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A heartbroken god/king Thor finds comfort in his brother, Loki. The god of mischief is always happy to receive attention, but, will he be able to resist temptations?

Fanfiction Películas Sólo para mayores de 18.

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Loki was laying on his bed, looking at the gold decorated cellar of his private chambers. As usual, he found himself lost in his thoughts. He always used to think a lot about everything, but there was something special darkening his thoughts for quite a long time now. Before he was allowed by his brother to come back to Asgard, he had an encounter with the goddess of destruction, Sigyn. Naturally, his first intentions were to form an alliance with her. Just imagine the chaos they could create in the whole Nine Realms. She was very happy to collaborate with him: anything that involved destruction, of course, thrilled her. However, Thor had appeared, trying to convince him to do what was right, as always. This time he had succeeded, though. Loki had betrayed Sigyn, which was nothing new to anyone, but the goddess was furious. She had cornered Loki in the darkness, before he had returned to Asgard. Loki remembered her every spiteful word before disappearing.

I am going to take everything that’s yours, everything that you love, and once I have it all, I will destroy every single part of it.

Loki grunted, angry at his own brain for ever thinking about that. It had been true that at some point in his life, he hadn’t loved anything or anyone, but that was not his reality at the time. He had let his guard down, he had permitted himself to feel, to acknowledge those feelings, and that bitch of a goddess knew everything. And of course, she had succeeded in her plan.

She had presented herself in Asgard, in front of his brother, with a slightly different appearance than that of their last encounter. However, Loki recognised her immediately. It was too late, nonetheless, when he finally had been able to see her. Sigyn had already used her magic on Thor, putting a love charm on him. That specifical charm was difficult to understand or recognize for Loki, but after some weeks, he had been able to do it. Of course, as a sorcerer himself, Loki could easily erase that charm, but he needed Thor alone, away from Sigyn. And that specifical part was an impossible mission.

It had been months since Sigyn had done her magic, and she and Thor never distanced themselves. It was really disgusting. Loki couldn’t help, being a trickster himself, but admire Sigyn. She seemed so ever in love with his brother as Thor was with her. However, he knew it was all a façade. Everytime Thor wasn’t looking, she would smile smugly at Loki. They both knew that Thor falling for her was just part of her vengeance.

Loki would never admit it out loud, but he loved Thor more than anyone. All the tricks he had pulled, everything he had planned, every dream he wanted to fulfill, all of that were because of Thor. He had never done anything for Odin, even when he said the contrary. All of it was for Thor. Loki had always wanted to be Thor’s equal. They had different gifts, that was more than evident, but he didn’t want to be seen as that feeble boy who Thor always needed to protect and rescue. That was the reason he has developed himself into a great sorcerer, god, charmer, and prince. Thor was all of his reasons.

Naturally, that was his best kept secret. No one knew about it, and he preferred it that way. However, Sigyn was a whole other matter to handle. Not only did she know everything he wouldn’t even dare to think about, but she wanted to destroy it as well. It was only natural that she had started with his brother.

Loki got up and got out of his chambers, decided to find his brother and try to put an end to all this nonsense. This wasn’t the first time he had tried, but he needed to keep on, making an effort, just like his brother had done for him all those times in the past. After all, Thor hadn’t given up on him. Why would he do it now?

He found his brother sitting on his throne, and, of course, Sigyn was with him, sitting on his lap. She was wearing a short black dress, with her black wavy hair loose. They were looking at each other’s eyes, laughing idly, without noticing anybody or anything round them. It was awkwardly repulsing.

“Brother, do you think we can talk in private?” Loki interrupted them, holding his breath and his breakfast inside of his stomach.

“Why is that, brother? You don’t trust my fiance?” asked Thor without looking at him, completely in love with Sigyn. Again, repulsive.

“Goldie, we didn’t tell your brother that we are engaged.”

What kind of nickname for the God of Thunder and King of Asgard is ‘Goldie’? thought Loki, but he continued with his façade to be ‘friendly’. Sigyn then looked directly at him, her black eyes shining with mischief. A sign he recognised easily.

“Aren’t you happy for us, brother-in-law?” she asked him, being completely condescending. Loki coughed, not surprised by the news, but annoyed that Sigyn called him like that. And Thor laughed.

“Of course I am, my lady. Congratulations.” Loki knew that there was no point in discussing with Sigyn. “Brother, if you spare me a minute…” he continued with his calm voice. He wasn’t going to show Sigyn how much all of this affected him. Luckily, that was a trick he had learned a long time ago to pull.

“Anything you need to say, you can do it here.” Thor's answer was the same from months ago. Loki, being the trickster he was, did not show his deception.

