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The Battle Of The Sun Kingdoms raged on for centuries. Until King Valor and his army of the flames, vanquished the Dragomites back to the Shadow Forest, where they dwell and plan for revenge. Three moons pass as King Valor returns home to Valor Gate to find a heart wrenching discovery....

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I am the beast of such grimeness, I cannot speak.

Sitting in my throne room with no sound, no peep.

I couldnt see it coming by a long shot, never have I ever did something so brash.

The ravens circle around my castle windows, cause they no how deep my lies grow, and it stinks of death.

Would I be able to grasp the demise of my family, by my enemies' hands. I walk the halls of blood stained halls of my quarters, with each body I walk over my stomach turns near sick, but no vomit to grace my lips.

My long silver hair whinces in the wind as I gazed at my beloved queen, hanging from the rafters, with her favorite pearl white scarf wrapped around her delicate neck.

I couldn't bare to think of what she was thinking when the destruction of our home, Castle Valor. My darling Linda...

Those ghouls took my family from me, they kept extinguishing my thoughts of good, turning them twisted with hate. I couldnt believe I couldn't remmeber the terror, the panic, and yet..

The monsters that lived in my head, they came to life. Like a machine i produced certaint Evil upon this land of VALOR GATE, they must'nt know about this tragedy, that the royal family is not dead, but they are being reawakened in a powerful new form.

Once I travel to the Valley Of Serenas, I shall ask the witch sisters to resurect my family's bloodline, as much vengance has to be bestowed upon their very souls.

I didnt become King Of Valor Gate to be taken down by a——a false prophet!

As King Vega rose to his throne, he grabbed his sacred Sword Of Darkness, to envoke its power, sending a beam of dark magic to the sky.

"now, Snyper, you know what I've unleashed. come get me, brother.."

To Be Continued...

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