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The Misfortunes of Vagnar Larson: Gross Darkness.

For behold, the darkness shall cover the earth, and gross darkness the people: Isa 60:2

Before light came, there was darkness... After light came, somehow darkness and all of its negativity is still predominant. If humans are anchors of love and light, you can be damn sure we also anchor Hate and darkness.

My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: Hosea 4:6.

The gross ignorance to the existence of dark forces surely is one of the major sources of the challenges facing humanity.

The word “Darkness” appears in about 142 verses in the bible... it almost felt like a warning of some sort. A warning of what was, to understand what is... and to prepare us for what is to come.

“And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not. John 1:5”

Darkness was referred to as an entity, an entity that can’t fully understand the magnificent, pure, intense and positive impact of light.

Based on a true life story...

It’s gross naivety to assume the world would be a brighter and better place whilst we fold our hands and do nothing.

“Why do bad things happen to good people?” This is a theory... Now, if X is predestined to improve the lives of 6 people around him/her and in time, those 6 people improve the lives of 600 people. Then those 600 people improve the lives of 60 million people. The exponential positive growth of so many improved lives started from the positive impact of X. It is written “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against the spiritual wickedness in high places. Eph 6:12

The only way for the “rulers of the darkness of this world” to keep 60 million people in pain, negativity and darkness is to frustrate X out of existence. But what if X prevails over the force of darkness?

“We’re the light of this world that darkness can’t understand”, But we have people mentally making decisions to live for themselves alone. You’d agree with me that our existence and our purpose are not just for us but for others...

“A light that doesn’t guide the path of people in the dark is as well as obscure or insignificant”,

Depression is now a scourge afflicting many, why not... it’s rather easy to make people feel like they’re not enough when they’re exactly what this world needs for it to be better.

“Don’t open your eyes”, teased Vagnar as he covered the eyes of his wife while leading her through the halls of their new apartment.

“I’m hoping this isn’t one of your pranks, Oh! I’d be so mad”, said Nina

“Surprise”, said Vagnar as he unveiled their beautifully furnished and elegant apartment

Nina’s mouth was left ajar as she was stunned by the beauty of their new apartment

“Is this befitting enough for a partner and xyz law firm?” asked Vagnar

“This is perfect for... hold on, partner? You”,

“Yes, yes... This guy’s been made partner”,

“This is a great moment in our lives”, said Nina as she hugged her husband. Vagnar went on his knee as he spoke to Nina’s protruded stomach carrying their child

“Imma make this world befitting for you my princess”, said Vagnar as he kissed Nina’s stomach

Nina was about 6 months pregnant at the time, they got married a couple of years before they both decided it was time to have children,

“Why this place though?” Nina asked

“Why not? Don’t you like it”, said Vagnar

Nina said nothing as she was lost in her thoughts

“Ugh! Here we go again”, said Vagnar

“Is everything to your liking?” said a man that appeared suddenly behind them, he was a bald Caucasian, he had mascara on and this made the white of his eyes pop out.

“What the—” exclaimed the startled Nina as she stared into the eyes of this very strange man.

“Oh I’m sorry if I scared you”, said the man with a wide grin

“Sorry honey. Uhm... this is mister Bantu shal...shal...”

“Bantu Shalambur “, said the man

“Ah yes Bantu Shalambur... he owns the building”, said Vagnar

“Lovely property you have here. It’s exquisite”, said Nina as she stretched her hand to shake Bantu

“I see you’re with child, what a perfect environment for raising princesses”, said Bantu

“Yes yes”, Nina forced out a fake smile as she stared sternly at her husband

“Well, I’ll leave you to it”, said Bantu as he walked out

“What the fuck?” Nina mouthed inaudible

“What?” asked Vagnar

“Let me get this right, you met a man like that and you thought to yourself ‘let me get a property from this guy’ without checking with me first”, said Nina as she was cautious of the volume of her voice

“Judging a book by the cover are we? Dismissing the good in people before getting to know them?” asked Vagnar

“Ugh! Sometimes you can be so dumb V”, lamented Nina

“Oh really?”

