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Can you really hate someone without loving them? Emma Sommer lives her life fully. Coming from a dark past, she doesn’t take anything for granted. She even questions the love people have for her. When a bad boy, with deep blue eyes, who has won her hate, wants to win her heart. How will that end up? Will she fall easily? Or fight hard against what her heart wants?

Romance No para niños menores de 13.

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A year from now…

   I woke up with a start. Looked around trying to figure out why I wasn't still sleeping. Checking my phone, I could only read that it was too early for me to be awake. I laid back down; to see if could gain two more hour of sleep. Before I could totally doze off, something have already woken me up, again. I sat still on my bed for a while, trying to hear what this time was messing around with my beauty sleep. Faint “clacks” were coming from my window. Lucy was still asleep, being unaware of the sound. I lumbered to the window, to spot what was creating such annoying noise. Once I moved aside the curtains, I couldn't believe what my eyes were seeing.

   He was standing right outside the building. For whatever reason, he was bending down, as if he was searching for something. When he straightened up and saw me staring down at him, a huge grin spread across his face reaching his beautiful blue eyes.

   Before I knew it, I was outside my dorm room, running down the stairs, out the front door, and inside the arms, I had longed for a long time, the ones that were my home.

   “What are you doing here?” I asked, once we were sitting on the steps by the door.

   “I was just around the neighborhood and thought of stopping by” he smiled.

   I laughed at his reply. Not only have he driven almost for 4 hours to get here, but I knew he was in the middle of football season, not something he could afford to miss.

   For a solid ten minutes, we just sat there and stared at the night, wrapped in each other’s arms. When I looked up at him, he was already staring down at me.

   “I wouldn't miss today's day for anything. Happy…” he couldn't finished as my lips meet his.

   I couldn't believe it. He had come all the way up to here. I kissed him without restrainment. We have been apart for too much time, we were alone and it was a special day, fuck everyone.

   He wasn't complaining though. He kissed me as if I was air, and he hadn't breath for days. He placed me on his lap, and wrapped his arms around my waist, never separating his lips from mine. After a few minutes, I break up the kiss, in need of air.

   “I missed you so much” he crooned.

   “I missed you more” I grinned, as I peck his lips.

   “Happy anniversary, Emma” he replied, before bending down and kissing me on the lips, once again.

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