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1.The begining

Book written by K.Mohammed Aqhib

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This is the story of a kid

That kid used to be sad because some people at school would make fun out of him.

But he had some good Friends that always make him forget sadness. In this world there are good friends and bad friends too. Sometimes his friends left him sometimes they betrayed him. time passed by and this kid was now 8 years old.He did not had friends at all because they don't want to talk to him. At that time in India speaking english in class means you are doing show off. He was so sad. It was not his fault at all he spoke english because he knew it and it was an important language that are used in all the subjects except other language periods.Sometimes if he asked doubts one of them used to say see him doing show off and if the teacher asks the question you could not raise your hands because if we raise our hands that means we are doing show off.He didn't know what to do?.So after that too. more years the same story till he was 12 or 13 at 7th class the story changed there were a lot of BETRAYALS. Everyone in the class was a betrayal but we had some fun too. for a little time ONLY! One of them was friendly but they fought for some reasons. Not like boxing it was The was the flashback man you are doing show off you talk english and he likes to write stories, poems and quotes and he had problem with that thing.It was too mucevehth the teacher supported Betrayers.He was like what is wrong him.

and that he is me then I passed 7th and I came to eighth standard it was an amazing feeling because my old best friend he was not like those people like you are doing show off because he knew english too. He was my best friend but we not sat on the same bench because the teacher used to tell where should we sit.I sat with so many kids that i knew and i didn't knew one of my friends that he left the school came back again and i was shocked and teacher does not know how to say my name she was a math teacher and you know powers in math squares and cubes so i Became "Acube" i was like that is messed up. so my class was the naughtiest class on the whole 8th standard so i was not naughty at the free time some children used to run here and there. I was silent. But i was a little talkative.Days passed by class teacher and more 2 teachers left. OMG! Our new Bio teacher was shouting too much but none of them listened and I was the class leader everytime she used to ask me why is the class so naughty.I was like What can I do? They are talking still. My mew class teacher came and asked who is the class leader? I said me I don't wanna be class leader anymore. She said ok and the new class leader was my one of the friends so even if i talked he didn't used to write my name.So it was luck why because he loved being the class leader and when I told i don't wanna be a class leader she asked me i don't know about the class. She asked me to pick one of them and everyone was like cheering at the sports ground. I picked one of my other friends because my best friend was so silent in nature. 2 of the main exams finished then there was a new virus outbreak and it was my last year of that school because i was changing my school. My normal friends used to love not me but my lunch they will eat anything i bring and I said friends they were like oh no! next time no 5 star food. My mom cooks food that tastes very good like magic. Then the schools stopped at half because the outbreak of the virus.

I missed them a lot and My best friend was so close to me.I was unable to control my feelings i was crying. But still I call them and speak they are so friendly now! Making Friends is the 40% happiness in your life and the 60% are your family. Don't leave them because they are your future.

Moral: Life may have ups and downs but the one who can resist it is the champion

© K.Mohammed Aqhib

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