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{❄In Progress / Re-writing❄} Summer never thought he would meet Winter, much less that he would fall in love with him... The Four Seasons of the year came to Earth from the Universe. Winter, Spring, Autumn and Summer, with their human bodies, were born separate in their respective Empires and Kingdoms. At the request of a mysterious figure and an accurate prophecy, the three Seasons came together for the first time to find the mysterious Winter and restore order to the Cycle of Seasons that is under threat. But little did they know that Winter is not only causing all the disaster in the Cycle but also being hunted by the queen of the icy Empire of Icrevia, and what she wants is nothing more than his head. ⚠️ Work of my authorship! Plagiarism is a crime! If you find this work on platforms other than Wattpad/Inkspired, please report it.

LGBT+ No para niños menores de 13.

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Spring Is Over

This translation doesn't have a beta to review. So please be understanding of some mistakes that may occur :)



Faylia, capital of Ahewen


That's what they said it meant. Her existence brought life, with it what people considered fertile and warm, vivacious and happy. With these things added together and many others that were lost in its conception, she came up with a single word: her existence was love. And for a long time she believed it.

After all, how could it be different? Her parents loved her, her kingdom worshiped her for such beauty and charm.

But then she began to question herself more deeply: did they love me or did they just love what I represent? And she wasn't referring to her title in her royal and noble family, but to what her existence entailed for the whole world she inhabited with her rosy feet and fingers somewhat different in size. She really didn't like the look of her fingers very much.

That's what he is: Spring.

Jamie, in the body of a human boy, was Spring. The flower season, the one that came just after winter to soothe hearts frozen by it, and then left the world at the mercy of Summer's hands. Well, Jamie's never actually gave "mercy" to Summer to begin with.

He always did a few extra things at the other seasons in some places, but nothing that would spoil the course of the seasons cycle and how they were supposed to happen.

The only one he could never get out of it and not for was Winter. Winter was too merciless, unlike Autumn which left a few tiny things lost and caused a few spring flowers to grow and sprout. And summer, which made him much more comfortable.

Speaking of them, Jamie had never met Autumn and Winter, but he felt in his being, just as he felt when he came into himself, that they were somewhere. Jamie knew Summer, who was like him: a great being, but in human form.

If summer and he were like that, surely autumn and winter would be too, right?

Spring, still lying in his bed as grand as the titles he carried, as mundane as what the Universe had charged him with, was wandering again.

And that day, there could be no ramblings, but how could he avoid it? As soon as he opened his eyes, that was all he did: he thought, thought, thought... he also rambled much more than he thought.

But rambling is still something introspective and that was part of his thoughtful self, right? Jamie was kind, extremely tender, chaste and often naive. Though he wasn't silly or childish.

He was just like spring, overflowing and blooming, bringing with him an aura and scent of his own that permeated every place he touched and passed, especially now as he gets up and walks to the balcony that was his spacious and luxurious bedroom.

The young prince of the Kingdom of Ahewen, wore a terrycloth robe of moss green that had a tulip embroidered on his left breastplate.

The robe was so big, it dragged on the floor as Jamie walked with his pink feet on the cool marble floor. He then leaned back and sighed looking at his kingdom, or what he could see of the little houses in the mountains surrounded by green trees and flowers everywhere.

Today is the day spring will end and summer begins. No more excuses to shirk his duties as prince of Ahewen.

That was the harm of being the only son, and therefore the only rightful heir to the throne. The cool wind blew through Jamie's light brown hair, making his bangs messy. But in that subtle and inherent moment, he didn't care about that.

Some flowers in his garden wouldn't survive the summer, he could feel it, others wouldn't even bloom and show their petals and beauty to the world.

Jamie as a child was saddened by this, and made the flowers bloom at least once, but for some reason he stopped it.

He only felt the end of his beloved flowers in his last days of controlling the season, and because of that, he couldn't help them all rise and meet the sun. He couldn't make them breathe one more time.

Spring was life, so whenever he couldn't avoid death, he went into a completely private moment of reflection.

As Jamie was about to turn once more to look beyond his dear flowers, someone knocked on his door. And before he could say anything, the person excused herself and entered the room.

It was Magnolia, one of the castle workers and whom Jamie considered a friend, a confidant, a sister. Jamie turned to her and smiled one of his most chaste and kind smiles, although Magnolia had known him since she was a child, she never got used to Jamie's presence.

As the boy grew older, he became more powerful and ethereal, but never blinding or difficult to look at.

No, Jamie would make you want to watch him for hours by his sweet, friendly way. Jamie had this very youthful, clear face, his greenish though somewhat dark eyes were bright, his cheeks were plump, and his nose was small and upturned.

Jamie was also rather thin and was only a few inches taller than Magnolia.