“I’m sorry, forgive me. I shouldn’t have said that”,

“I get your frustration”,

“You love my gift to discern evil, it’s not about judging a book by its cover... it’s about fleeing when your spirit senses danger”,

“What danger? Don’t you like this place?”

“I do, it’s beautiful... but- I know I know, everything that comes before the word but is Bullshit. But still, you have to hear me out”,

“Okay, tell me. What is the problem?”

“You’re my husband and I promise you, I appreciate everything you’re doing for our family. But the energy in the apartment is way off. I feel something I just don’t know what it is”, said Nina

“What do you mean? Mister Bantu? Maybe we need to air it out”,

“Oh my goodness! You’re hearing me but you aren’t listening”, lamented Nina

“I hear you”,

“Do you? We make this type of decisions together, I’m not your girlfriend looking for an apartment to stay, I’m your partner and when searching for a home... you’re not supposed to leave me in the dark”,

“You’re making me feel bad honestly...”


“Paid for two years, it’s ours... it’s too late not to like it”, said Vagnar

“Wow. Fuck you V”, said Nina as she walked out to the car

“Nina come on... don’t be like that. Nina!”

Nina sat in there for a couple of minute as she whispered a little prayer,

After a short while, Vagnar went to meet her in the car

“I’m sorry”, they both said at the same time. They both laughed

“I’m sorry for leaving you in the dark, wanted it to be a surprise”,

“I understand your intention. And it would have been okay if I wasn’t feeling this type of way”,

“What type of way?”

“Vagnar, honey... I don’t know what scares me more, the fact that you can’t feel what I’m feeling or the fact that I’d still have to stay here with you regardless of how I’m feeling ”,

With no words, Vagnar hugged his wife.

Should he have listened?

Should she have stood her ground?

Why wasn’t he feeling what she felt?

The transition into the new apartment was seamless, smooth, and stress-free than they thought it would be. They hired a house keeper that reported twice a week for general house cleaning. Vagnar did all he could to please his pregnant wife since she got her maternity leave. Vagnar left work earlier to be with his wife every day. Nina spent her days painting, reading, or writing just to keep her mind busy.

We all have the light in us to defeat the shadows, but sometimes we lose consciousness of the power we have within. A couple of months had passed in their new apartment and so far, everything felt normal. But that was the idea... soon Nina slowly lost the urge to pray, slowly... the shadows felt comfortable to close in

“Honey I’m home”, said Vagnar as he walked in and kissed his wife. She was lying on her bed reading her novel

“You must have had me on your mind all day for you to come kiss me for the second time in ten minutes”, teased Nina with a wide grin on her face

“The second time?” Vagnar asked

“Hmm mmm”,

“Honey, but I’m literally just walking in”, said Vagnar as he stared at his wife

“It can’t be... I-I saw... you kissed...” stuttered the confused Nina when a door slammed down the hallway startled them and interrupted their conversation

Vagnar walked slowly to where the sound came from and found nothing, but for his wife’s safety, He called the police to come search his apartment. Eventually, nothing was found. There was no sign that anyone had entered the house prior to Vagnar’s return.

Nina watered the situation down, maybe she was engrossed by what she was reading at the time, or maybe she just missed her husband.

“Today was wild”, said Nina as she carefully cuddled up next to her husband on the bed

“I know right. Hey, it’s okay... it’s over now”, said Vagnar as he comforted his wife

“Thank you”,

“So... I’ve been meaning to ask. As crazy as I throw my arms and legs while I sleep, I’ve always wondered how and why I never hit you when you lay right beside me”,

“You big baby, you should see how you move when you sleep hehehe. But your mind somehow stops you from bringing all of that madness my way”,

“Good, I wouldn’t want to be responsible for sending you to the ICU”,

“Honey, we’d somehow both be in the ICU if that ever happens with my cat-like reflexes”, teased Nina as they both laughed

“Babe... Do you think I’d be a good father to our daughter?”