“You see, it is quite a private matter.” he pressured a little bit more, but luck was not on his side.

He left the throne room, defeated once again. However, while he was walking back to his chambers an idea came to his mind. He needed to change tactics. He was trying the same strategy for months now, and it wasn’t working. Why hadn’t he thought of that before? All these months without doing any mischief were clearly affecting him. Of course, that wasn’t his decision. Thor had taken him back to Asgard, but he had imposed upon him two rules he literally couldn’t break: he wasn’t able to lie to Thor, and he couldn’t make others suffer with his mischief. Thor had worked his kingly magic on him, and even he, being the best sorcerer there was, wasn’t able to break those rules.

Nonetheless, at that moment, he had to use his mischief. Thor’s safety was in danger, and he would do anything for his brother. He had to plan every little detail thoroughly, since he would only have one chance at succeeding. There wasn’t a lot of time to think, but he could spare a night.


Loki waited behind a column in the throne’s room quite a long time. He needed to make his entrance at the perfect timing, or else his plan would fail. He wasn’t very patient, but in this case, patience was key. So, he waited. And waited. And waited.

Finally, after what seemed an eternity, Sigyn left the room in order to change her clothes. She knew that Loki was there, but it seemed like she didn’t find him worthy of worrying. Many had made that mistake before, but he wasn't going to complain. If she wanted to make things easier for him, then so be it. He waited some minutes before putting a charm on himself to look exactly like Sigyn, and entered the throne’s room. Thor’s blue eyes shone when seeing him...or her, approaching him. His brother was surrounded by soldiers, but he ordered them to go away, while Loki waited with a smile on his face at the bottom of the stairs from the throne. They were left alone almost immediately.

“Why are you so away, my love? Come here.” Thor offered his hand, and Loki took it, trying not to show his surprise when his brother pulled him to sit right on his lap. Of course, as he was disguised as Sigyn, his brother would think of him as his fiance.

The things that I do for this big oaf...thought Loki while hugging his brother with one arm round his broad shoulders. He had seen before that that was one of Sigyn’s postures while sitting on his brother. Thor put his arm round his waist.

“Why are you so cold? You should greet me properly…”said Thor leaning towards Loki’s (Sigyn) lips.

Loki hadn't thought that he would have to go that far, but it was too late now. It would be weird if Sigyn rejected him out of nowhere, and Loki hadn’t had the chance of taking the charm away yet. So he returned Thor’s kiss when he joined their lips passionately. He didn’t even shiver when Thor’s aggressive tongue parted his lips and joined his in a battle for dominance. Thor grabbed his hair and he did the same with the blond’s long, silky hair. Thor’s stubble sent a jolt down his spine.

Loki had had his fair share of male lovers, as everybody knew he was fond of both male and females. However, none of his male lovers were as passionate, aggressive, surprisingly soft, gentle and such a good kisser as Thor. If he could kiss like that, he wondered how he would do...other things. That was the perfect timing to undo the charm, but Loki couldn’t bring himself to concentrate enough to do it for the love of him.

“Well, brother, this is the warmest greeting you have ever given me.” whispered Thor, smiling humorously. Loki was lost for a minute, but then he realised he had changed back to his own body. Thor laughed then, but didn’t let him get out of his firm grip. “Loki, you can’t lie to me. That involves your charms and changing.” only then would he let Loki go. The god of mischief stood next to Thor, panting.

“If you knew from the very beginning, why did you kiss me?” a stupid blush covered his pale cheeks, which embarrassed him more than the kiss itself.

“I wanted to know how far you were prepared to go, and you surprised me, as usual.” Thor answered him with a cocky smile. “I also wanted to apologise. You had wanted to talk to me for months and I haven’t made the time. I’m sorry. But, we are alone, now, brother. Tell me what is troubling you.” the answer was more difficult to explain than to show, but in fact, he needed to do both.

“I have to do something first.” Loki gulped, anticipating that the answer to his following question could change their entire world. “Do you trust me, Thor?” it was weird for him to call him ‘brother’ after the kiss they had shared, and what he was feeling deep inside because of it. It was true that he had asked that question a lot of times before, only to stab him afterwards. That was the reason why Thor lifted an eyebrow at him. He showed him his hands, to let him know there was no stabbing this time. The blond laughed.

“Of course I trust you, brother. Why wouldn’t I?” Loki released the air he didn’t know he was holding. He was really relieved to hear that. He would never admit it out loud, but he was afraid that all these years of being here in Asgard was just a way for Thor to ensure he wasn’t doing anything or anyone any wrong.

