'm going to disobey you! And do not try to stop me!"

"But Mari ..." - nothing would stop me this time.

- Nothing much ... See you soon Tikki !!! She nodded and looked down sadly.

As soon as I said this, I went to the terrace and crouched in a corner, holding my legs against my chest. I fell asleep in the rain, thinking of everything that had happened.

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