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Why did you push me away, I asked him? of course he didn't say did you push me away Dijun , I asked he said nothing so I walked away and he grabbed me and held me tight and looked into my eyes and I starred at him confused. I fell in love with you I can sense you have feelings for me too even though you try to hide them I'll prove it to you Someday that you do love me .

Fanfiction No para niños menores de 13.

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Bai Feng Jiu's pov.

At the gates of the nine heavens, he turned back to go talk to her.

......*staring at each other's eyes*

Bai Feng Jiu: I couldn't ask because the elders were around earlier. Moreover, you all were pressuring my aunt at that time.

Dong Hua: what is your question?

*Tears in her eyes*

Bai Feng Jiu: your injury?.....

Dong Hua: It'll fully recover soon.

Bai Feng Jiu: I'm glad then (twice)

Dong Hua: I thought you would ask...... that question.

Bai Feng Jiu: What question?

Dong Hua: the question you asked me before our battle against Qing Cang.

*Memory Lane*

*If ..... assuming that you didn't erase your name from the stone of three lives,... would you love me?

*She stares at him* *in tears*

Dong Hua: I would.

Bai Feng Jiu: Dijun what did you say?

Dong Hua: if my name was never removed from the rock of incarnation, I could love you.

I chose to go down to earth to fulfill your wish and so I could fulfill mine.

*He touches her forehead where the Phoenix flower is*

Dong Hua: go now.

After that scene I went back to the Fox den to lie down.

As I was sleeping I went into a dream.........

I felt a hand caressing my cheeks...warm, soft, and tender.

Despite the consciousness leaving me, I tried to fight it off.

'Dijun, 'I slowly opened my eyes.

There was only bright light.

He won't come. he won't come. 'my mind told me. But, my heart was telling me ' he's there. Besides me.'

Fear controls my heart as I turned to look at the person beside me. Clad in his purple robe, The first Heavenly Emperor draws a smile towards me and turned me ace to him.

Why are you here? Am I dreaming?

I asked. Fear started to creep towards my mind as if the man I had been longing for would vanish.

Dijun smiled again, caressing my face and pushed back a stray hair on my face

"Are you very scared?" He asked me, still, his hands wouldn't stop caressing my face to brush of any fear that I was feeling.

In response, I nodded my head. Tears started to form in my eyes as I looked at him.

"Don't be afraid". He assured me. His eyes locked into mine.

My throat constricted the words he uttered. And when he said, " I'm here."

Tears started to stream down my face my heart was relieved.

I was so happy that he was with me and I hugged him tight so that he wouldn't disappear away from me.

I opened my eyes and saw darkness all around me and I started panting heavily my lips were trembling with fear and as I was trying to find ways to call Dijun he disappeared from me and tears came rushing down my face and I was twisting and turning in my bed trying to wake up but it's was hard and I got up from my bed and gasped for air then I realized that my body was full of sweat everywhere around me.

I got up bathed and put on a man's clothing and teleported to the human world and I went to walk in the woods thinking and looking for ways to forget him forever and I thought of a interesting way.

I stayed on Earth for 300 years practicing many skills and I saved a lot of people but I was in disguise as a man.

At my last day on Earth I was in my hut conjuring a forgetting spell as I was finishing the spell I sensed people familiar and I ignored them and finished my spell to never have feelings for anyone especially Dong Hua Di Jun and I came out of my hut and went to see what was going on and ......

My whole family and friends and someone I didn't want to see were standing in front of me.

I pretended not to know them.

Who are you guys what do you want? I asked them?

They were shocked as to see a guy who had their girl's Phoenix flower on his forehead and they interrogated "her" him.

Who are you they asked me?

I spaced out for a few minutes and I conjured a spell , they were shocked ready to strike me thinking I was attacking them what they saw next was a surprise to them.

I turned myself back to my original form as Bai Feng Jiu and my Aunt Bai Qian came closer to me and hugged me and asked me a lot of questions as to why I went away with out telling them.

And I just kept my mouth shut while starring at them when my eyes locked into Dong Hua Di Jun I felt sick and I spit blood out in front of them and they were shocked and called Zhe To check on me and I told them not to worry I was okey I said to them and I held my Aunt Bai Qian's hand I told everyone will meet you in the Fox den later right now I want to talk to Bai Qian first.

They all went back and I walked with my Aunt Bai Qian and she asked me why I went away for a long time ?

I wanted to get away from Dong Hua Di Jun he was making my life a living hell knowing that I would never be with him so I went away I'm so sorry for getting you all worried about me.

I forgive you she says to me and tells me that she's getting married soon.

To who I asked shocked it's Ye Hua she said smiling and happy.

How ? When I left he had passed away what Happened when I was gone.

He came back after a few days you were gone and we stayed together for the past 100 years our family just told as you have been missing and we have been searching for you ever since.

Really Aunt I'm so sorry it's my fault you guys could be married by then but because of me being gone I let you down please forgive me. What can I do to make it up to you.

Come with me to the Nine Heavens and help me prepare for my wedding day and I'll forgive you,she said.

Okay Aunt I will go with you.

I hope you guys like the story like I do like comment follow for more.

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