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Who do you call if you need a quick hit made? But don’t want to get your hands dirty. This consortium of highly trained, self taught assassins. But when the last hit, successfully got their boss killed, what would you do? Being his right hand man for many years, now being trusted to teach his long lost estranged grandson with the assassins methods, along with making sure his bosses killer is dealt with, appropriately.

Crimen No para niños menores de 13.

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It is time for us to step into this visual display.

A dark stormy evening has risen, thunder rumbling in the distance with rain pouring, deep within a forest in the middle of nowhere. A dark glistening saloon car engine turning filling the gaps between the rumbling thundering, rays of car lights, lighting up the forest surface, a deep hole that has nearly been dug, two occupied twitching bodybags lay parallel, muffled noises come from within both of them, a small oxygen hole at the feet of each bodybag. Some mud being flung out, after a couple of times, followed by a muddy shovel, that lands on top of the pile of wet soil. The Fellow Gent George emerges from the grave, he pulls up a muddy wooden ladder from within the grave. He takes his blue latex gloves off, chucking them into the hole, just to fix his slicked back black hair.

George shouts at the wiggling bodybags, “Oh be quiet! At least you two can fuck in peace In the afterlife, for being a cheating bitch to your husband, personally I would of just shot you both to be done with it, but the contract said for you to suffer Kate!”

He shifts both of the body bags into the grave, as the first thumps into the muddy bottom, enough to take the air out of his lungs, Kate follows him, thumping on top of him, the muffle cries for help stop, now just the gasping for air, raindrops splashing on the bodies black plastic coating. George walks over to the mud pile, picking up the shovel as he is shoveling mud back into the grave.

We touch down in a botanical garden, a couple holding hands walking along the path, both are dressed in casual clothes, looking at the different flowers, such beauty with each different type also shades. Personally I sneeze shit loads if I have flowers in my home, but my lady loves them, so I put up with It, sometimes. A darkish blue Stylish suited George is walking towards the couple, that are pointing at the flowers, to the side is a duck pond, with ducks swimming in, quacking to each-other, a swan is swimming around like she owns the pond but that’s In the distance. The lady bends down while hooking a strand of her chestnut hair, over her ear, to sniff a blossoming Cherry flower.

The Fellow Gent stops the couple, grabbing ahold of the woman’s arm, not tightly but enough for her to be startled.

The Fellow Gent says “Gemma, we need to talk, I am George, it is about your father also his grandson, Luke.”

Before Gemma can respond, her fella pipes up asking, “Err, can I help you mate?”

George respondssaying “I don’t believe I was talking to you, mate. It is Gemma, I need to speak with, so stand aside or be seated here.”

George continues to say to the lady “Let’s take a walk to talk.”

Gemma nods after tells her fella Neil “It will be fine, stay here.”

They kiss each other a few times while George is whistling looking around the big Open botanical garden.

George is walking alongside Gemma on a path, with several types of flower beds on the right side. On the left side is a lush green field, with other couples along with families walking about, with trees scattered around, wooden benches are around the small duck pond.

Gemma asks “How do you know my name?”

George responds saying “Your father is the head of The Fellow Gent’s. As you know, you are his only child, he also knows you have a son called Luke. Now he hasn’t forgotten his grandson, but being a respected head for mafia firms, who can’t get their hands dirty over a contract, they hire us to do it, he didn’t want to put you two in harms way.”

George suddenly stops in his tracks, pulling something from inside his jacket, to extend it to something behind them, following his arm to his hand, that is gripping his gun, trigger finger poised to strike. On the side of his gun Is the words, etched In ‘Bringyou to silence.’ It Is pointing at Neil, which has been following them.

George says “Listen, I will tell you this once don’t follow me because I can put you down then get away before anyone can sneeze.”

Gemma says to Neil “Don’t follow, everything will be fine.”

Neil nods as he backs away putting his hands up, George retreats his gun back into its holster, after he proceeds walking with Gemma to a bench around the duck pond.

They both sit at the duck pond, a few other people are feeding the ducks along with the beautiful white swan.

George says “As I was saying, he didn’t want to put you two In harms way, Neil on the other hand he doesn’t give two shits about, if he wanted him buried he would have been in the woods digging his own grave, but he sees how happy you are so he respects that.”

Gemma responds asking “I understand that, but why send you to tell me all of this?”

George responds saying “I am the only one he fully trusts, also everything he does is under the watchful eyes of the people who want to bury him. He feels it’s time because something is going to happen involving him. So he wants his daughter also grandson to be taken care of.

Gemma responds saying defensively “He is being taken care of by me.”

George responds saying “He knows you’re a good mother, full of love, he has asked me to to tell you if you could tell Luke, that he loves him everyday please.”

Gemma nods as she responds saying “I will, just tell him from me to keep himself safe please.”

George responds saying “Anyway I must go, oh yes before I do. This Is just for yourself also Luke, open it when you get in.”

George rummaging around in a pocket inside his suit jacket, pulling a large brown package, he passes it to her. Gemma takes it from him after turns to put the package In her handbag. She turns back to ask him a question but George has already made his leave, nowhere to be seen as she stands up looking around.

Some years have passed, a sad day is on The Fellow Gent’s. I’m sure they have dug to put many people in their graves but it Is harder when it’s someone you love. George is wearing a black suit, he has grown a full beard since the last time we see him, some grey hairs running through his dark beard. As he stands at a graveside on the day of the funeral of Gemmas father, also the head of The Fellow Gent’s. She is opposite from George, Gemma dressed in a black dress, standing behind a young man which is Luke, dressed in a black suit, he is clean shaven. Gemma has her hands on his shoulders, George looking at Gemma which has tears forming a path down her cheeks. There are mobsters all dressed in black suits around the grave, four of them lowering the coffin with ropes, as the priest is doing their god speech, maybe unaware of the type of person he was. The other mobsters have their heads bowed with their hand holding the other one in front of themselves. The priest gives a box full of dirt to Gemma, she takes some throwing it on the coffin below, which has some single roses scattered on his dark wooden overcoat. after he gives it to Luke which throws mud Into his grandfathers grave, the box is offered to others which are in attendance. George does the Jesus Cross on himself with his right index finger, after puts his shades on as he walks away.

After the funeral, George Is speaking with some mafia heads. As he notices Gemma with Luke walking towards a luxury black funeral limo, George takes his shades off putting them away.

George says “I will speak to you lot later.”

He leaves them to walk towards Gemma which makes eye contact with George so she stops to speak with him.

George says “I wish we could of met under better circumstances, he didn’t die for no reason I will make sure of that.”

Gemma sympathy smiles at George as he Is offering his hand for Luke to shake, but he isn’t going to shake his hand Instead…

He asks “Who the fuck is you?”

George puts his hand back into his trouser pocket while Gemma puts her arm around Liam to comfort him.

George says “I was a close friend of your grandfather, well I am still am.”

Luke responds with some venom in his voice “He isn’t my grandad, I never fucking see him.”

Gemma rubs Luke’s back to try comfort him while George says “I know but he is still your grandad mate, I wish I could tell you why he was never around, but it doesn’t mean he didn’t care for you or love you both, or even want to spend time with you because he did.

Luke nods as George Is noticing the resemblance in Luke to his grandfather.

George passes him a key after says “This may help you understand.”

After he smiles at both of them, he walks away towards his fancy red sports car. Luke looks down to the key It has an address engraved on the key ring.

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