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In this world where there's no right or wrong, good or evil, black or white you have to make your own justice. If you are not ready to do the unthinkable, dirty your hands with blood, you'll be food to the beasts with which they'll play first and then devour you whole. Inspired by Game of Thrones and World of Darkness

Fantasía Sólo para mayores de 18.

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Never abandon the Light

Trinity, three islands connected by the bridges of old. Each island has a deep history, each of them differs from another, except the religion which is strangely accurate.
Unfortunately, these bridges do anything but connect the islands and strange tension has been brewing.
Alexandria, the liveliest of the three islands in the South, is ran by a church. Secretly are the laws determined by the Society of Ezekiel, religious group that hides from the people of Alexandria the truth which could only be dismissed as scary campfire stories.
The Den, located in the West, island where crime and territorial behavior reigns. People have access to the Den, but not many return home happy. Granted, not many return at all.
And Nuverus, the island of the East, fifty years ago finally were the bridges connecting to this island rebuilt. However, this island is always covered in strange mist, blocking the view from any observers of other two islands. It's been said that nobody lives there and this is where the story starts.

It seemed like the island of Nuverus, or commonly known the Misty Island, had everyone's attention back from the Alexandria. Despite the history they've been somewhat familiar with of this mysterious island, the curiosity of the people kept bringing them from standing clear of this place and this is where the business started, which was successful, but risky. Long bridges connect all three islands, while the bridge which is for some reason called Road of Eternity wouldn't be seen reaching the Nuverus island because of the thick fog that hides a good part of the place. Right before the fog consumes everything in sight, few armed policemen would stand there to allow or deny people who want to go to the abandoned island, with police cars sometimes going in and out of the fog which are their scheduled patrols around the Nuverus. Though once believed to be rumors, it has been proven by reporters that some people never returned from the island even the ones who were touring with the experts.

This day was like every other. Three people were responsible to guide the curious crowd, most of them are college and high school students who were extremely excited to see the place for the first time. There was also an older gentleman who was with this tour group and looked like a successful historian, dressed in a expensive suit, wearing round glasses, well trimmed beard and his hair tied into a pony tail, just lazily resting at his slight hunch of his back, which was from hunching over while reading and writing. His name is Gunther Korngold and he'd come from time to time to see the majestic place of Nuverus, which looked like it more came from old movies more than anything else.

The female tour guide got everyone's attention in the van as they drove the long bridge, stopped by the policemen for the regular search before they cross into the borders of the old island. "Alright, do you have your masks ready?" She asked enthusiastically as the visitors nodded, showing that they all brought their masks. "You're probably wondering why we need these masks and if you thought it's because of the fog, you're certainly right. Sir Gunther, would you like to give a brief history of the island to the visitors?" she asked as the historian nodded with a small, yet confident smirk.

"Many people in today's day and age believe that this island is haunted and I rightfully believe so myself. A tragedy struck this island two hundred years ago. Nuverus was inhabited by the elite class of people. Artists, poets, politicians, you name it, lived in this island. If you ask the Society of Ezekiel what happened to it and what tragedy was that, they'll tell you that God condemned this place for two reasons. One, the history tells of a man named Nuverus Caine, who found the island and took it as his with his children, who in the religion is the father of sin and gave birth to the demons and second, all the elitists and successful people were his children. They lived a perfect life in finery, they enjoyed and took it for granted by doing terrible and unacceptable things, until a plague took them. In order to protect Alexandria and the Den, the bridges connecting to the Nuverus were destroyed. Fifty years ago, we finally rebuilt the bridges, only to find nothing when we went to see what happened to the place for the first time in two centuries. No remains of the people, nothing was ruined, it was like they all vanished."

The visitors watched Gunther speak, listening to the story intently, until the van finally came to a stop. Everyone put their masks on before opening the doors and got out of the van, looking around to see that they're in the city center. It was a circular place, the ground was covered in neatly placed stones. The trees were all naked without sign of life, the branches looked as deformed hands reaching to the heavens for salvation from the cursed place, while in the middle was a enormous fountain with sculptures which had no running water. The houses looked very old fashioned, but they were incredibly well kept as everything in the island. The benches were nicely polished, nothing was thrashed or destroyed. "How come this place looks so new and well-kept?" one brown haired girl asked under her mask as Gunther chuckled, keeping both of his hands behind his back.

"I put a lot of money in keeping this place presentable, but in the same fashion as it was in the era when the plague took over. I want to keep history alive." It was obvious that the man was passionate about what he was doing and he was respected for it greatly. The tour guides began walking the visitors through the ghost town and it was deathly quiet when they wouldn't speak. There was barely any wind and everything looked so timeless.

