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I am a girl
I am a daughter
I am more than a lover
of my memory pearls
So who am I?

I am guilt in your tear
I am voice whispering without fear
I am your imagination
nice dream donation
Or not?

I am a question to the world
No one knows if answer was told.
I am a puzzle, teaser
and maybe even more

I am darkness in your shadow
looking like unknown geezer.
I am guardian of my own cell
find the key if you want me to tell
Rather not?

So who am I?
Why am I?
Simple questions
No answers are found

I am poet
who lost the way
I am survivor
of my own hell.

I am song
singing the same melody
I am gong
Banging for remedy

I am bird in your cage
No! I am a fire burning in rage
I am revenge behing your grin
I am non-wishing uncaring gin

I was lost child
Not any more
I've cried once
never known why I was sorry for

I am question to all of you
Secretly hiding the true
That I've already known where I belong
and which cloth I should take on.

I am no more the quest
Now you can only guess
Who is under that smiling face
Maybe is this whole pretending grace?

I know...

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