His legs were long and his arms well shaped and his light brown hair that now fell in a cascade close to his eyes, made the servant think how minutely he seemed to have been sculpted by the Universe.

And she didn't doubt such thought that passed through her head, she knew Jamie had been born like all other human beings. But he was Spring itself, so it wasn't impossible to think that the Universe had made Jamie mundanely born at his whim.

After all, it's the Universe we're talking about.

"Your Highness must prepare," Magnolia finally said with a small smile painting her pale face. “Summer is on his way to receive the blessing of the Seasons, and you know how he gets when you're not punctual."

Jamie laughed, always finding it funny how Magnolia never left the formalities to himself that were already so close. Magnolia was part of his family as well as his parents.

"Dear friend, I already told you that you don't need so much refinement to talk to me." Magnolia raised her eyebrows, Jamie's cheeks had turned red as she let out a small laugh at her way of speaking. “You know my case is more difficult."

Magnolia shook her head.

"And do you think it's easy for a commoner like me to treat the prince so informally?" She joked.

"You have a point, Nolia" Jamie said finally approaching the same. He went to the desk that was beside her bed, in it there was a beautiful vase with flowers. He took some of the earth from the vase and turned to Magnolia.

With his hands closed in the shape of shells, he closed his eyes in nanoseconds, and when he opened them, a beautiful tulip appeared. Identical to the one embroidered on her robe.

Magnolia looked at him in surprise.

She was aware of Jamie's powers and had always lived around them, but the girl never got used to it. It was very magical for you.

Ahewen's people managed to control the land as a whole, but not make plants grow like the prince did. Jamie then took her hand and handed her the flower.

“An apology for my hypocrisy."

Magnolia then let out another laugh, but still contained.

"Requests accepted." She said taking the flower at last. "But go get ready, otherwise I'll call the maids.Your Highness knows how much they love to wear you, don't you?"

"I'm going right now, yes?" Jamie uttered, already running to his sumptuous closet.

Magnolia then made a little teasing chuckle, which made Jamie roll his eyes but still laugh. The friend then proceeded to close the door and go to her other duties in the castle.

The prince then began looking for suitable clothing to meet with Summer.

He needed to be presentable and not only in his presence but also in his clothes, to show not just him but the entire royal family from Athines, that he was the future heir of Ahewen and that he was Spring herself.

His clothes, however, didn't make him any better, they just had to perfectly adorn his entire aura and power.

For, as kind as he was, Jamie still needed to show his people his grandeur.



Ahewen and Athines landmark

It was taking too long. Taking too long. Taking so long that he was about to throw himself out of the carriage and take one of the horses, sure that he would arrive first of all.

"There is still much?" Viha, his younger sister asked.

"I honestly don't know what's worse." His other sister went back to the younger one. "You asking every 5 minutes if we've arrived at the Palace of Ahewen or Vihan with that stupid face of his who is clearly asking himself the same thing only mentally!

“At least I'm not saying anything." Vihan finally said something, his face more than dissatisfied.

"You weren't." Viha implied.

Vihan scowled at her and she responded. At some point the two were on top of each other making faces and pulling each other's hair. The middle sister just sighed wearily.

"Why didn't I keep my mouth shut?" She asked herself.

"In fact, the right question for you to ask yourself Venus, is why you decided to come in our carriage when you had the chance to come in one alone." Vihan responded to the middle sister's one-person monologue, she stared at him and gave another sigh, this time defeated.

"True!" Viha stopped pulling her older brother's hair causing him to loosen his hair too and straighten up on the red upholstery of the carriage. "You're our parents' favorite, sure if you asked they'd give you a carriage just for you."

"And they did, it was already separated in fact." Vihan added, making Viha's eyes go wide.

"You know very well that carriage was not for me, mister heir." Venus said, making Vihan shift uncomfortably in his seat.

The truth was that Vihan, being the eldest, was the heir to the throne, and the real reason they were going to his dear friend's kingdom was not for something good. There were actually two reasons they were on their way to Ahewen.

The first, which was what Vihan cared about most, was the Cycle of the Seasons. He needs Jamie to hand over control of Spring to him today. It is the day that summer would begin, and Vihan couldn't be late for something that was far more important than his royal duties. And his family, even if they control everything he does and somewhat are always reluctant with his dutiesas the Season of Summer, they knew that they could never turn around their attention for this. It was bigger than them.

It was Vihan's role given by the Universe, and it was his parents job to deal with the fact that Vihan wasn't just a prince.

And yes the Summer itself.

The season of warmth, of fun, the season that came to warm up after spring blooms and make everyone enjoy themselves before the mild autumn weather. It was his rest time.

But rest he never really had it, but being away from his parents and his duties in royalty that smothered him too much was enough.

