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⇨ The Mermaidens and The Golden Empriss hate towards each other only grow stronger with each growing day. No one knows how it started, but now that it's there, there is war. With each spy agency watching each other intently until one of them strikes. And The Golden Empriss decided it was going to be them. In retaliation, The Mermaidens send in their best team, The Deadly Mers. ✎ᝰ┆Cover & banner made by: @-hxshimi (on wattpad) ୧ .˚ₓ

Aventura No para niños menores de 13.

#agent #betrayal #death #drama #fighting #50640 #love #oc #powers #revenge #romance #236 #secret #378 #spy #spy-story #superpowers #swords #117 #weapons
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⪧ An Arab woman with snow-like white lengthy hair paired with a green eye and brown eye. Knows her way around machine guns and katanas. Blessed with the power to manipulate technology


⪧ A Mexican woman with short, bouncy curly reddish-orange hair with peculiar red eyes and a scar residing over her left eye. Favorite toys are shotguns and daggers. The power of super strength to match her anger issues


⪧ An African-American woman with a silky, dark green bob with big blackish eyes and a mole on her forehead. Best at martial arts in her agency, while guns are her go-to, especially snipers. The tree tattoo on her back is linked to her power which is, death sense


Master Sergei



Chan Ming

President Sanity


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