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"饾檹饾櫇饾櫄饾櫘 饾櫀饾櫑饾櫄 饾櫓饾櫇饾櫄 饾櫎饾櫍饾櫄 饾櫖饾櫇饾櫎 饾櫌饾櫀饾櫃饾櫄 饾櫌饾櫄 饾櫀 饾櫌饾櫎饾櫍饾櫒饾櫓饾櫄饾櫑, 饾櫓饾櫇饾櫀饾櫓'饾櫒 饾櫖饾櫇饾櫀饾櫓 饾櫒饾櫇饾櫄 饾櫒饾櫀饾櫈饾櫃 饾櫓饾櫎 饾櫌饾櫄... 饾櫀饾櫍饾櫃 饾櫈 饾櫂饾櫀饾櫍 饾櫇饾櫎饾櫍饾櫄饾櫒饾櫓饾櫋饾櫘 饾櫑饾櫄饾櫋饾櫀饾櫓饾櫄." 鉂鉂鉂 饾櫚饾殻饾殠 饾櫠饾殯饾殠饾殺 is the step-daughter of Raleigh Grey. Simula ng pakasalan ng ina niya ang isang Grey ay madali na niyang nakukuha ang gusto niya. She feels like she's in a fairytale, she feels like she's living the life of Sophia the First. She got to study to a high-class schools and meet rich people. She's having the time of her life when men came and snatch her heart. So everytime she feel inlove, she always change herself trying to fit in their taste. 鉂鉂鉂 饾摋饾摦饾攦饾摬饾摲饾摢 饾搻饾摬饾摫饾摶饾摬 饾摉饾摶饾摦饾攤戗勶笌 饾棥饾棦饾棫饾棙饾棪: 鉃狢ringey content, so if you can't handle the cringe then this book ain't for you beb茅ghorl (or boy.) 鉃猅his is a work of fiction. Names, characters, business, events and incidents are the products of the author's imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

Ficci贸n adolescente No para ni帽os menores de 13.

#tagalogstory #drama #heartbreaks #marriage #kidnapping #romance #inkspiredstory #killer #possessive #friendship #Tragedy
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鈥旔潤忦潤凁潤勷潤 饾樇饾檷饾樉 饾樉饾檴饾檳饾檹饾樇饾檮饾檳饾檸 饾檲饾樇饾檯饾檴饾檷 饾樉饾檷饾檮饾檳饾檪饾檧饾檾 饾樉饾檴饾檳饾檹饾檧饾檳饾檹饾檸. 饾檸饾檴 饾檵饾檱饾檧饾樇饾檸饾檧 饾樈饾檧饾樇饾檷 饾檼饾檮饾檹饾檭 饾檲饾檧. :)


1- Their First Meeting
2- A Date?
3- Acting What Couples Do
4- House of Grey's
5- Hezina's Room
6- Feelings
7- Sunshine
8- "Give Up."
9- Reighmus' Love
10- (Meeting) The Grey Family
11- No Matter What
12- Best Christmas Gift
13- Give Up (part 2)
14- Big Bad Wolves
15- Kiss
16- Times Like This
17- Last Dance
18- Father-Daughter Bonding
19- Long Time No See
20- Reminder
21- Handsy
22- Starting Now
23- Stick With The Plan
24- Falling Apart
25- Drunk
26- SLAP!
27- Tattoo
28- Last Straw
29- The Ace
30- Violeta Pizza Place
31- Tired
32- Pag-iwas
33- Graduation
34- Kidnapped
35- The Letter

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