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Loki loved make Thor angry, there’s a secret pleasure on making his brother lose control and start to be who he truly was.

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Loki loved make Thor angry, there’s a secret pleasure on making his brother lose control and start to be who he truly was. Thor’s hands in his arm, holding him careless, showed how much the god of thunder wanted to keep him between his body and the stones. It wasn’t the best place for a kiss, neither for sex, but there wasn’t rationality in Thor’s movement, in the way that the hips collided or the moans echoed for the empty and old battle field.

He would keep the marks of Thor’s hand in his skin for a week or more, he’d remember the warmth of the lips on his neck, the sensation that invaded his veins each time that his name escaped. “Loki” Thor said, “Loki” he called, “Loki” he begged, “Loki” he demanded in an angry tone, strong, needy, as a wanderer asking for water on a desert and prepared to kill anyone to get it.

Loki smirked, he knew that would make Thor go even worse against his body. It hurt, but he loved it, he needed it because pain was the only way he had to differ that from the illusions he spent years creating to console himself… 

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Alice Alamo 24 anos, escritora de tudo aquilo em que puder me arriscar <3

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Way Borges Way Borges
Eita p***, eu não sabia que escrevia Thorki, você tem tanta fic que fica difícil acompanhar 😅 Mas agora que sei, vou dá uma olhadinha, só pra vê meu deuses se pegando ❤
August 04, 2018, 22:59

  • Alice Alamo Alice Alamo
    hahahahahaha eu escrevo de deus e o mundo, não tenho controle disso! Mas eu tenho ao todo 5 Thorkis acho, 4 em inglês porque eu estava treinando (e tenho que voltar coff coff). Espero que goste! Obrigada pelo comentário! Beijoss August 04, 2018, 23:02
Isis Isis
Oh my. It was so hot....but the end was kind o sad. Although I can appreciate a masochist Loki. Thor said, Thor called, Thor begged, Thor demanded... that was my favourite part. Great job, Alice <3
May 28, 2018, 16:37

  • Alice Alamo Alice Alamo
    Hello <3 I love making hot and sad stories hahahaha. And I do appreciate a masochist Loki, he is my favorite god and I love to write about him. Ah!! It's my favorite part too, specially "Thor begged". Thank you for the comment, sua linda! ;) May 29, 2018, 12:32