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"Hubie." He flopped down on the bed and the dog ran until it was next to him on the mattress. "I don't know if it's okay to say this." He covered his flushed face with both of his hands. "Oh, Boku." He felt his face tickle, caused by the little animal. "Today I met mom's friend son." He took the little dog into his arms so he could caress him. "He's so cute that I want to kiss his cheeks." He smiled at the memory of his pretty face. "Mom said it's because he's young and small, she said this feeling would pass." His cheeks grew hot and both little animals watched him intently. "I'd just... I'd appreciate if he stopped playing with my heterosexuality."

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Note before reading: Please don’t take these profiles too seriously. Yes, they have the information needed for you to understand the characters and their role on the story, but I wanted to make them a little more... easy to go. The story is actually more serious (sometimes).



Age: 19

Nickname: Nung
To consider: Good boy
He still lives with his parents.
Kao’s best friend.
In love with his best friend.
Everyone wants to protect him because he is a smol and cute little bean.
He takes care of everyone when partying.
“I think it’s enough for today, guys.”


Age: 22

Nickname: Kao
To consider: Fuckboy.
Takes care of Nung as if he was his everything.
No homo, bro.
Claims Nung as his wife in front of his friends, but is terrified of seeming too much gay.
Has a hand-written list with the names of the people who have already been in his bed.

"I can’t take you home today, An-ngun. I have a date."


Age: 18

Nickname: Art
To consider:
Sees Meet as his older brother because he has known him since he was little.
The openly gay of the group.
There’s no party where he has no flirt.
He’s the baby of the group but has a lot of experience.
Almost lives in God's place.
"How vintage is it to remember the name of your last flirt."


Age: 23

Nickname: First
To consider:
The one who brought them all together.
Smokes marijuana.
Has a criminal record for smoking marijuana.
Never gets high (that much).
Takes care of Nung on parties and therefore, everyone.
Has lots of fun when the others are drunk.
Had a crush on his best friend but was able to get over it.
"Ai’Meet, it looks like Tami is challenging you to a blink contest."


Age: 19

Nickname: God
To consider:
Parties are always on his place.
Always buys the alcohol for him and his friends.
Could be a fuckboy but says it's not his style.
Prefers enjoying parties with his friends than a flirt.
One party at a day.
The heartthrob of the group.
Consumes everything Meet has to offer.
"Life is too short to say no to one more glass of alcohol."


Age: 19

Nickname: Boum
To consider:
Loves to provoke people.
Just lets First contradict him.
Respects First because he's like the brother he never had.
He consumes everything Meet has to offer but always zones out on the process.
Chooses his flirts by judging the accessories they wear.
Tends to take "souvenirs" of his dates.
"That seems expensive. Where did you get it from?"


Age: 20

Nickname: Meet
To consider:
Could kill if it comes to Art.
Flirts with Boum but says it's not for real.
The dealer who provides First (and the whole gang).
Also has a criminal record.
Can't remember what he does while he's drunk.
First loves to challenge him to do stupid things.
Knows every detail of Nung's life head to toe.
"But do we agree that I beat Tami?"


Age: 19

Nickname: Tee
To consider:
Overthinks too much.
Can drink anything but don't do drugs.
Can take alcohol as if it was water.
Gets drunk quickly but can remember everything.
Everyone flirts with him but only few catch his attention.
Kao trusts him but they both say that's not true.
"I don't even see the point in explaining it to you."

Last note, I swear: The characters are based on real people so the story could have weird twists on the plot. Thank you.

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