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"Golden fur" is how the most stronger animals are called on Jun's city. He's on his early twenty and he works for a meat distribution...With the past of the years, he ends meeting a old friend, Wyści, a golden lion, he works as a "helping hand" for the minor distributions. He's the one that ends changing all the life of Jun, until the last days of the same.

Acción No para niños menores de 13.

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Deer Flesh 1/3

It's been three hours since everyone started to drink, I haven't drank a single gout of alcohol. If I get drunk, this zone will change it's colors to red, I have to say is annoying, all the bustle around the club is making my head dizzy. The worst is that I can't even get out, even for take a little breath.

I have to wait for my target to appear.

-Did you hear? They are saying that Jun's around here!-

You gotta be kidding me, just close your eyes, and wait for him to appear. Enjoy the music.

How?! How the fuck I'm supposed to enjoy the music when I don't even like this damn place?! The scents won't stop coming to my nose. At least you can try to focus on his smell, that you felt before. Focus... focus... Nothing. Was this some type of joke? A deer can't do anything to a single carnivorous, but I guess strength it's not everything in a fight.

-May I offer you something, sir?-

A panther walked to my seat, he had the cups with alcohol so close to me, that I almost fall for the temptation.

-Not for now, thank you.-

The panther stared at me, was that not the answer he was expecting?

-Sir, if you aren't consuming, then I'll need to ask you to leave.-

How annoying...

-It's... alright! He just drank from my... cup!-

One of my companions that was supposed to help me hugged half of my body. This wasn't supposed to happen.

-It's fine Lucian. Sir, can I ask for some food?-

Lucian started to make force on his hand, pressing more my shoulder.

-No, no, no, no, bring him a brandy!-

What is this asshole tiger thinking?!

-I'll take a quick breath.-

I standed from my seat, Lucian didn't letted go my arm.

Patience, patience.

-Lucian, if you are so gentle, would you let go my arm?-

I said with a forced smile.

-Fine, fine... But don't make that face again...!-

From all the people who were available to come, why him?

-If he gets violent, please search me, I'll be on the back door.-

I said to the waiter.

-Alright, sir.-

I started to walk downstairs, the noise from people screaming increased. I guess he's not coming today, what a lost of time. I managed to find the back door and left to the outside.

-I told you I'm fine, you don't need to send anyone. Yes, I'm already leaving.-

This smell... it's making me...


There's a lot of dust here! Does it come from the garbage?

-I'll call you later.-

Maybe I got sick? Probably my nose got weaker from all those scents?

-What a miracle, it's a total miracle to find someone interesting like you, Jun.-

Fuck, so he's been here the whole time?! That idiot told us he was inside the building!

-My apologies, did my commentary offended you?-

Patience, Jun. You have to be patient.

-Why would I get offended by such words, Blashkint? At the contrary, I feel flattered.-

The deer smiled and walked more close to me.

-Your urges, did you manage to control them?-

This bastard.

We didn't get direct orders from what to do with him once we find him. So... I can do whatever I want with him, and that shit can't say anything to me. That shit... he's only the boss because the last one died by an illness... Fuck! I was supposed to be the next one!

I walked more close to Blashkint and grabbed his mouth, I pushed him to the wall. I know what I'm doing is incorrect in the eyes of a lot of people, actually, if someone walks into us, I'll have to run away.

-Looks like... you haven't gained any control on them.-

Blashkint also grabbed me from the fur and pushed me to his mouth. I started to lick his neck, it doesn't matter how many times I do this, the smell of this herbivore will always enter to the deepest part of my nose.

-Hold up... are you sure you want to do it here?-

I bit his neck, with no so much strength of course.

-It's not that I want to, it's that I need to do it here, you think I can old back to an hotel?!-

I grabbed his ass with force and started to kiss him again.

I know this is a problem, I mean, not going to a hotel. If the group of animals comes to search him, they'll smell my scent on his clothes, or body in general. That will create a problem between different meat distributors.

And I'll end up dragging Lucian to this problem. How annoying... well, this place is nasty anyway, it's probably full of garbage and drunk bastard's pee.

Blashkint started to pull my fur because he was running out of breath.

-Are you already trying to kill me?-

I letted go off his ass and pulled his necktie, giving him the sign to follow me.

-So you really can control the urges now. I almost fall for your tricks...-

I pushed him to the floor and grabbed his necktie again. He's making me feel weak, does he really think he knows me?! Oh, you little shit, you have no idea about me.

I closed my hand and gave him a closed punch on his stomach, leaving him without breath again. I putted on my knees, grabbed his snout and whispered him in the ear: I heard you loved getting your ass bitten hard, so hard you'd scream for it to stop when the blood starts pouring out and your hams become the fucking Rudolph's nose. You better don't make a sound on hour way to the hotel.

I forced him to stand up.

-If you don't follow my steps, I'll find you, and rip off that pretty face of yours.-

Near this disco, there's a mixed hotel, they can't say shit if a wolf and a deer agreed to go together to that kind of place. Furthermore, this shit is probably quite a frequent customer.obably quite a frequent customer.

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