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this is about three girls on a mission to dream land bump into this three boys that are in a diffrent city and country this is my imaginations

Fantasía Épico Sólo para mayores de 21 (adultos).

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Warriors On Mission 1

Today I went to the dream Land that I never been before I met the Queen of fairy Land she ask me u have a mission here the list of name u need to find your team is now the chosen one here your partner and crime name Lil Prince the ram now u going to fight the devil he is destroying the fairy Land city of rainbow and so need find more warrior to be on your team look for them first before you fight the boss, there will be 2 more team that need to be on your team those are this two girls in this picture they are also the chosen one, there name is Luna and Shina can u find them to join your team?"

"Yes my fairy queen, I will find this two girls I will go look for them"

"Ok good come back to me when two girls you found with you"

So I went on journey to find my 2 team so I went to my mission looking for the other chosen one then I bump into some1 n fell down who r u oh hi my name is Lea im looking for this person have you seen her?"

"Why r you looking for her for"

"Oh my bad I'm the chosen one and the queen fairy want me to look for this two girls they are also the chosen one the queen fairy want me to bring them along with me to have a talk with the Queen fairy about the mission

"Oh you found me my name is Luna I'm the one you are looking for"

"Oh yes thank you it nice to meet you Luna, oh yea Luna the Fairy Queen want me to give you your new partner"

"What I have a new partner?"

"Yes meet your new fox spirit partner Sunshine"

"Awwhh she so cute, hi Sunshine nice to meet you hope we get along well"

"Ok now let find the other chosen one name Shina"

"Ok Lea let go find her"

Now I found Luna we now went to the journey to find Shina, then we saw the mountain, it was really high. We walk up there and saw some1 lifting something.

"Hey Luna look some1 there"

"Oh my he so handsome let talk to him maybe he might know where Shina is"

"Ok let go toward him"

So me and Luna went toward him and ask.

"Excuse me sir"

He turn around gasp, he jump and say,

"Waaah you scare me, who r u?"

"oh I'm sorry don't mean to scare you"

Luna was giggling.

"We were wonder do you know where this girl on this picture at her name is Shina"

"Oh she my sister what you want for her"

"Oh how rude of me my name is Luna this is my new friend Lea we got send by the Queen fairy to find this girl Shina to join us as a team we are the chosen one as a warrior and Shina is one of the chosen one we had to bring her to the Queen fairy she had a mission for us"

"Oh wow ok I will call my sister to come by here to meet you"

"Ok oh what your name sir oh my name is Shu nice to meet you Lea and Luna"

"nice to meet you too"

"I will call Shina right now to let her know that you guys are looking for her"

Hello brother what up"

"Oh Shina hey there two girls asking of you come meet them they have something to talk to you about."

"Oh ok I'm on my way"

"Alright sis bye, she on her way girls"

"Ok thank you Shu"

"You welcome"

Luna I say thank you to Shu we now waiting for Shina to come.

"I'm here Shu! Where the girls that wanted to talk to me"

"They over there"

"Oh ok thanks Shu"

"Your welcome"

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