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Left Without Being Behind

Patiently waiting for what ? knowing he gone stay wherever he lay his hat. What is it for me to think or say ? Once a man decide to leave there's nothing that you can really do. Face it staring out the window during the day, at night, in the middle of the night, morning sunrise. He still have not returned all you can do is turn over and rock to sleep fuck it.

all I can do is roll over and act like I'm going to sleep because. I was so fed up I didn't know what else to do. So as I'm fake sleeping I sit there and lay and stare at the ceiling. thinking what would he want with my family member my cousin ,that's younger than me. what could she offer he can't, spell she can't do math. What a couple how would they ever pay bills and stuff. what I guess that's why they're playing house the squatters life.

Why would they want to leave their main home. Where their family is at and their so-called spouse, girlfriend whatever.You want to call it cuz, We never made it past engagement those rings got thrown .He didn't know how to fight back. I say fight back for a lot of things. You would notice later on it helped me get through life. I don't understand, All it took was through a couple chores, get a job, and love me, and cherish, me the way I would him.

all it took in text is for him to love me show me that he's. I've been holding this down for four and a half years. it doesn't matter at all to you f*** what I'm talking. those are the things that I hear that hurts my heart and hurts my ears. you're just using me I said what you scream last week. screaming and shouting while walking to the store in the stores all in the public. 365 going on saying that a woman is the reason why he's been like this. Truthfully I see that you've been changed. You act like it's not being seen in your actions. they say actions speak louder than words but I say words speak louder than actions or neither one of them actually speak.

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