Before Loki could tell Thor all about Sigyn’s plan, he had to undo the love charm or else the god wouldn’t believe him. So he focused on Thor’s blue like lightning eyes, trying to forget everything about the kiss. The god of thunder seemed suspicious when he saw Loki charge his power in one of his hands, but he really trusted his brother.

Loki had to use a lot of his power to remove Thor’s love charm; Sigyn really wanted this charm to last. Once he had removed the charm, he proceeded to tell Thor everything that had happened since the very beginning.


“I don’t understand. Why would Sigyn put a love charm on me if she wanted to destroy everything?” asked Thor while changing his normal clothes for his armour. Loki sighed, purposely ignoring the other god’s sculptured body. He didn’t know when he started to notice so much about Thor, but kissing him definitely didn’t help matters.

“If you think that she would just come after me and destroy everything, then you are too naïve, Thor.” answered Loki, crossing his legs on the couch he was sitting on. He had already put on his armour, but of course, his was much lighter. And being able to just make it appear out of nowhere was a lot of help. It was true that Thor was able to do the same, but he tended not to do it lately. “She wants me to feel betrayed, as I had betrayed her. It seems she didn’t do her research work on me very well.” the last sentence was whispered, but Thor heard it all the same.

“Brother, are you still upset because of Father…?” Thor walked to him, wearing only his trousers, with pity on his face. Loki gulped down, more because of their position than what they were discussing. To make matters worse, Thor put a hand on his shoulder, bringing them even closer.

“Thor, you need to hurry. Sigyn probably already knows that I have undone her magic on you, and we need to take her out of here and as far from Asgard as possible.” the other god then smiled broadly, tightening his grip on Loki’s shoulder. Loki then inhaled deeply, before looking at Thor’s blue eyes. “Yes, I know. Now, hurry and then you can torment me for the hundreds of years we have ahead of us for what I just said.” Thor laughed, but that only made it worse for Loki, as the other god inclined his back, making his hips go closer to Loki’s face.

Luckily for him, the god of thunder remembered what they had to do, and even if it was absolutely necessary, he didn’t feel good about it. So, he stopped laughing and finished dressing up. Loki sensed Thor’s change of mood, but he didn’t ask anything. After all, the worst was yet to come.


The farthest they were able to go before Sigyn found them was a desolated forest, but it was quite far from the city itself, so it would have to suffice. At the beginning, Sigyn tried to charm Thor once again, but Loki wouldn’t have it. So, the battle of sorcerers started, with Loki winning most of the strikes. However, even if he was able to reach her more with his magic, Sigyn was slightly more powerful than him. So, even if her strikes were few, they caused more damage.

“Enough!” screamed Sigyn, sending Loki backwards flying, ending with a thud on the ground. Thor was right there next to him immediately. Loki coughed and grunted because of the blow. Thor picked him up so he could stand on his feet.

At that moment, Sigyn morphed into her true form, the one that Loki had seen when he first met her. She was a giant, much bigger than Thor and Loki combined, and had four tentacles besides her two hands. Her hair was bright red, as if it was made of fire, and her eyes were completely black.

Loki knew the exact moment when she started to create a ball of fire to throw at them, so he stood in front of Thor, trying to protect him. That wasn’t something he would usually do, but he was acting very protective of the other god since this was his fault only. However, when the big ball of fire was about to hit them, Thor used Mjollnir to alter the course of the ball.

“About damn time.” Loki gasped for air while reprimanding Thor, who up to that moment, was petrified.

Loki knew that Thor was the only one with enough power to kill Sigyn, but at the same time, the god of thunder was still so confused about everything that he was not his usual self. The god of mischief had no other option than to try to weaken Sigyn the best he could. So he started to gather all of his power, which sent him on the air, focusing on Sigyn and the hatred she produced on him. He directed all of his power on a big, green ball and sent it directly towards Sigyn. It hitted right on her chest, causing her to scream in pain. Loki had created a big hole on Sigyn’s body, and he smiled triumphantly before falling from the sky to the ground, leaving a hole with his shape on it. Unluckily, Sigyn regenerated her body, laughing.

“I was going to have more fun seeing you suffer, Loki. But, since you want it like this, you leave me with no other option.”

After stating that, Sigyn threw him a piece of her power, leaving Loki lifeless on the ground.


Loki woke up inhaling a sharp breath. His body hurted like never before, and he had to blink a few times to adjust to his surroundings. He realised that he was laying on Thor’s bed, in his private chambers. Quickly he understood everything that had happened, but there was something he needed to know urgently.

