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Veronica is a 17 year old girl who just moved into a new town with her family into a big mansion, she tries to explore it with her new friends and plays a paranormal game where she gets curse by the devil, in order to break the curse Veronica has to sacrifice a life.

Horror Horror adolescente Todo público.

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The Move

June 17, 2011

When my family decided to move out to a new town. 6 in the morning, there was a someone running along the corridors, giggling it sounded more like a child 's voice. I got out of my bed and walked towards my door, the footsteps stopped right in front of my door, I quickly opened my door and saw no one. My parents were talking and packing down in the living room, I quickly rushed down the living room and asked:

" Mom did you hear it ?"

" Hear what ? "

" the running and giggling."

" no one was running or giggling, it's probably just your imagination

" Now I want you to start packing"

I ran back up the stairs to my room, I took of my clothes and went in the shower to take a bath and my room door creaked open, I peaked out the hole at the bottom of my door, but there was no one. I continued showering, after that I took my big suitcase out and started folding my remaining clothes in to the suitcase. Then I dragged it down the stairs and said:

" I'm ready! "

While my sister, Camila, was waiting in the car alone, waving at me

When I got into the car, she was smiling and looking at me oddly, I took out my phone and started scrolling through Instagram to see what my friends are posting, I told them I was moving out this summer but they never came to lastly visit me, call me or text me, it was disappointing. But I wasn't upset, we had been driving for 3 hours, I felt tired I lied on back and fell asleep.

Suddenly the brake hit and the car jumped which woke me up, I looked at my watch at the time was 2:55p.m, we've been driving for past 8 hours, although after a five hours sleep I still felt dizzy and tired. I asked my dad:

" Dad, we've been driving for the past 8 hours and haven't reach yet ? "

" We are just … a few meters away "

When we got to the house, it was already 3 in the afternoon, I got out of the car and the house seemed old and a small part of it was forbidden. I pushed open the big doors I stepped in and I only walked a few steps, I started to feel a presence of something around me. I was chilling and everything was clean inside and outside the house, there was a big beautiful garden outside, it was good.

It was 11 at night, and I walked around the corridors for three hours and I only finished exploring a small part of this mansion. I was walking up the stairs to explore third floor, I looked up and saw a dark figure watching me on the fifth floor, I ran up the stairs to the fifth floor and the figure went in the direction of the forbidden part. When I got up the figure was already gone and there was a door between the forbidden part with a lot of crosses were tied on and there was a small hole on the door. I peaked through, it was very dirty and dusty and most of it was demolished, suddenly a wardrobe fell hardly, I was terrified and I backed away and ran back to my room, locked everything. I fully covered myself under my blanket, I heard loud footsteps and they stopped right in front of my room.

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