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I am jimmy the make up of two girls. A.k.a. A story about lesbians

Erótico Sólo para mayores de 18.

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The fun Begins

 Once upon a time there was a little girl And her girlfriend  that looked Young for their age. Little girl Number one was short and where shorts that showed her camel toe all of the time And a sports bra that held her gigantic boobs tightly to her chest, the Sports bra was way too small for you could see a lot of boob popping out of her bra. Her name is Wendy 00 yeah she had red hair And was in love with Haley who was little girl number two , Who was bigger than Wendy, but only little nubs of boob. She was blonde she always worked out so she was really strong She also was in love with Wendy So they go great together. And Haley wher Jeans that wher four sizes too small and put oranges in her bra. To impress big Boobed Wendy Who also worked out. Narrator speaking “ so this is where the story actually starts One day Haley asked Wendy to go to the gym with our Wendy said yes. Those two girls walked in like badasses all the boys wolf whistles at them. They both didn’t know they were lesbian for each other . Until they were on the weight machine you know the where you have to spread your legs when suddenly wWendy and Haley caught each other looking at each other’s vagina. They both said I love you to each other . Wendy said you want to get a motel room so we can do it . Haley said oooooooooyey Wendy I can’t wait to grab those watermelon sized boobs and and clean your whole body with my tongue . So when they got to the room they took the clothes off as fast as the flash and rubbed coconut oil all over themselves and gave Each other and exotic massage, then they Proceeded to finger each other while making out . Narrator speaking again Haley and Wendy didn’t know they forgot to close the blinds all of the way. There it’s a green lady her name is she hulk. She where’s A tight speedo it was so tight that showed the lines of her vagina And her boobs where almost as big as Wendy’s . When she was watching the two kissing and fingering she rubbed her Watermelon breast and stroked  her vagina through her Speedo.  She was so   Arosed she  Squirted all over the window. The  sound of her juices hitting  against the window was  enough to make Wendy and  haley stop there session and look outside.

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I'll bet Wendy has some tasty meat
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