“Loki, you’re alive.” said Thor, sitting right next to him on the bed. He was clearly relieved. “I was hoping you would come to life again, but I couldn’t be sure that you were going to do it or if you were able to.” Thor cupped his cheek tenderly, smiling affectionately at him.

“Sigyn…?” asked Loki weakly, coughing, since his throat felt dry. Thor’s face saddened for an instant.

“I killed her, Loki. Right after she killed you. I’m sorry that I let her go that far, brother.” he seemed sorrowful, which made Loki hurt on the inside. Something he didn’t understand.

“I’m sorry I let her get so close to you.” that apology was something even he couldn’t have anticipated. “My body hurts like you smashed Mjollnir thousands of times over me. I don’t know if I will be able to pull it next time.” he said to lighten the mood. It worked: Thor smiled broadly, caressing his cheek once more.

“There won’t be a next time, I promise.” Thor kissed his temple lightly, like he used to do when they were kids. “Do you need something? I was never with you when you came back to life all those times, so I don’t really know how it is for you.” Loki couldn’t handle all that tenderness from Thor, so he quickly disappeared from the bed and appeared back on his feet.

“I just need to check everything is in order.” he said while checking every part of his body. “Well, it seems that everything is where it used to be. Now, if you excuse me, I need some rest. You know, being a hero is tiresome.” Loki grabbed his long, black hair and threw it behind his shoulder. Thor laughed but the sound died quickly. His brow furrowed.

“Brother, would you sleep here with me tonight?” the god of thunder asked, hope shining on his blue eyes. Loki was astonished, but he was able to hide it behind his typical poker face.

“Why? What are you saying?” Loki asked him, crossing his arms on his chest. Thor sat upright on his bed, looking quite ashamed.

“I know you said that Sigyn put a love charm on me, but my feelings were true. And now it hurts a lot, because I was the one who killed her. I know it had to be done, but…” he was on the verge of crying, and Loki wasn’t used to feelings. He didn’t know how to handle them. There was a time in which he would have laughed at Thor’s face, but at that time, he wanted to comfort him. He didn’t know why, but, once again, he didn’t understand feelings: his or other’s.

“I’m not comfortable sleeping in the same place in which she did, Thor.” Loki successfully avoided the other god’s initial question.

“She didn’t sleep here, brother. She used to do it there, behind that wall; there is another chamber.'' that statement surprised Loki. Not because Thor had secret doors: the whole palace had secret doors, but that he hadn’t slept with Sigyn all this time. “I just need some company tonight, I guess…”

“Fine, I’ll stay here tonight. But we need to check up on that chamber tomorrow, in case she hid something in there.” Thor's face lit up.

Quickly, Loki changed into more comfortable clothes, sat down on the bed next to his king, and conjured a bottomless jar of wine with two wine glasses. Thor yanked away his shirt, staying only with his trousers on, and started drinking. Loki already knew that the wine was mainly for Thor, so he slowly drank from the only cup of wine he would drink that night, watching the blond beside him gulp down every cup faster than the one before.

Hours after they had started drinking, Thor had passed out from the alcohol. Loki’s plan was to leave Thor’s chambers once he had passed out, but by that time, Loki was too tired himself to move. To make matters worse, Thor in his resounding sleep hugged him, passing a big and muscular arm above his body.

You have to be joking...thought Loki, because at that moment he couldn’t move. Thor was obviously stronger than him, so the only way to leave was to use magic, and he was too tired to do it. Besides, he had already used too much of his magic to resurrect. At least, that was what he told himself while he got comfortable enough against Thor’s body to sleep.

Loki woke up when the sun entered through the big arcs and windows. He was calm for a second, before he realised that he was the one hugging Thor. In their sleep, they had switched places, and not only was he hugging Thor with one of his arms across his muscular chest, but he had put a leg over his as well. The other god had one of his hands gripping Loki's black curly hair, and his lips were on Loki’s forehead. The god of mischief couldn’t be more ashamed, and his pale cheeks were bright red. He tried to get out of that embrace, but Thor’s grip became even firmer.

“Don’t. Let’s stay like this a little bit more.'' pleaded Thor in a whisper. There was no point on fighting his physical force.

“You know who I am, don’t you?” asked Loki, afraid that the other god might be confusing him with...her.

“Yes, Loki. I’m quite aware of your body shape. Now, would you please shut up and let me enjoy this moment of peace where my feelings don’t disturb me?” Loki looked up at Thor’s face, who was with his eyes closed. Loki took the chance to admire his features. He was definitely handsome.

