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''Trapped in a neverending battle with herself' She was the Trouble, she learned that lesson from a very young age, when the Crown of the Five Worlds came to claim her Soul. Her Soul has been the puppet of the treacherous Court of Uperq. She might be Trapped... But She still is the Trouble. And the whole Universe is about to learn that lesson... The Universe does not know what is coming to him... But then again, neither Cassiopea does.. She will be free, and due to that freedom... Everything is gonna change. And those changes... Those changes are going to steal the heart, the feelings, the Soul and the name of her longstanding enemy: Draco Cephus, the last Son of Dragons Lust for Love... Love for Everything. Everything for Nothing...

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Death's Land

We are them and They are us, They live and We die, We live and They die, They do not know about us and still dream of our existence, We know everything about them but we leave them in oblivion. We can not go to them, They can not come to us. We are two sides of a single reality, sentenced to wander through eternity, going through different paths. If We or They crossed the line, then and only then would the real game of the universe begin

Author : Morgana, absolutely deceased Historian of Uperq

Date : Present ( Like right now)

Location: Death's Land ¿Where else?

The Woman frowned the bitterness of her lips, not bad at all, she thought reading with the eagerness of the waves of her gaze tha lines she had just written. Morgana was satisfied, as satisfied as one can be, feeling nothing. Her satisfaction, though, was abruptally ended when the Shadow who was beside her petite frame , decided to have a unsolicited talk.

'' Do not you think it's a bit hasty?''

The woman, the one who in life, the fire of her hair had enchanted every living being, sighed "It's history, history is never precipitate"

"And history is never guessed," replied the one who had taken her from her enjoyment.

'' No, no, this is not guessing, this is knowledge, Ah ¿why are we arguing? It is not supposed that the Master and Servant have to take care of his own affairs ''

He who as Master and Servant had been presented, had the courage to smile, smile for him, was an act of valenty, a dare to the Nature. Because it was not Nature whom had decided to give him a mouth in the middle of his chest '' I am taking care , in case it is not evident, I have many eyes and my eyes allow me to do plenty of things , look. I continue to write, three of my pale eyes are dedicated to it, the rest ... the rest is dedicated exclusively to the beauty of your face ''

The woman, Morgana, bitted her cheeks , was a habit that the historian had, just a quick reminder, lest the torture of her reality be forgotten "Well, forget the exclusivity, here are many souls ¿why do not you dedicate your multiple attention to them? '' Morgana, the contemplation of the creature did not want, but in the Death's Land another option did not have.

'' I could, I can, however, none of them can tell a tale as you do. Tell me, Morgana, owner of knowledge ¿what will happen? The Master and Servant had life, but life could never live within him, because his domain was death and his service was death.

Morgana, sighed, old habits that in the indifference of the Lord of the Winds, it was useless '' You forget that I am not the fortune-teller, but if your wishs want to know , I will offer you clues'' Who knows, maybe I can get rid of the horror of his look, she kept her hope for the secrecy of her interiors, while her knees were preparing for a long narration, her clever voice declared to be ready.

'' There is a Princess, one with bold hair, those of us who have seen her, we say that the waves of her hair in the sunsets were forged, one of warm gaze, those of us who have seen her, say that the expressiveness of her eyes is so sweet as lethal, one of symmetrical brushstrokes, those of us who have seen it, say that only the universe its beauty could rival, one whose skin is a temptation for flowers, those who have seen it, say that the candy of its tone, forbidden it should be, one of ... "her description was faced with the rudeness of the Master and Servant.

'' Ahh, you speak of the Princess of Uperq, that world of gold and quartz that is on the top of the Drassig Tree, that whose parents leave their Kingdom not so many years ago, hmm, I still can not understand how it is that their Royal Majesties rejected my invitation"the creature was resentful, and his sorrow was due to the fact, that the King and Queen were living the death of their Eternity under the watch of the Stars. From there, everything was behold...from the highness of their gaze, the Princess was behold.

Morgana once again bit her cheeks 'If and I mean it, If you let me finish, you'll see that you know nothing about the Princess''

The Master and Servant, reserved for himself a grumbling , he would take it out when this story, yawns would gave him '' Continue ''

'' As I said, there is a Princess, one of intrepid character, the fire of her spirit belongs to no one, but, listen well, one will belong to her, one that although now of from her departs , his fire will return and is that the one whom, with her One will be turned. Take away that face! This is not a coarse romance ... "

'' And then what is it? ''

'' You let me continue. There is a Princess, one who while we here spend eternity, her title loses, one that while we here spend eternity, her Palace loses, one that while we here spend eternity, her love loses, one that while we here spend eternity , her Family loses, one that while we here spend eternity, in something else it becomes. You see, that Princess, Princess is no longer and Princess will no longer be. The universe in her, her destiny will materialized "

The Master and Servant, shook his long tail against the stones of the indifferent floor '' Is that all? And what on earth has this story of the Princess to do with that ... your verse about them and us? "

"You have understood everything wrong," replied the woman, the coarseness of her pen in the silk of her dress dreamed with air of elegance "This is not the story of the Princess of Uperq!"


'' No, this is the story of the celestial vault ''

The Master and Servant closed the confussion of all his dozens of eyes '' And what the hell is the celestial vault? ''

The woman towards the dark horizon directed her gaze, asking the universe for not be condemned so quickly, because only the universe had the right to tell the answer ''Ah, my very despicable Duality, to know that ... this story you must listen ... ''

And so in the Death's Land , the story of Lady Van Ursa, former Princess of Uperq was told . Her story with everything would end, her story with everything would start ...

And so it all started ...

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