Vihan loved being the summer. Feeling the sun hit his brownish skin and the wind of it guiding him to wherever his mind and body would allow, strengthening and filling him in an inexplicable way.

The second reason... Well, this Vihan was seriously rethinking himself from the carriage again. However, there was the third reason that only he knew, and that at the request of a certain someone he needed to maintain secrecy and continue his journey to his friend's kingdom.

"Brother?" Called him Viha. He was in his own thoughts, looking at some fixed point in the landscape that he wasn't even actually seeing, he had just stopped.

"Yes?" He replied still looking at the window, this time noticing the vegetation of trees changing to an open path surrounded by flowers of various colors.

“I'm sure everything will be fine, Mimie is understanding."

"And very witty and patient." Added Venus. "He won't be angry with you for this."

“I just feel terrible that our parents want their kingdom that much. We are friends above all." Vihan then turned to his sisters. "And I don't want to marry my best friend." He added.

"They're just using you brother, just like they are trying with me and the Tribe of Light." Venus took Vihan's hand and closed it between her palms. “And you, more than anyone else, is capable of forming a powerful alliance with Ahewen without even needing these filthy political methods."

Vihan smiled for the first time along the way. Venus always managed to make the best of every situation. The middle sister wasn't so positive with herself, but when it came to her siblings, she always wanted them to see the light at the end of the tunnel that she herself could never see.

"I just hope I don't feel more humiliated than I already do."

"Hey!" Viha then jumped up, grabbing her brother's cheeks and squeezing them, making him pouty. Venus laughed at the scene. “You are Vihan Crawford Reid. Crown Prince of the Fire Kingdom of Athines, Summer himself and, above all, brother of Viha Crawford Reid! You will never be someone humiliating. Now lift that head and keep your posture because we're coming and I don't want to be embarrassed."

Vihan stared at her in amazement at the last part and Venus couldn't contain her laughter.

“But you just said that I'm not someone humiliating!

"Little brother, humiliating you will never be. But now, shameful? Sometimes you experience shame that I can't stand, you know?"

"Humiliating and shameful are the same things Viha!"

"Don't scream, don't scream..." She asked, already covering his ears.

"Sorry, Vivi."

“You really are the best siblings I could have." Venus proclaimed with a tender smile on her face as brown and with a few sardines just like her brother's.

Vihan smiled at her, and Viha was already looking out over the landscape again not giving a damn about her two older brothers. That is, until the carriage stops and someone knocks on the door and opens it right away:

"We have arrived, Your Highnesses." Said one of the guards who accompanied them, already giving way for the brothers to leave the carriage.

Both Vihan and Venus took a deep breath and faced each other one last time, as if supporting each other. Vihan gently shook his younger sister's shoulder, who had turned and without saying anything else had already taken Vihan's hand to get out of the carriage.

" Are you ready?" Venus asked already rising and straightening her perfect erect position. Totally unshakable and unreachable. And Vihan wasn't far behind either.

To be honest, Vihan wasn't ready.

He wasn't ready to have an engagement request arranged with his best friend, and he hoped his parents had the least bit of common sense that his own didn't have to refuse. He was also apprehensive about the passage of seasons.

He didn't need Jamie to pass anything on to him, possession was practically automatic between the seasons, they already let it go when the time comes. Possession just filled some void within them that they couldn't really explain. However, his parents created this tradition as a way to show more power and also to have more adoration and respect from their people.

After all, what would they be without the seasons, right?

They needed them — they needed Vihan — for everything: obvious things like agriculture and livestock, as well as art and leisure. Seasons were part of the Universe, and the Universe was part of them. And without them and the Universe, humanity would be doomed to total failure.

With that in mind and still his third motive, he just passed Venus along with his younger sister to find Ahewen's entourage waiting for them.

“I always am." Vihan lied, before starting to walk with his perfect bearing and sly smile. Venus then thanked the guard and followed, quickening her pace to stand beside him. His parents were already a few meters ahead.

For they is was like that, they liked to squander their greatness, but the siblings liked to stick together and be each other's pillars.

Just like that, they remained the feared, strong, and as some liked to say, fierce monarchs of the Kingdom of Athines.


Hi! Thanks for clicking on this story to pass your time, I hope you like it!!

Well, passing here to say that sometimes I'll leave some notes at the end of chapters to talk about something or even put some pictures of the places that take place in the Realms.

It's my first time creating a new world, and I hope you like it and have a lot of fun with our dear Seasons and the other characters that will appear soon.

Anyway, reviews and likes because I learned that this helps here in Inkspired!

Temporary cover made by me.

Once again, thanks for choosing my story to read and... are you ready to save the Seasons Cycle? :)

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