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"Did you or did you not know? " I ask, staring him in the eyes. His blue orbs that once held love now holding regret. " Answer me Justin! Did you or did you not know I'm the girl you raped and left to fate two years ago?!" "Yes." One word. One word that sends a shiver down my spine. One dreadful word that renders my mind void of any remaining common sense, forgetting all my morals,I slap him. ******************** Lyka Ryan has finally found love after two years of keeping to herself. But what happens when she comes to realize the guy she is madly in love with is not who she thinks he is? Worst, what if she finds out he is the same guy that raped her two years ago? Does she forgive him and take him back? Or will she let her hatred for her once rapist overshadow her love for the man before her? © All Rights Reserved

Fanfiction Erótico Sólo para mayores de 18.

#romance #heartbreak #betrayal #mature #broken #billionaire #darkpast # #doublelife #wideagegap
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Author’s Note

Hey guys....

I'm really excited about this book.Hope you'll be as excited reading it. :)

This is my very first book so there's going to be a lot of mistakes. Bare with me.

I wrote this book when I was fifteen and I decided to put it on here.

PS : everything in this book is a figment of my imagination. Do not criticize my characters please.

Constructive criticism is welcome

And do not copy my book.

I worked hard for this


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