“No, you wouldn’t be a good father... you’d be the best father she could ever ask for. You have it in you, because you’re the best husband I could ever have hoped for”,

“Hahaha you had me for a moment there... Baby, you bring out the best of me. Thank you”,

“You’re always welcome”,

The conversation went on into the night until they both slept, until dawn quickly came...

“Babe, wake up... you’re gonna be late”, yelled Nina as she tapped Vagnar

“whoa! Thanks I almost slept right through. Well, why wouldn’t I? I love what you did to me last night”, teased Vagnar

“What the hell are you talking about?” asked Nina

“Come on, don’t be coy with me”,

“I really do not know what you’re saying. I’m seven months pregnant, do you think I’m interested in any form intimacy”,

“Wait, who- what the hell?” said Vagnar as he checked himself and saw that he’d soiled himself

“Wow would you look at that, you’re still having wet dreams”, said Nina as she walked out the room in disgust.

In confusion, Vagnar went to prepare for work. As soon as he was about heading out, his car refused to start

“What the hell is going on?” lamented Vagnar

“You’re gonna be late, take mine instead”, said Nina as she walked out and saw Vagnar struggle with the car

“You wouldn’t wanna believe it but yours isn’t starting also”, said the frustrated Vagnar

“You’re kidding me”, said Nina as she went into her car and tried starting it

“Fuck it, I’m gonna call in sick today”, said Vagnar

“The house keeper called in sick, now you? I’ve ordered a taxi... go to work”, insisted Nina

“Hey, hold on... maybe it’s a sign that I need to stay home with you. I really don’t feel like leaving you today”,

“I’ll be fine... Go ahead. I’ll be here waiting for you”, said Nina as she kissed Vagnar goodbye

The day went on like any other day; Nina did her morning yoga and meditation. She made herself a healthy breakfast and she settled in with her book on her bed. That was she heard the front door open, she wasn’t hearing things. Someone was really inside her house... Quickly, she picked up a phone and called her husband. But he didn’t pick up; her heart began to pound hard as the footstep she heard was getting closer each second to the door of her room.

Nina then dialled the emergency services

“Please I think someone just broke into my apartment, send—”

Nina was interrupted as her room door was opened slowly, then her eyes met with the eyes that tried to take a peek in

“You’re awake?” asked Vagnar as he fully opened the door

“Jesus! You scared the shit out of me. No no... Its fine it was just my husband thank you”, said Nina to Vagnar and then to the operator.

“Why didn’t pick up my calls?” said Nina as she was on her feet pacing the room hyperventilating.

“Babe chill, phone was on DND and I thought you were asleep”,

“Why are you home early?”

“No particular reason, I just came home to be with my wife”,

“Vagnar stop, I’m serious. You scared me”, cried Nina as she sat on the bed

“Babe what’s with you? Why—” said Vagnar

“I’m never afraid, you know that about me. But now I’m not myself, I’m-I’m weak. I feel weak”, cried Nina as she couldn’t stop the tears from pouring out her eyes

Vagnar had never seen Nina that vulnerable, he’d never seen her so frail and afraid. It broke him...

There it was, the first feeling of guilt. He felt responsible for dragging his wife into this void. Maybe it was really the house. Vagnar decided to take leave off work to stay with his wife and make her feel more like herself again. With the cars now mysteriously working, He’d take her out to her favourite places and smile found its way back to her face.

Vagnar shortly returned back to work, His wife was never tired of showing how much she appreciated what he did for her.

On this faithful day, Nina did her daily routine... but it felt different. She was unusually tired, like something was persistently draining her of her energy.

She then decided to take a quick late morning nap...

