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Andrew and Kevin, royal princes, suddenly have landed in a place very unlucky to them. Clash Royale Academy. Over the course of the year things begin to spice up and cross the line. Can Kevin and Andrew find out the cause of all this bad luck before it's too late, or is it a coincidence? Read this story of adventure and drama to find out!

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Chapter 1:The Grand Opening

It was a sunny day. Everyone in the Kingdom of Clash Royale was murmuring with excitement;today was the grand opening of the local school in the kingdom,and tomorrow was the first day of it. All the kids were so excited that they couldn’t stop jumping or dancing,while the parents were full of relief that their kids wouldn’t bother them all day. Plus it was a boarding school,so the parents would only be able to visit their kids on the weekends. Every parent was feeling this;except one. It was the king of the kingdom himself;Golden Knight. He was a champion and everyone respected him,but today he was the one who was under pressure. He had two kids;Prince Andrew Prince and Prince Kevin Knight. He knew that the school would help his children;but he wasn’t able to think of letting them go to a place for years,especially when it’s a boarding school.

He was disturbed by his thoughts as someone spoke. “Come on, my dear husband. We have to go to the grand opening.” It was Archer Queen, the queen of the kingdom. The same went for her; she was also a champion and she was also highly respected.

“Can’t we delay the opening for another month?” Golden Knight hesitated as he asked this to his wife.

“I know what you are thinking, husband. I will also highly miss our children, but if we don’t do this our kingdom shall be rated low because of schooling. Anyways, they will come over some weekends and for the holidays, of course.” Archer Queen replied with a half smile.

“I suppose,” the king said slowly.

As he walked down the hall, he kept a note in his head to spend as much time as possible with his sons today. They got in their limo and the skeleton in the front began driving. It seemed that the driver was part of the Bomber Family. The Golden Knight found the speed quite uncomfortable. He felt as if the slower they got there, the better.

“Go slower, please,” he told the driver politely.

“Sure, your majesty,” the driver said. The king breathed a sigh of relief.

Suddenly, the Archer Queen demanded angrily,”Where are our children?”

The driver frowned. “Um, I was informed that they were coming in a different limo. The royal advisor thought that they should start practicing being independent.” he told them scaredly.

The Golden Knight was outraged by this. “Why weren’t we informed????” he demanded angrily.

The driver was starting to shiver. “I-I was told not to let you know,” he replied.

“Then why did you listen to him?” the Archer Queen asked, starting to calm down a bit.

“Well, I actually agreed with him. The princes’ ages are 15 and 9. They are quite independent now.” The skeleton told them in a brave voice, as he noticed the Archer Queen’s face was going from a frown to a blank face.

“Well, would you rather listen to the royal advisor or GET FIRED????” the king asked, really angry. The skeleton continued to shiver.

“S-sir. Please blame the royal advisor. I merely agreed. The kids seemed to love the idea too, and I would never want to upset them.” He replied.

The king was blank at this. “The kids liked the idea?” he asked.

“Well, yes. They were talking nonsense about wanting freedom and stuff.” The skeleton driver replied.

“Oh, okay then. I guess we should let them this time.” The king murmured. The Archer Queen seemed to be confused for a moment, then her look changed to a satisfied smile. At the school, everyone cheered.

Some people chanted,”ALL HAIL THE KING AND QUEEN!!!” The king stepped out gracefully, and behind him the queen also stepped out in her own stylish way.

“Welcome to the grand opening of Clash Royale School! I bet your kids must be very excited to start having fun learning. This will be a great benefit to our kingdom, so please register your kids.”

Some of the parents pretended to seem unconvinced.

The king blurted out,”My sons are coming to the school too.” The kids cheered.

Some even exclaimed,”We’re going to be friends with the princes!”

The queen asked,”Any questions?” A lot of hands went up.

“The knight in the red shirt,” the king decided.

“Where are your sons anyways?” the man asked.

“Oh um-” the king started.

Suddenly, another limo pulled up next to theirs.

“That should be them,” the queen finished. The royal advisor stepped out. He bowed, then opened the backdoor. Two handsome boys stepped out. Andrew had brown hair and Kevin had blonde hair. Andrew had a helmet, a blue baton,and a pink ponytail on his helmet. Kevin was wearing a lot of metal and steel armor, and had a golden sword. Both boys bowed. Their father felt happy to be in their presence, and made a gesture for them to start speaking.

Andrew announced,”Hello, everyone. I’m Prince Andrew. My parents think this school is such a good school that even me and my little brother are going now! The school looks fabulous!” He flicked his ponytail, and decided to let his little brother Kevin speak.

“Hi! I-I am very excited to attend this school! It’s the best place ever!” he exclaimed.

Everyone murmured,”Aww,”

Kevin whispered,”I’m literally 9…”

“I don’t know why you’re so bad at speaking little bro, but at least I have a charm,” Andrew told him with a flick of his ponytail.

“For the last time, I’m not little!” Kevin exclaimed with a frown. “Oh, sorry…” Andrew said sarcastically. Their parents answered some more questions, which took about an hour.

“Ok kids, let’s go,” the king ordered the princes.

“Wait, what about our private limo?” Andrew asked.

“We’re taking you both home,” The Archer Queen replied firmly.

“Aw man!! Please, mom!” Andrew begged.

“Just come on kids. We have to spend some time together, since tomorrow is the first day of school.” the king stated.

Andrew and Kevin reluctantly piled into the car.

“Where is our driver?” Kevin demanded. “Well, I told him he can have the rest of the day off. We should have some family time.” Andrew and Kevin groaned. Then they drove off, back to the palace to spend some time together.

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