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Tori is a young girl who realizes that in her world of magic, she is an angelic devil. Her unknown ancestors, made a deal with death, and a deal with God, so that one of their descendants would be the devil, and an angel.

Fantasía Fantasía oscura No para niños menores de 13.

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Chapter 1

"Dang it!" "What's wrong now?" My mom asked, annoyed. "It's not working!" I yelled angrily. "Well, did you try waiting a little bit?" "Yes! And I've tried lightly tapping it on the table, but it's not working!" I tossed my wand aside. "Well if you hadn't thrown it at your brother it'd be fine!" She yelled back at me.

I picked up my wand and saw a slight zap, and then it fizzled out. "Mom, will you take me to the shop tomorrow to either get it fixed, or to get a new one?" "Sure, good luck paying for it," she said with a smug look on her face. "Mom! Please!" I begged. "No. I'm not wasting my money because you can't take care of your things!" She yelled back at me.

With my wand in hand, I went up to my room. I heard my mom yell up at me, "You're lucky to have magic!" "I know, Mom. You tell me everyday." I yelled back.

Here's some backstory of the magic. One day, long, long ago, there was a man who was blessed with a child, but during labor, the child was at the face of death. The man was at a loss, but he went to pray. And he made a deal with God, so that his child could live a long, happy, life, and that when his child died, she would be an angel.

The man's daughter lived, but when she turned two, the man and his wife discovered something. She was able to do things that no other person would be able to do.

The man went and prayed again. God told him that, because she was an angel, she could do things that no other ordinary person could do.

The girl grew and became an adult. By the time she was twenty eight, she had a son, and she realized that he too, had the ability.

One day the girl heard a knock at the door. She opened the door and saw a black hooded figure, holding a scythe. Death came to tell her that he needed to take her son's life to replace her's.

The woman begged for anything else, but she could not be prepared for what she was about to hear. Her son could live but only if one of his descendants took the role of the devil, for the devil was too weak to go for anymore than 600 years. She agreed and went on with her life.

When the woman was on her deathbed, she decided that she would give the rest of her magic to all the people in the world of Alagondazia, so that when her descendant became the devil, they would be able to defend themselves.

That's where our magic came from. But magic is a little different for me. I've lived in Gerderdale my whole life, and not once have I seen anyone who can do what I can do. Everybody has their own talent, but I can do everything.

I can do everything from shape shifting to flying. The reason I threw my wand at my brother, is because he called me a freak. Really he's just jealous. My parents are worried and I've seen many doctors and researchers, but none of them know anything about it.

I suddenly heard a knock at my window. It was my friend Laura. "Tori! Let me in!" I unlocked the window, and let her in. "Why didn't you just go through the front door?" I asked. "Well, I went the back way, so it was easier to go through your window." She explained.

"Do you have it?" "Yep, it's in this case," She answered. "Okay, can I try it out?" I asked, excitedly. "Yeah, but be careful, it's really powerful." She warned. I took it out of it's case, and started to utter the words, "Secre amynate brosu!" Suddenly everything went black.

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