Someone once said “Sometimes evil strike whilst we slumber, watch and pray... watch and pray”,

The door suddenly yanked open and 3 nurses walked in with trays of their medical tool, Nina was terrified. She sat up and tried to yell but she couldn’t find her voice, Nina tried to move but she saw she was strapped down to the bed. The nurses wore black overalls and face masks; they also had no eyes... just empty sockets like they had their eyes violently pulled out of their heads.

They got close to her and opened her legs as though they were about to take delivery of her baby, she saw that she had no clothes at this point. The frightened Nina slowly passed out from shock and pain. But just before she did, as her vision blurred out she saw two eye balls staring at her from the corner of her room, those eyes belonged to Mr Bantu she was certain... or was she hallucinating?

Nina suddenly woke up, it was dark outside... how long could she have possibly slept? She took a quick glance around, she was alone. She saw that she still had her clothes on.

“It was just a dream? What the hell? What sort of dream was that?” lamented Nina as she tried getting up when she felt a sharp pain in her stomach

She gasped when she felt the warm fluid flow out between her thighs

“Blood?” said Nina in confusion

“My baby, my sweet innocent baby. God please”, cried Nina as she gingerly walked out the room with her arms wrapped around her stomach.

Vagnar drove in; as he got out of the car... he saw a shadow of a man staring out at him through the window.

“Honey? Who’s that in the--” said Vagnar as he rushed inside, his gaze went to the trail of blood left behind by his wife

“My baby”, cried Nina as she showed her trembling and bloody hands to Vagnar. Immediately, Vagnar rushed towards his wife and carried her carefully on her backside as he rushed to the car. This time again, the car wouldn’t just start.

Vagnar didn’t hesitate; He carried his wife while he booked a taxi on his phone and walked down the road.

The unfortunate events had Vagnar spooked; his heart was heavy with guilt as the doctor kept telling him for about two weeks that the only thing he could do now is to go home, believing his wife and child would make it out of the critical yet stabilized condition they’re in.

‘Patience is a virtue’ they say, but where does the mind wander off to when you patiently wait for dark times to pass”,

Could he live without her? Physically he’d keep breathing, taking it one day at a time. Mentally he’d be in shambles with no hope of ever getting whole again.

Day 46 and Vagnar gets home from the hospital, the doctor told him about the plan to remove Nina off life support for there seemed to be no hope for recovery for both her and her child.

“If only I’d listened. If only I could turn back the hands of time”, pondered Vagnar as his gaze fell on a picture of his wife

“Oh Nina, my sweet beautiful Nina... I failed you, I failed you both”, cried Vagnar as he stood up and walked into a hardware store.

As soon as he got into the store

“What am I doing here?” Vagnar asked like he snapped out of a trance. Then there it was, a shadow like being staring at him pointing towards the ropes section. Vagnar immediately knew what he needed to do with ropes. He was somehow convinced that his neck hanging from the noose of a rope was something that must be done... there was no doubt, darkness had triumphed.

Meanwhile, Nina woke up from her coma suddenly. The retching sound she made in the ICU as she pulled out the tube deep in her oesophagus alerted the nurse as she rushed in and paged the doctor

“Take it easy ma’am”, said the Nurse

“Vagnar, Va-Vagnar”, stuttered Nina

“What is going on? The baby is suddenly very active... the doctor is taking her off life support”, said another Nurse as she came in to gist with her friend. She was shocked when she saw Nina sitting up staring at her.

“Where’s my husband?” Nina asked as soon as she’d gathered her strength

“He went home earlier”, the Nurse answered

“Define earlier. I need to know the time he left here. Please”, said Nina

“A couple of hours ago. Two and a half hours tops”, the nurse answered

“Vagnar please don’t do anything stupid. God please”, lamented Nina as she struggled to stand up

“Oh no, please... don’t move until the doctor gets here”, said the Nurse as she moved close to support her

“Is everything okay?” asked the second Nurse

“No, I need to get home. I need to get to my husband. Please let me go”, Nina begged

“I’ve instructed that he should be called, so far he hasn’t been picking”, said the Nurse as she returned Nina gently back to bed.

