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An story about love disdain and pain

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Chapter 1

It was an nice fall saturday afternoon ,leaves continuing to fall off the trees gentle breeze not an cloud in the sky,nothing but peace and quiet all around the neighborhood, walked to my mailbox to see if I got anything nothing was in,walk back inside my house to see I had two missed calls from my bestfriend christina,I called her back she answered in an groggy tone as she was just waking up she asked me arielle what do you have planned for today I told her nothing but chill relax at home maybe go to the store pick up few things later on pick up bottle of stella rose,Christina hold on there's an knock at my door let me see who it is as I open my door it happen to be my ex chris who I haven't seen in 3 weeks I texted u like 5 times last night chris says and I called u over 15 times it went straight to your voicemail is everything ok arielle yes everything is ok chris why is it your concern shouldn't you be concern about your new girlfriend malina chris says dont worry about her I'm just checking on you to see if were still cool and that everything is cool between us cause these last couple of weeks I've been having alot on my mind arielle says hold on Christina let me call you back alot like what been on your mind chris chris says us arielle us I fucked up yes I should talk to u and tell you how I truly felt but I didnt want you to reject me for how i feel arielle says come in chris sit down I'm listing chris says arielle I love you I hate the way things ended if i could go back and change everything i would but i cant I want to be with you and only you malina is nothing like you you washed my clothes she doesn't do that you payed my phone bill she didnt do that when I was broke you had my back she dont do that arielle says grass isnt always green huh chris says yes I see that I cant sleep at night I cant eat I just want you back I want an second chance,

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