He might have been gazing at him too much, since Thor was staring back at him when it was too late to hide. They stared at each other, and Loki lost track of time. What he wasn’t able to lose was his erection, he couldn’t hide it either. And he couldn’t take away his gaze from Thor’s. Blue to green.

Thor kissed him then, passionate and aggressive but soft at the same time. Loki kept his eyes open a little while longer, just to make sure that this wasn’t a fantasy, and that Thor really knew who he was kissing. But he wasn’t made of steel, and soon he gave in into the kiss. This time, when Thor’s tongue parted his lips, he met him halfway. They started a battle of dominance over each other’s mouths, but they knew who was going to win from the beginning.

Thor moved his big body, putting one of his tights right next to Loki’s hard member, making the green-eyed god moan. Thor took advantage of his strength to pin Loki down to the mattress. They were both panting, needing air when they separated their lips. Thor kissed Loki’s neck, leaving marks there that would take days to go away. Of course, Loki could glamour it, but both of them would know they were there.

Suddenly, Loki, favoured by Thor’s distraction, flipped them around, so he was on top. He grinned mischievously, something very characteristic of him.

“Who told you you were in charge here?” he asked rhetorically.

He attacked Thor’s lips with passion, while he caressed the other man’s upper body, especially his scars, all of them a reminder of the battles he had fought. Loki noticed that the other god was also excited, his full length completely erect and hard against his thigh. The god of thunder moved his hips, trying to get some friction where he needed it the most, but the more he tried, the more Loki got away. At the end, Thor was left alone in his bed, panting, confused, looking for the other god everywhere. The god of mischief was very good at hiding his own need for air, and also, how bad he was feeling at that moment.

“I can’t do this.” stated Loki with a much calmer voice than he was feeling. But he was a trickster: that was his speciality.

“Loki, why? I know you wanted this as much as I do…” said Thor sitting straight on his bed. The look on his face told everything that Loki needed to know.

“I do, Thor. And that’s the problem. I didn’t know how bad I wanted it until today. And as I told you, I can’t do it.” he wasn’t making any sense, he knew it, but his head was a disaster too.

“But, why!? I don’t understand.” Thor was desperate.

“Because since you dragged me back here I’ve changed. I’m trying to be a better person. I’m trying to be…” worthy of your affection, thought Loki, but it was impossible that he would say that out loud. “...better. Just better. And I can’t have sex with you while you are heartbroken for Singy.” Thor stood up.

“You said that she put a charm on me.”

“She did. But your feelings were and are true. The charm only made you think irrationally, like marrying her after a few months. But the charm can’t interfere with your feelings. Magic can’t interfere with feelings, period. So, yeah, that is true. And I can’t do this. Not with you, Thor.”


Months had passed since the last time they spoke that morning in Thor’s chambers. In fact, the last time they spoke. While Thor had returned to his kingly affairs and intensive training, Loki isolated himself in his chambers or in the library. He was excellent at pretending he was reading an infinite number of books, when his thoughts wouldn’t let him even sleep in peace. He knew that he had done the right thing, but, damn, the right thing was difficult to maintain.

He had had an immense amount of time to think everything through, and had discovered that all the hatred he had once felt for Thor was actually love. He was so jealous of that Midgardian woman that he tried to end her...and her entire world. He wasn’t able to see it, but even while his actions were questionable, his intentions were clear: he wanted Thor to be his, and only his. True, that was also questionable.

Now, he just wanted Thor to be happy. Be it with him or with someone else. Loki had found in his heart the purest love form, and it sucked. Well, it sucked in the situation he was in. He couldn’t stand to be near Thor. He would remember everything, every little detail that had happened that morning, and even if the outcome would have been the same, he would like to change some of the things he said. Or at least, the way he had said them. It was true that he was known to be silver tongued, but he wasn’t that morning.

Loki was tired. Exhausted. All he needed was a little rest from his mind and his heart aching. He had learnt what feelings were, and he didn’t like them one bit. Exasperated as he was, he found himself walking determined towards the throne room. He wasn’t looking forward to the conversation that followed, but it has to be done. One of them had to take a step back.

“I wish to speak with my brother privately.” he said once he had reached the stairs at the bottom of the throne. Thor watched him, no particular emotion on his face, but there was a storm in his blue eyes. They never ceased to look at each other intensely in the eyes while they were waiting for everybody to leave the room.

“What do you need, brother?” asked Thor once everybody had left. The sarcasm he used on the last word of his question wasn’t usual on him, but, damn, it suited him. In fact, Loki had to look down in order to start thinking clearly once again.

“Not your brother.” he said before looking up at Thor’s eyes again. “I wish to leave Asgard.” he said determinedly, even when there was no determination in his mind.

