Neil J Robinson

This book is considered a instruction manual on how to harness and use the flow of water within your body to produce power outward from your body

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Water the flow within to produce power outward

let'slet's start to explain where and why water exists!!!water was not water in the beginning water was first ice it was hard it was cold and there was a lot of it but like all things caught in gravity and the void of space it found its purpose when it found the capability to melt !!!and while melting and spinning at extreme high rates of speed created what you all call the bubble lol I know that sounds a bit childish but you need to know that the bubble helped slow things down so that life could find a way within the bubble life was protected life had a chance life could become warmer with the weight of water on specific rocks which you all call planets life had the ability to multiply expand and grow conscious form with the state and creation of actual physical bodies very microscopic at first you can also call it your atmosphere or your ozone layer imagine huge giant sized snowflakes or crystals or Crystal looking shards of pure ice drifting throughout the galaxies!!! well first let me explain how your elements came to be and the time period in which they were created was seconds apart so when I describe such things you need to imagine them happening very very fast and a reaction causing a reaction causing a reaction causing life or melting ice AKA water!!! also keep in mind the only containment strategy for water is a frozen state other than that only air can beat its strength and size and giving and taking of life!!! air being the top dog when it comes to the giving and taking of life in and cellular structure or living organisms !!! fire does give it a run for its money stride for stride you can put electricity static electricity hydrostatic electricity (which is what I describe as the energy inside of the human being) lightning, lava and a few others in the category of fire which we will discuss in another book!!! but water in the form of weight helped slow things down with the creation of the bubble!!!

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