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M/M erotica. James and Carlos have been together for years. They own one of the most elite gyms in town and Carlos runs it while James is hands-off and spends his days in his law office. They have an open relationship and both of them make the most of it.

LGBT+ Sólo para mayores de 18.

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Anniversary Present--Part 1

   I hit the enter button on my keyboard, sending off the last email of the morning. The clock on the screen said 10:55. Too early for lunch, I thought, until I noticed that my entire afternoon was booked solid.

   Fuck it. I deserved a two hour break.

  “Mr. Williams?” My secretary’s voice echoed out of the tinny speaker on the telephone.

   “Yeah, Mason?”

  “I’m so sorry. I forgot that Carlos called earlier and asked for an hour of time. I scheduled it for eleven.” He sounded odd. More odd than the crappy phone system usually made pages.

   I shrugged. Then I realized he couldn’t see the shrug.

   “That’s fine, Mason. You know I always have time for Carlos.”

   There were a few seconds of silence on the line. “That’s the thing, sir… it’s not…”

   “Mason…” I interrupted, “it’s fine. Send him in.” The speaker went dead and I leaned back in my chair, waiting for the six foot tall, dark, brooding man to walk through the door.

   Instead, my door creaked open and an average height blond walked in. I tried not to stare, but his height was the only thing average about him. His tailored shirt hugged the v of his tight, wiry, but obviously muscled body. His tie pointed down to a crotch that entered the room a few seconds before he did. I had to assume he was wearing a cock ring, but even then, he had to be packing.

   “Mr. Williams?” he asked, hesitantly.

   He looked scared to death. I realized my stare may have looked like a scowl, so I broke out in my best lawyerly grin. “Sorry to stare. I was expecting my… Never mind. Have a seat, Mr.—“

   “Aaron, sir. Aaron Sellers.” He moved to the chair in front of my desk and perched on the front edge. His eyes scanned my face, broad shoulders, and chest. It was too warm outside, so I hadn’t worn a suit coat that day either.

   “Well, Mr. Sellers, what brings you into my office today?” And why on earth would Carlos send you?

   “Sir. I’m sorry for the short notice. I told Carlos about myself and he said I should come see you. He said that you knew each other well?”

   I tried to keep a straight face. What the fuck was Carlos up to? “We do.”

   Aaron’s shoulders relaxed a tiny bit. I guess he thought Carlos had been pulling his leg. From the looks of the guy, I could pretty much guarantee Carlos had been pulling on something else.

   “I just got my paralegal certificate and he said that yours had put in his notice and you might be interested in seeing my resume?” His arm jerked out as he handed two sheets of paper to me. Damn the kid was nervous. I knew I just had to use one word to make him jump out of his skin, but I decided to wait.

 “Of course,” I said, taking the papers. It was a little hard to concentrate on the words because Aaron’s eyes bore a hole in me. It was easy to tell he was usually a cocky fuck.

   His resume wasn’t spectacular. It looked just like every other one I would get when I got around to posting the job on an employment board — something I hadn’t done because Mason had only put in his notice the day before.

   I pushed my keyboard to the side and laid the papers on my desk. “Well, it looks fine.” I’m pretty sure Aaron had stopped breathing. Sure, I’d hire the kid, but there were some things I wanted to know.

  My computer dinged, demanding my attention. A small window opened at the bottom of the screen. Carlos’ smiling icon appeared at the top.

   “Watch this now — turn down sound first. Play me”

  I glanced at Aaron. He was obviously afraid he was losing my attention. Might as well play into it.

  “Excuse me just a second,” I said, nodding to the screen. “This looks like an emergency.”

   He deflated.

   I hit the mute button on my keyboard and clicked the obviously named link.

   In less than a second, my computer connected to the private server I shared with Carlos and my video player opened.

   Footage from one of the many cameras in Carlos’ office played on my screen. Aaron was laid out on his back on Carlos’ desk and Carlos was pounding him for all he was worth. Every thrust made Aaron’s eyes roll. I wanted to turn the sound back on and hear what Aaron sounded like when he was getting slammed. My cock filled out my pants and threatened to burst the seams. I closed the video, saving the link for later, and decided I wanted to find out what sounds he made in person.

   I reached for my comm button. “Mason, could you come in here for a second?”

   He didn’t answer, but walked through the door a second later.

   “There’s something I need you to see.”

   He walked around behind me, resting his hands on the back of my chair. His eyes were immediately glued to the screen. His shaggy, medium length hair, high cheekbones, and piercing green eyes still made me smile. I was going to miss him.

   I turned my attention back to Aaron.

   “Carlos is usually a pretty good judge of character,” I said, making sure I was looking him in the eyes. Fuck they were nice eyes. His breathing was shallow.

   “So, how do you know him?”

   Aaron’s face flushed bright red, even through his tan. “I met him at the gym.”

   Hmm. “I have his number here somewhere…” Right. I opened a drawer and fumbled around in the desk for a second. Of course, I knew Carlos’ number by heart. The minor theatrics would just make sure the next answer was very honest, since he knew I could check it out on a few seconds. “How long have you known him?”

   Aaron shifted on the edge of the seat and he looked everywhere but at me. “This morning.” It came out as almost a whisper.

  I breathed out and it probably sounded like a relieved laugh, because it pretty much was. That’s why I hadn’t heard of him.

   He looked at me with wide eyes, not knowing how to interpret the sound. I smiled. “The job’s yours.”

   The room was silent for a few seconds and Aaron leaned back in his chair, his back still stiff. “Seriously?” he asked.

    I nodded.

   “Just like that?”

   “Just like that.” I told him the pay, the hours, that there might be some late nights if we were working on a big case, and the benefits… well, most of the benefits. “It’s yours if you want it.”

   “Yes!” He almost jumped out of his chair, but caught himself and tried to get back some composure. “Of course, I would love to take the job.”

   Mason leaned closer to the computer, the from of his pants tented. He’d stopped wearing underwear years before.

   “Cool,” I said as I stood up and moved around the desk. I sat on the edge of it facing him. Good thing he’d sat back or his face would have been in my crotch. I glanced down. Yep, I’d worn the fairly tight pants and no underwear myself. My dick snaked down the left leg. Hell, I could even make out the shape of the head through the fabric. I innocently made sure the shape was in plain view.

   I held out my hand. “Welcome aboard.”

   His eyes were glued to the shape of my muscled legs and long cock. Carlos wasn’t the only one who went to the gym regularly. He reached out his hand and almost missed when he tried to shake. It was a good sign.

   “I want you to know that what we are about to discuss has nothing at all to do with whether you work here or not, your pay rate, or anything like that.”

   His eyes widened and he stared up at me.

   “All of that has been established in a verbal agreement and what I’m about to ask is just out of personal curiosity. That’s why we’re discussing it before you are officially an employee.” I met his eyes and raised my eyebrows.

   “Yes… yes, of course.” He tried not to stammer.

   “Good.” I smiled as wide and friendly as I could. “Did you enjoy my husband’s dick?”

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