“What? For how long?” asked Thor suddenly standing, becoming agitated.

“Forever. Or until I die. Whichever comes first.” he needed this conversation to be light, or else he feared he wouldn't be able to stand it.

"What are you saying? You can't leave." said Thor desperate, grabbing him by the shoulders. Electricity ran through Loki's spine, and it had nothing to do with Thor's thunder gift.

"I think I can. At least, if I'm not your prisoner." he knew that Thor needed a more detailed explanation from him, so he continued after sighing. "It's clear that we can't be in the same space anymore. You're the king, so I'm leaving." Thor looked at him directly in the eyes. Loki thought he saw a little bit of lightning in the god's blue eyes, but he wasn't completely sure.

"You can't leave." Thor stated once again, and before Loki could say another word, he felt the oh so tiring handcuffs on his wrists. Loki looked at Thor's eyes confused.

"What are you doing? Am I really your prisoner?" he asked incredulously. Thor just looked at him.

"Come with me." the god of thunder said firmly, taking him by the cuffs, like he has done plenty of times in the past.

"Do I have a choice?" Loki asked rhetorically.

Thor walked quickly in the different secret passages of the palace, until they reached his private chambers. Loki thought that he was going to be released of those annoying handcuffs now that they were in Thor's chambers, but he was wrong. In fact, Thor pushed him into the bed and pressed a hidden button on the cuffs, which automatically got stuck to the wall.

Loki couldn't believe that he was not only handcuffed, but attached to the wall as well. At least his body was resting on the bed, but that was not the case. He looked at the other god, who was now pacing in front of him.

"Why do you think you are here in Asgard? Why do you think that I have insisted so much on you staying here?" asked Thor in a yell. Loki, for once, didn't know what to say. "I need you here, brother!" again using that stupid word.

"Not your brother." Loki said calmly. At least he pretended to be calm, because he had no idea of what was going on with Thor.

"Really? Really Loki? Last time you were here you…" he couldn't even finish the sentence because of the anger he was feeling.

"The last time I was here we kissed and almost had sex. So, yeah, not your brother." Thor looked at him as if he wanted to throw Mjollnir at him time and time again. "I don't understand your reaction. We don't even talk to each other anymore. Why do you want me here? Besides, can you take these off me?" again, Thor was so angry he was shaking.

"It's not me who refused! I wanted to have sex with you that morning. And I still want it. But you told me you couldn't do it with me, so I'm trying to respect your wishes. That's why I have been distant. But I need you. Please, at least, be my brother." that affirmation changed Loki's entire world. But he knew that Thor was in a state of anger, so he couldn't believe completely in what he was saying.

"I'm not your brother. I never was, never going to be. Face it. Why do you want me here anyway? Are you going to make me king?" he smirked and Thor looked hurt.

"So all of this just were trying to get to the throne? As you always have?" asked Thor, heartbroken. This time, it was Loki's turn to get angry.

"No, you big damn moron! All this time I have been loving you, you fool! And I can't stand the distance between us anymore, so I need to escape! Are you really that dumb?" Thor just looked at him, like he couldn't believe what he had heard. "Are you going to let me go now?" asked Loki, tired. He just wanted to finish this once and for all.

Thor walked towards him, looking at his eyes all the time. He put his knee on the middle of Loki's legs, almost touching his groin. He cupped the green-eyed god's cheeks with both his hands, which were calloused from all the fights he had fought. The god of thunder then kissed him softly on the lips. Loki was so surprised he didn't close his eyes at the beginning. But when Thor kept on kissing him, slowly, gently, lovingly, Loki didn't have any other choice than to return the kiss.

Thor's hands wandered on his body, caressing him over his black shirt. Loki would have liked to do the same, but he was still handcuffed to the wall. He groaned against his lover's lips.

"I want you to be my partner." Thor said once they had broken their kiss. However, his forehead was touching Loki's.

"Okay." that was all that Loki managed to say, because he was lost in Thor's blue eyes.

"I don't want you to ever leave my side, Loki. You're too important to me. I love you." Thor whispered, leaving little soft kisses all round Loki's face.

"I know." he did, in fact. But he didn't want to pressure Thor into anything. The god of thunder smiled.

They kissed again, only this time, the kiss was full of passion. Thor pressed his knee farther up, making Loki moan. At the same time, their tongues entangled together. Their need for each other grew every passing moment, as well as Loki's frustration because he couldn't use his hands like Thor was doing.

"Is there something troubling you?" asked Thor with a goofy smile on his face. He then started to leave wet kisses on Loki's neck, leaving marks.

