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It's about Nolan, a successful man who unexpectedly gets the visit from his troublesome sister that he vowed to stay away, and begins to realize that maybe she's not the person he thought she was and maybe one is as lost as the other.

Drama No para niños menores de 13. © Vanessa Serafim

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A comum day, except for

Was a day full, I was exhausted, Maly is calling me again, but I say to her that I'm not want nothing serious, my life is basically: work (send in the peoples), girls (not relationship of sentiment, just sex), drink and sleep.

I don't have contact with my family, have ten years that I left my house to seek independence. They are poor and is something that "We born like this, and like this we'll go die" , so I came to the big city and now I'm a big man.

Today I remembered of my sister, Jenna, she's problematic, never knows what she wants, with her I had contact 4 years ago, she wasn't work, and living of house in house, searching something, until she found Davin, a man with money and a beautiful house, they are in love, and I want that my sister to be happy, but she's lost.

I take my bottle of whiskey and heard the messages of appeal of Maly, but is my tradition, I don't sleep with someone that wants something more, because this I don't sleep with Maly, because she's a crazy girl that believe in love.

I heard desesperate messages of my offices, but I don't care, they work for me and I answer they when I want and now I don't want. I call the TV and is passing "Batman: The Dark Knight, the scene that Heath Ledger says "If you're good in something, never do for Free" and I think that the Joker is a revolutionary like me.

Someone  bat in my door.

- Who Is?- I ask, with angry

Toc toc again

-Who Is?

No answer.

I lift up.

I wait that not be the caretaker, because 

isn't time o'clock of take my trash.

Toc toc

-Last time, WHO IS? - I say close of the door, I look at the magic eye and don't see nobody. -Ok! I'm not in the mood of play, bye bye stupid.

When I was ready to go back to my drink and TV, I heard a voice of cry.

A voice that I recognized.


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