Vagnar slowly walked home as memories of his life flashed before his eyes, the highlight of his life is crossing paths with Nina. How can one human make such a major impact that you don’t even remember what life was before paths crossed with them. Vagnar walked into his home, the light began to flicker as darkness rose like the tides from every corner of his home. He was about to be consumed and he was convinced that he deserved it. The manipulation of the mind, soul and body was complete.

He stood on the furniture and successfully tied one end of the rope on the chandelier; he suddenly lost his footing and fell down. That was when an arm stretched forth from within the shadows to help him up... somehow the forces of darkness needed him to hasten with what he needed to do. Vagnar was oblivious to the forces around him.

Nina was uneasy; she needed to get home. Fortunately for a brief moment, she was left alone. There was a surge of strength in her body as she jumped off the bed and snuck out the Hospital with no one noticing.

“Hold on Vagnar. I’m coming home... please hold on”, Nina kept on chanting like it was a prayer as she got into a cab.

Vagnar walked towards the cabinet to get a pen and a book to put down his last words

“In another universe, this would have been a love letter for her eyes only. But sadly, in this current universe of pain... I write my last words as I embark on a journey to see her again.

You’d ask, why her? It’s because she’s the one. Why is she the one? When you’re with the right person and you seat and share a space with them, you feel safe, your heart dances to the soul and hearty tunes of Beethoven. You’d never want it to end and somehow they’d find a way to keep you truly, madly, crazy and deeply in love every single day. It’s indeed magnificent. Hopefully, there is life after death. A life with her in it...The past couple of months have been hellish for me. Watching the other half of me go through life-threatening experiences and now bound for the afterlife. I swear it hurts, even more, knowing I’m the cause of this disheartening experience. I can’t go another day with my heart consumed with the overwhelming burden of guilt. To my family, I hope you can forgive me. I’ve lived, I’ve laughed, and I’ve loved...oh I’ve loved ever so deeply. But now, there’s nothing left for me here, please do not mourn me... I’m where I desire to be, in the arms of my lover. No more guilt, no more pain, no more suffering. It won’t be easy but please I beg you, find the strength and will to move on without me. Be stronger and better than me.

Forever in your heart and Memories

Vagnar Larson”

Vagnar then stood on a pedestal he as he fitted the noose round his neck, he became hesitant... he was hoping something would stop him for going through with it. He took deep breaths when suddenly

“Vagnar Vagnar”, Nina yelled from down the drive way

“Could I be delusional? Is that Nina?” Vagnar pondered as he was convinced that he was about to cross over to the other side into her arms. Vagnar was about taking that final step when he heard Nina frantically banging the door and yelling his name.

“Nina? Nina!” yelled Vagnar as he was about to remove the noose from his neck when all of a sudden, something pushed him from the shadows.

Vagnar then began to struggle for his life; the more he did... the tighter the rope felt round his neck. Nina took a peek through the window and saw Vagnar hanging by the noose. Another surge of strength came over her as she kicked open the door. Immediately all forms of shadow dissipated as she ran to her husband and lifted him up by the legs. This gave Vagnar the leverage to pull on the other end of the rope until he pulled down the chandelier. They both stumbled on the ground as Nina hugged her husband tight

“I thought I’d lost you”, they both said then again, in the strangest of moments... they laughed and cried as warmth and happiness found its way back to their hearts.

“When you surround yourself with love, you can overcome all kinds of darkness”

There is no peace, saith the LORD, unto the wicked. 48:22

Apparently, Bantu found a way to get peace by stealing the peace and joy from those that had it in abundance. They found a baby elephant’s skull amongst the debris as they pulled down the chandelier. The baby’s elephant skull was laced with black magic and enchantment. This was how the Larson’s narrowly escaped the hold of the wicked.

The End

No actually... I doubt if they’d ever be an end to evil and darkness. We can only stand our ground in Light and fight it off one day at a time.

Be the Light in the Dark... The world needs you to be.

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