As they walked the main street, they came to a stop where they could clearly see an enormous building that looked like a true palace, the top of it could barely be seen from the fog. "Ah, this is the LaCroix manor, which to me looks more like a palace, honestly. I've seen some photographs of how it looked from the inside, but the gates are chained. We are not allowed to go inside. It's gothic architecture and a massive place in which was told you could easily get lost in." The male guide this time spoke and Gunther joined in.

"The LaCroix manor was the home of royal blood, the LaCroix, of course. They believed to be the direct bloodline of the Nuverus Caine himself. The plague struck when the beautiful Princess Felicia LaCroix was supposed to get married to one of the princes from the Geralt family of the North. I think it was Prince Edmond she was to marry. But alas, the plague struck the place and she never got to sit on the throne as the future Queen. She was very famous for her red hair, really uncommon in these areas. That's how you would know you're of the royal bloodline, when you're born with red hair."

The two college students who were the last in the line were the most restless of all and the male one nudged the girl, who was his girlfriend.

"Hey, wanna bail and spend some time in one of these houses until this shit is done?" she looked at him and chuckled under her mask.

"Oh, come on. You really think we can do that?" she asked as the young man looked around and grabbed her hand when he was certain that no one was looking and walked with her to one of the alleyways, trying every door in the place that looked much darker than any other as they walked through. "I'm kind of scared, Clyde. Let's just go back to the group. I feel like I'm being watched." the girl said as she looked around, feeling uneasy in the dark alleyways of the abandoned island. The silence bothered her. "You know they said some people never returned." she stated as he shook his head.

"It was just so this place can get publicity. It makes it worth coming here so we can tell the tale when we do return. I call that bullshit." Just as he said that, one of the back doors opened into a smaller house which he was trying to open and he looked at his girlfriend excitedly. "Come on, I'll make it worth it. We have forty minutes until the end of the tour." still not feeling like she wants to go inside, the girl listened and followed him inside the house, which looked like a living room with a kitchen to the right. The wallpapers were dark red and gave it really the feeling as if an aristocrat lived here, despite how small the house looked from the outside.

Surprisingly, the place looked well kept, as if someone lived in that place very recently. There was a big painting above the fireplace, reminding her of what the Society of Ezekiel deemed to be sin. A naked woman with a snake wrapped around her. It was Vivienne, Caine's first woman, which was also a redhead. Goblets on the tables and a knocked over wine bottle. Big chandelier in the center of the room with used candles, clean dishes next to the sink, which looked awfully out of place.

"Whoa, this looks... As if someone still lives here." he said as the girl stood in front of the door.

"I don't know, Clyde. I really think we shouldn't be here." she said with a worried expression as Clyde shook his head.

"Samantha, live a little. I'll walk around the place and prove it to you that there's nothing here. Besides, this is much more interesting than the entire city. Maybe cops come here to fuck around on their breaks. Haunted, my ass." he said with a laugh and began to walk around the house as Samantha followed behind slowly, scared because she knew that they are where they shouldn't be. Clyde was always enjoying himself when he was doing something he wasn't supposed to and Samantha was never able to stop him. They came across the door which Clyde opened and saw that it led down into the dark basement. As he began to go down the stairs, Samantha whispered to him, trying to grab his arm. "Clyde, what are you doing?! Haven't you watched the fucking horror movies?!"

Clyde waved her off, laughing. "You're such a pussy, I swear."

As he went downstairs, with Samantha following halfway, Clyde stopped chuckling and looked at something in the dark. Samantha walked after him and looked ahead of them and saw what looked like a reversed pentagram on the wall and a few candles were lit inside skulls. A table was set in front of it and there were more goblets, but it didn't seem like they were filled with red wine. It was thicker.

"What the fuck, is this some sort of a cult?" he asked, frown forming on his face. Clyde scoped the room and his eyes widened seeing body parts in the corner, with flies walking over the scars and wounds. Samantha started hyperventilating and pulled Clyde by his arm.

"Please, let's get out of here." she panted and Clyde didn't fight her, knowing something was wrong here, just as the two turned towards the stairs, the door slammed shut with a dark figure in front of them. It was a man dressed in black and white suit, on his white shirt were obvious blood stains, while red irises glowed as he stared at them. They froze as the man lunged at Clyde. He prepared himself to fight, but monstrous teeth grew out of the violent man's gums and bit down on Clyde's throat. Young man wasn't able to scream in pain as blood splattered all over the floor and the sound of flesh being ripped from it's place filled the room. Samantha stood frozen near them, watching with terror written all over her face.

As his body fell down to the floor heavily and the terrible thing looked at Samantha when she began to scream, she ran towards the door, stumbling and heaving heavily. A pale man came out of the shadows the moment she opened the door in front of her, his hands reaching for her throat as he made an inhuman screech of twisted excitement, a hungry look on his face being the last thing the girl saw. Her screams ended abruptly, while the touring group heard nothing and continued with their tour.

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