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10 chapters! Hazel's Life! Update every week! Enjoy!

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"Hazel!'' Hazel's mom said. ''What now Mom? I'm playing minecraft with Olivia and Alex!" Hazel said. ''Well tell them you have to go now and stop playing." Hazel's mom said. Hazel was tough, when she was on a game or something that sparks her, she never wants to leave it. It's tough to tell Hazel to stop playing a game or something that she needs to stop doing.

''Ugh! Fine! Fine! Fine!" Hazel said. She turned off her computer. "Okay, Hazel look at me. Don't freak out, okay?" Hazel's mom said. "I never freak out!" Hazel said in a angry voice. "Don't talk like that to me! It is very disrespectful!" Hazel's mom said. "So what I wanted to tell you was that, your getting your own room, and that means you have to sleep alone." She said in a gentle way. Beria walked in the living room, Beria is Hazel's older sister. "Oh hey Mom! You too Hazel." Beria said. "Hi!" said both Hazel and Hazel's mom. But Hazel said hi in a grumpy way. Her mom of course in a happy way. "Girls, I'm gonna go make the food. Okay?" Hazel's mom said. "Okay sure." said Hazel. "What's wrong?" said Beria. "Nothing!" Hazel said as she plopped into the couch. There's something wrong, I can tell because when you plop on the couch it means somethings wrong." said Beria. "Boy, you do know a lot about me." said Hazel. "Of course! Your my sister I know everything about you!" Now tell me what's wrong, Hazel." said Beria. "Okay, Okay. So it's just that..Well I'm gonna get a new room and that means a new bed, but I'm gonna sleep alone. I usually sleep with you Beria." Hazel said. Beria Started to giggle abit. "What?!" Hazel said madly. "Sorry, It's just that your sad because of that. I mean like Hazel remembering when we slept and basically I pushed you off the bed by accident and we wanted more space to sleep." Beria said. Hazel started remember does uncomfortable times when going to sleep with her sister. "That's true." said Hazel. "And plus you are not the only one that is just getting a new room, I am too!" said Beria. "Yes, I know.." said Hazel. "Wait a minute, did you say just now!?" She said. "Um yeah! Because the beds is already here. A worker is working it." Beria said. "What?!" said Hazel. Hazel quickly ran to try to find her new room by the time she got there the worker was already done with her room and Beria's room. "Mom! Come here please!" Hazel cried out. "Yes, Hazel?" Hazel's mom said. "Am I going to sleep in my room this night?" said Hazel. "Yes, you will the worker finished quicker than we thought. Speaking of beds, it is bed time so go get your pajamas, brush your teeth and go to sleep in your new room. You too, Beria! You have school tomorrow! I also put all your stuff in your room organized." said Hazel's mom. Hazel frowned, she went to brush her teeth and put her pajamas. Now she had to go to sleep in her bed.

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