"You know...damn well." replied Loki, trying to catch his breath. "I want to touch you." he whimpered. The sound was so unlike him that it was weird.

"And you will, my sweet king. But you'll have to be patient." at least two things were wrong in those sentences: Loki wasn't a king, and he didn't have patience. And, was he sweet?

Loki wasn't able to verbalise this, since Thor crashed their lips together once again. He grabbed Loki's black curly hair, pulling a little, making Loki gasp. The blue-eyed god kissed Loki's neck again, but as that shirt was on his way, he used his strength to tear it into pieces that he then threw off to the ground. He then started to leave a trail of wet kisses down Loki's torso until he reached the waistband of his black trousers. He looked up at Loki from his position, who was panting and trying to get rid off the handcuffs, without success, of course. He smiled, and then sent a little bit of lightning through Loki’s body.

“Did you just send lightning through me?” asked Loki, surprised, in between his hard breathings.

“I did.” replied Thor, smiling mischievously. That smile sent jolts down through Loki’s back. “And I will do so many things to you, Loki. You won’t even remember there was a time when I wasn’t with you.” he whispered in Loki’s ear, while tearing apart the rest of the green-eyed god’s clothes.

“Have you ever had sex with a man?” asked Loki curiously.

“No. And I know you have, but I promise that I will be your last and best.” Loki had always envied Thor’s confidence, but at that time, it was definitely a turn-on. Loki smiled mischievously.

“Oh, by all means, be my guest.” challenged the god of mischief.

Thor was never known to be taken aback by a challenge, so he made up his mind that he was going to drive the other god crazy. Loki knew exactly what he was doing, and even though he was frustrated because of the handcuffs, he was also thrilled to see where this was going. Thor never left his eyes while he started to swallow his length. Loki moaned, feeling that warm mouth on his aching member was sublime. After a couple of tries, Thor avoided his gag reflex and gave Loki what he really wanted. Loki didn’t want to make things difficult for Thor, since this was his first time and all, but he couldn’t resist the urge to move his hips upwards, needing more of that wonderful mouth. He wanted more, but at the same time, he didn’t want to cum just yet.

“Thor...stop…” asked Loki trying very hard to breathe in between moans. The god of thunder looked at him, but didn’t cease his movements. “I’m going to…”

Before he could finish his sentence, Thor grabbed the base of his member and sucked harder than before, making him cum hard and fast, mumbling incoherences mixed with Thor’s name. Loki was a wobbling mess, but since he was still handcuffed to the wall, he couldn’t move, even when his legs were still shaking. Thor swallowed every drop that came out of him, and that was a great image to fill in his fantasies. Maybe he wouldn’t need his fantasies so often now.

“Take these things off me!” pleaded Loki once he was recovered. Thor kneeled again in front of him, smiling, full of himself.

“Why? Do you have something to do?” Thor smirked, which was so unusual on him as sexy.

“Two things, in fact. First, I need to stab you because you used these on me. Then, once I have healed you, I have to take off your clothes. You are wearing too much clothing for my liking.” Thor laughed and then stood up in order to remove the black zipped leather shirt he was wearing.

“Is this better for you, my king?” Thor asked ironically. Loki admired his sculpted body...or upper body, for the matter.

“I’m not a king, but it’s getting better. Go on.” demanded the god of mischief. Thor crossed his arms on his chest, which made his bulky biceps more noticeable. Loki had had an obsession with Thor’s biceps for a long time now.

“You are my king. And, if I were to be partners with a woman, she would be my queen, so it’s only natural that you’d be my king.” Loki couldn’t believe what he just heard, but he didn’t have the time to process it since Thor started to remove the rest of his clothes. He was able to admire the other god’s whole perfection, and he would have thought that he was dreaming if it weren’t for the stupid handcuffs.

“Come here. Right now.” he commanded with a raspy voice. Thor laughed, but did as he was told. “And now, take these damn things off me.”

Loki thought that he wasn’t going to be released, as he had asked so many times before, but he was wrong. With a simple move of his hand, Thor had set him free and threw off the cuffs to the floor. He really wanted to stab the god of thunder just for making him use those annoying little bitches when it was so easy to take them off, but he had other plans in mind. He grabbed a bunch of the other god’s blond hair, bit his neck leaving a big purple mark there, while with his other hand scratched Thor’s back, who grunted but didn’t complain.

