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Ryder never asked to be Lucifer's spawn. But when he finds Chrystian, God's Lead Angel, will he be able to change who he is through the power of love, or will he forever stay who he was born to be, the devil's offspring?

LGBT+ No para niños menores de 13.

#God #fantasy #satan #demon #angel #mature #Christianity #spiritual #Lucifer #LGBT #bxb #boyxboy #gay #romance #fiction
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The Devil’s Runt

"He's crying again." [Keres]

"My fucking GOD shut the fuck up. I'm not saying this again, boy." [Lucifer]

"Overlord, can you come here?" [Keres]

"Master..." [Damion]

"What in hell is he doing now?!" [Lucifer]

"He's whining again." [Keres]

"Get my trident, Keres. Now!" [Lucifer]

"Y-yes sir. Will do." [Keres]

"I demand you to come here, Ryder." [Lucifer]

"But- [Ryder]

"Don't fucking speak you're getting on my fucking nerves. Don't fucking move. This is what you deserve." [Lucifer]

Lucifer's monotone laugh echoes and booms throughout hell while he raises his trident.

"How can a powerful, Underworld God like me have a weak, pathetic spawn like you?! I can't believe this! I never asked for such a disgrace! I CURSE OF THEE!"

Lucifer yells, making the whole underworld shake. Ryder shivers in fear as Lucifer points his trident at him, catching Ryder on fire. Ryder shrieks out in agony as his father tortures him.

"S- sorry for the interruption, sire, but we come with a c-complaint." Cyrus bows before Lucifer and his twin, Cyra, reaches out to grab his hand. She whispers, "Don't do that! He'll punish you and set you on fire like the rest of them!" "What was that, Cyra?" Lucifer's stern voice booms with rage. "N- nothing sir. H- here... here's the complaint f-from your b-brother..." Cyra nervously hands out a copy of paper that has a spell casted on it, which keeps the paper from being set on fire. "My brother?! Don't you dare call that- that- filthy being my brother! Just hand that shit here already, I don't have all night!" Lucifer yells and bangs his trident on the dirty surface. Cyra quickly hands the paper to him. "Leave." Lucifer demands and Cyra nods. "Y- yes sir." "Cmon you nitwit." Cyra whispers to her brother and they run out, slamming the door behind them.

"Argh. Can't get any decent things down here." Lucifer mumbles, "What even is this shit? What does my so called 'brother' have to say? Do I even fucking care?!" Lucifer shakes his head, but is interrupted by Ryders screaming. "Keres, shut him up! Also send Dolton down here! I can't read this nonsense!" Lucifer yells at Keres and she nods, scrambling to Ryder and pushes him into the other room. She comes back with Dolton and Dolton looks confused. "What is it this time?!" Dolton asks and Keres slaps him. "Behave. He just wants you to read the letter God sent him. Ugh, demons. Why do they have to be so... arrogant all the time?" Dolton glances over at her, then rolls his eyes. "Just come over here, you imbecile." Lucifer demands, making Keres jump and push Dolton to him. Lucifer dismisses Keres and throws the paper to Dolton. "Seriously, you can't read this?! I've came all the way over here just for an.. wait a minute..." Dolton gets lost in his thoughts until Lucifer knocks him in the back of the head with his trident. "Read. It. You fucking idiot!"

"Lucifer. This is an invitation from the Heaven's above. Please do not tear, rip, throw, crush, smash, set on fire, spit on, eat, or even sit on this letter. Your sons, Ryder and Rin, are invited to come and join my angels, Jesus and Chrystian, in a religious ceremony. Please, listen and let me continue. Please do not, in any circumstance, ignore this letter and please put our differences aside. After all, these are our children and I would love for them to get to know each other. However, I demand you to teach them how to behave, be responsible, nice, and lastly, but NEVER least, teach them how to take care of and read the Bible-

"Wait. He did NOT just say that." Lucifer chuckles, "The BIBLE? Wow. Not even I can read that." "Sire, that is rude. Please let me continue. I swear if you interrupt me again." Lucifer sighs. "Read the Bible. Your sons have also been nominated to attend angelic practices in order to learn how to cooperate in future relationships and responsibilities- "Responsibilities? Really. What nerve he has to think my spawns deserve responsibility. Not to mention relation- "SIRE! Shut the fuck up and let me please continue. As the highest ranking in your demon family, sire, I demand you to listen to your brother. Please." "Highest? Ha! Says who?" Lucifer chuckles as he stands up, however Dolton is pissed. He gains some height as he takes in a deep breath, trying to collect himself, but fails. "I refuse to let you disrespect me, my duty and my honor! Lucifer, give a fucking damn once in a while! I'm seriously lead captain, not to mention next in line for your duties! If you ever disappear, to Lord knows where, I'm next to fucking rule!" "Yeah, yeah. Keep going." Lucifer states, looking bored, but Dolton explodes in flames. "I'm fucking done here. I'm making Rin and Ryder go to this Ceremony and there's nothing you, or anyone in that matter, can do about it. They actually need something like this in there life other than a father like you." "You can't do that! I'm in charge here! You listen to me!"

"No, Lucifer, because you won't even listen to your own brother. Actually, I can do this. By the way, I already did. Keres took Ryder on Heaven's elevator already. I can't believe you didn't notice it! Open your eyes, for once." Dolton yells, then disappears, leaving Lucifer alone to suffer with his well earned fate.

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