Loki then moved on the bed, until he was fully laying on it, with Thor on top of him. Without letting go of the blond’s hair, he kissed the other god with passion and aggression. He used his free hand to trail down Thor’s torso, his muscular chest and sculptured abdominals, until he reached his fully hard and throbbing erection. His own member was hard again, even though he had cummed a few minutes earlier. He took both of them in his hand, and started to stroke both of them at the same time, causing friction between them. They both moaned in each other’s mouths. Loki then grabbed Thor’s lower lip with his teeth, biting him hard until blood came out. It was awkwardly delicious.

“It’s not that I’m not enjoying this, but I’m going to finish soon if you go on, Loki…” said Thor in between hard breathings and moanings. Loki ceased the movements of his hand and set free both of their members.

“Then you need to hurry up and start to prep me.” after that, Loki said a few whispered words and immediately there was lubricant inside him and on Thor’s fingers.

“Do I want to know who you learnt that trick for?” asked Thor through gritted teeth while teasing Loki’s entrance.

“You. Even if physically you weren’t there, in my mind you always were.” answered Loki panting. Thor looked for the tell-tale sign of lying on Loki’s eyes, but was pleased to find only lust and love on those beautiful green sparkling eyes.

“My sweet talker, you always know perfectly how to please me.”

Thor didn’t give Loki the chance of replying, since he finally pushed his middle finger inside Loki’s lubricated ass. The black haired god moaned, closing his eyes and throwing his head back, exposing his neck to the blond, who took the opportunity to kiss and mark that pale, beautifully sprinkled skin. He kept moving his finger until Loki let him know that he was ready for more, so he inserted another digit and started scissoring him.

Loki was going crazy, panting and moaning, almost fucking himself on Thor’s fingers. The god of thunder then used his gift in order to send a little bit of lightning right from his fingers to Loki’s prostate, making the latter scream with pleasure. Loki was surprised, but he wanted more. And that’s what he was given. When he felt he was going to lose his head just for pleasure, he grabbed Thor’s arm in order to stop his movements. The blond stopped immediately, fearing that maybe he had gone too far.

“I need you...inside me.” said Loki, panting. Thor smiled broadly.

Loki couldn’t help but whimper when Thor took out his fingers. At the same time, he knew that the best was yet to come. The blond positioned himself between Loki’s legs, and the god of mischief grabbed his legs and took them to his chest, in order to give Thor the best access he could have. They locked their gazes and never ceased to look at each other while Thor entered Loki slowly. The black haired god moaned, but forced himself to keep his eyes open. Thor gave him some time to adapt once he was fully inside. He kissed Loki sweetly on the lips, and the latter grabbed both his ass cheeks to make him move. He started a slow rhythm, going outside and inside. Loki felt desperate, needing more of...everything, to be honest.

“I’m not going to break, Thor. I want you to fuck me hard.” he pleaded, grabbing the blond’s hair.

“With pleasure.” answered Thor, smiling.

He retreated, leaving only the tip of his cock inside of Loki’s ass, and then entered him again, this time with full force. Loki screamed with pleasure again, putting his hand on Thor’s broad and muscular upper back. Every thrust, he would scratch a little more. Thor then used his gift again, and this time, not only did his cock slam against Loki’s prostate, but lightning as well. This drove Loki crazy, and he felt blood on his fingers from Thor’s back.

“You’re so tight, Loki… I want to live eternally buried inside you…” whispered Thor in Loki’s ear, increasing his pace and his lightning jolts.

“Say my name.” commanded Loki with a raspy voice from all the moanings that were coming out of his mouth.

“Loki.” the way that Thor’s raspy voice articulated his name made him feel empowered and more turned on than he could physically imagine.

“Say. My. Name.” demanded once again, not being able to resist the pleasure.

Thor started to repeat his name in sync with his thrusts, making Loki shiver, moan, and go crazy. The pleasure he was feeling was so overwhelming that he, the silver tongued, wasn’t able to find the words to describe it. He wouldn’t be able to last long, and if Thor’s movements were any indication, he was feeling exactly the same. They both reached their climax at the same time, screaming each other’s name. Thor fell on top of him, and he embraced the blond with weak arms.

“I love you.” said Thor, panting and nuzzling his neck with his nose.

“I know.” answer Loki, feeling extremely satisfied.

“Say it at least once.” pleaded the god of thunder, relaxing on Loki’s body. Loki felt his cheeks burn, and it had nothing to do with the orgasm he just had.

“I already did. In fact, I yelled it.” answered Loki with a smirk on his face. Thor put his lips right next to Loki’s ear.

“Loki, please. I beg you.” he whispered in that voice which Loki had discovered that drove him crazy. Mostly when he pronounced his name. Trying to use his best charming voice, he whispered in Thor’s ear:

“I love you, Thor.”

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